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Law enforcement is being stretched

Our son drove out from California to be with his dad, a heart patient, for surgery. Saturday afternoon, he and three other cars were involved in a car accident caused by a speeding driver who hit a car from the rear and pushed that car into two more cars. That was 3 p.m.

Fire and paramedics got there fairly quickly, but CSPD was “busy” and told them to wait because the person who caused the accident had no license or registration. Fast forward to 8 p.m. After several more calls by all involved, and being told they couldn’t leave, dispatch finally told them to exchange information and leave after nearly six hours later.

My husband was in law enforcement and corrections for 38 years in El Paso County. I can’t tell you how disappointing this is.

I realize law enforcement is being stretched, but to expect four cars of people to stay put until they get there, have them wait in the cold for six hours and then tell them to leave is a ridiculous conclusion. They never did show up after all those hours. Doesn’t bode well for future support. There surely is a better way to handle the situation.

Joyce Alexander

Colorado Springs

Possible more road rage

Regarding the new toll lane on I-25: We drove to DIA recently and it occurred to me that if you are one to abide by the toll lane’s entrance and exit points, and you observe the speed limits you’ll need to be prepared to put up with narcissistic drivers with more important places to be, pounding their steering wheels, flashing their lights and flipping you off.

There’s probably going to be more road rage than when it was just two lanes.

Edward Hoden


The self-fulfi

lling prophecy

Free use of the toll lane in the Gap while the toll system is checked out is going to prove that CDOT’s assertion that a toll lane is needed is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Traffic will flow freely at all times during this period, but when the toll lane is activated the resulting congestion in the free lanes will allow CDOT to show that the toll lane was required — the self-fulfilling prophecy.

The toll lane should not be activated until there is enough congestion on all three lanes to justify it, and then only when the congestion is present.

That will not happen for many years and then only during rush hour.

The state Legislature has the authority to require this.

William Sieg


Providing natural immunity to COVID

In response to the article “Omicron spread a matter of time” (Dec. 17) the author tries to instill panic. I read the article with great interest waiting for the good news. It wasn’t until you get to the last paragraph that you learn that the omicron variant is “milder but might be better at evading vaccines,” then the author stated “making the booster shots more crucial.”

If the vaccine doesn’t work, what makes the author think that a booster will? And why do you need a vaccine/booster for the variant that is no worse than the common cold? Maybe the omicron variant is a gift from God to get us through this pandemic by providing natural immunity to COVID while suffering symptoms no worse than the common cold.

Nancy Murray

Colorado Springs

Refusing these vaccinations

In the late 1950s, I joined the Navy and reported to San Diego. At that time, in basic training, one day a week was “shot” day. They lined us up like sheep and the corpsmen jabbed us as we walked by.

If I had only known. I should have jumped out of line and screamed about losing my freedoms and right to refuse these vaccinations. These no-vax dweebs of today are way smarter than the medical professionals.

We should have been declining these senseless vaccinations throughout the years. The world would be a lot less populous now, don’t you think?

Fred Taylor

Pueblo West

Children are all targets

Your minor children do not have the right to privacy!

It is about time parents understand, privacy is not yet a thing your minor children have earned. Having investigated crimes against children, I have come across countless minor children victimized via social media, with parents utterly clueless.

This latest TikTok issue is prime example, strongly suggesting parents/guardians must make efforts to know exactly what their children are doing online.

Social media has its purpose.

It’s use, however, must be carefully monitored. Social media is hijacked by the pill pushers, by traffickers and others, who sexually exploit. Your children are targets. In some cases, the kids are the problem. Cyberbullying has begun to surface more frequently. Using these online platforms are an easy way to exploit without immediate consequences. It is very easy to hide behind the keyboard.

It is time, moms, dads, grandparents, etc., to grab that smartphone your child is glued to and do some perusing. You have the absolute right to check on them. Make use of your parental powers.

Kirsten Swenson



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