Obit Walter Mondale

Former Vice President Walter Mondale speaks in 2015 during the Second Annual Hoover-Wallace Dinner before receiving a Hoover-Wallace Humanitarian Leadership Award in Des Moines, Iowa.

Legacy of decency, courage, honesty

Walter Mondale, the gentlemanly senator from Minnesota and former vice president, has died. When he was defeated by Ronald Reagan in 1984, Mondale said, “A few minutes ago I called the president of the United States and congratulated him on his victory...He has won. We are all Americans. He is our president, and we honor him tonight....although I would have rather won, tonight we rejoice in our democracy, we rejoice in the freedom of a wonderful people, and we accept their verdict. I thank the people of America for hearing my case.”

When I think of how this contrasts with what happened in November and still continues to rage on, I am struck with how low we have sunk in our expectations. To imagine that former President Donald Trump would have been so gracious in defeat is not even possible. Rest in Peace, Mr. Mondale. Thank you for your legacy of decency, courage, and honesty, even when it was difficult.

Elizabeth Robinove


Address the root causes

Thank you for the wonderful article “Self-Defense” in the April 18, Sunday Perspective. It was so nice to read a sensible, well-thought out, and accurate review of why people own firearms. I get so tired of listening to and reading the words of misinformed uneducated people, from the president on down, when they talk about violence in America and try to villainize lawful gun owners. I am so sick of hearing the term “gun violence”. There is no such thing as “gun violence” anymore than there is baseball bat violence, or automobile violence, or butcher knife violence.

The violence is not brought about by an inanimate object but rather the actions of insane individuals, gangs, or criminals who have no regard for the law or human life. Let’s look at the root cause of this violence and take meaningful action to address those root causes.

More feel-good laws that will do nothing but penalize law-abiding citizens will have no effect on the problem. Blaming everything on guns is a cop-out, and directs everyone’s attention from the real issue. We need to take a long hard critical look at the person behind the weapon and spend our energy, time and money to stop their behavior. One more point, people need to follow police directions and show respect for law enforcement authority. That simple act will eliminate so many of the problems we see.

Please continue the excellent journalism. We need more articles that support our constitutional rights and that support every law-abiding citizen out there.

Glenn Swan

Colorado Springs

Where is the value of life?

How does “gun control” punish responsible gun owners” By making it safer for someone to own a gun? By restricting criminals, terrorists and the mentally ill from owning a gun? By limiting automatic assault guns from being on the streets?

The real punishment is the over 19,000 people killed in the USA last year. There is no rational reason to own or carry a gun. We are not at war. The idea that the more people who have guns, the less killing will occur, is ludicrous. The examples of “self-defense” given, are instances prompted by someone with a weapon.

Why wouldn’t the main objective be to keep theses weapons out of their possession? Ban guns from everyone, then there is no excuse for the need of self-defense. Just because someone is robbing you or threatening you doesn’t justify shooting them and likely killing them.

Where is the value of life?

As stated in the Perspective, only 35% of Coloradans own guns. The majority (69%) of Americans want stronger gun control and safety. So why are many people and politicians ignoring this? Why don’t they represent the majority?

When multitudes of people continually get killed by guns in the hands of many, many deranged souls of our society, the outrage gets louder.

Logically, there are many who cry for more gun control and many actually would prefer to ban guns.

Jac Roberson

Colorado Springs

Desperately need a truthful answer

I want to thank Jeffrey Smith for his challenge to conservatives to offer real solutions to reduce gun violence. (“Become part of the solution,” April 15) We desperately need a truthful answer! I am going to use logic — solving problems, based on facts—which seems to have been abandoned. Logic only works if you identify the real problem, and our politicians, the media, and now even corporate CEOs have been distracting us from the real problems by blaming everything on guns, racism or climate change.

Let’s look at the underlying cause of “active shootings,” based on facts: Guns and access to guns have not really changed; our culture has changed, as statistics show. What is missing in the lives of nearly all “active shooters”—and criminals, for that matter — is the influence of a father. And what is the underlying cause of this breakdown of the family? A decline in the values that form strong character: Love, respect, responsibility, honesty, unselfishness, courage, and faith.

These are the traits that promote resilience, mental health (a separate issue of its own), and moral clarity that are inconsistent with an active shooter.

Going deeper, our founders warned us about the ultimate underlying cause: a general turning away from faith in God. We have rejected the solution he gave us 2,000 years ago, and embraced lies instead.

My proposal: Insist that our leaders stop their phony “virtue signaling,” and focus on the above realities!

Jim Scott

Colorado Springs


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