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The view of downtown Colorado Springs from the roof of the parking garage at Nevada Avenue and Kiowa Street.

Avoiding going downtown

I’m deeply disappointed by the parking time changes. I’m avoiding downtown if at all possible.

It’s ridiculous to change the free parking time from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and also include it on the weekends. I used to go downtown on the weekends but now even that’s not free.

There are plenty of other places to go that have free parking, so I have no plan on returning downtown anytime soon with my family and friends.

Rosemary Starrs

Colorado Springs

Being nickled and dimed

Unfortunately, we no longer dine downtown because of the parking meters and cost. Wonderful restaurants, but we are being nickeled and dimed to death and now stay home.

Gloria Joseph

Colorado Springs

Fix the downtown parking

Kevin Howard on Feb. 17 posted a question about public parking in downtown on Facebook 911 for 719. I could have commented there, but felt like sharing here.

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I grew up here in Manitou, then Gunnison, then Colorado Springs. I rarely park anywhere downtown — maybe the Pikes Peak Library and the 25 cents for half hour, or something. If I need to reach the County Clerk recording office, or City Hall, or Post Office, or Phantom Canyon, or Rabbit Hole, I walk from a few free spots that used to exist on the far west side train track areas that is now a construction zone. Fix the parking! I also extremely dislike parking garages.

Timothy Walis

Colorado Springs

Keeping Colorado Springs beautiful

I am sure, like many of us, I enjoy showing our out-of-town guests the setting and sights around Colorado Springs. While driving down I-25, within the city limits, I couldn’t help but notice all the trash along the side of the interstate. The thoughtless acts of throwing trash out onto our roads and highways are aggravating and demeaning to our city. My question is why aren’t the people who are required to do community service as well as city, county, and state maintenance workers out cleaning the trash up? In my opinion, this should be a biweekly task to encourage keeping Colorado Springs and the surrounding area beautiful.

On another note, I have yet to see or hear of anyone who supports the parking fee changes downtown. I enjoy frequenting our businesses like restaurants, Kimball’s Theater, and various clubs. I really don’t want to run out to feed the meters every two hours. I hope the City Council will please reconsider and reverse the decision to increase parking fees. There are many other cities who have reasonable parking fees and hours or simply have free parking. Our downtown needs to be people-friendly to thrive. We really want to come downtown often, but the City Council is making it hard to support our downtown.

Conrad Robran

Colorado Springs

Schedule trips accordingly

I’m sorry that folks (mostly from Denver?) had a time getting to the Avs hockey game on Saturday. Rather than whining about it, they should have paid attention to the advisories warnings of heavy traffic and planned accordingly. We are holders of season tickets to the CU Buffs football games and experience 3 to 4 hour trips, each direction for 6 or 7 games every fall. We long ago learned to plan for it! Traffic is getting worse, and completing the Gap work won’t help a bit. Just need to face reality as our population booms and schedule your trip accordingly.

Richard Sullivan

Colorado Springs

Changes are particularly disturbing

Recently, I briefly heard in a TV news clip that the Air Force secretary had changed Air Force policy pertaining to “Dress and Personnel Appearance of Air Force Personnel” (Air Force Instruction 36-2903, 7 February). I watched for expanded media coverage but never saw anything. So, what’s new! So, I did research and printed a copy of this new Air Force instruction. Certain changes are particularly disturbing and cast poorly on the leadership of the great service I was honored to have been able to serve in and to wear its uniform proudly.

So here it is. AFI 136-2903, “Summary of Changes. Updates to the AFI include the following: paragraph consolidation, inclusion of the approved 100th Uniform Board Uniform and appearance changes, inclusion of wear guidance for the Operational Camouflage Pattern Uniform, Two-Piece Flight Suit, and accommodation for Hijabs, Beards, and Turbans/under Turbans” This absolutely does not sit very well with me. You make your own decision.

Our entitlement society has its foot in the door. It is only probable that further accommodation will occur. Our great past leadership built in us a esprit de corps, which now is being undermined.

Art Martini


Coming out of retirement

I’ve grown gardens. But I just found out I could have been a farmer all this time! Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said all you have to do is put a seed in dirt and give it water. And he’s a billionaire, so he must know.

I thought that being a successful farmer meant you had to know a lot about irrigating, planting and harvesting at the right time, keeping the soil healthy, developing a sixth sense about weather, learning to keep machinery running (often with baling wire), risking your time and money on something weather could destroy, learning how to control insects and diseases, working long, backbreaking hours and more. I never knew you could just put a seed in dirt, give it some water, and watch the corn come up!

But that’s OK. I’ m coming out of retirement to be a machinist. Bloomberg said that all you have to do is get a piece of metal and start the lathe turning. I can do that! Want a new crankshaft? Just give me a call.

Bruce Many


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