Lack of care for fellow humans

The world has had one of the most dangerous and terrifying periods in the past couple of years with the coronavirus.

After millions of deaths in many countries, it finally looked as if we were beginning to get a handle on this vicious virus. It almost looked as if things could possibly get back to “normal” in the near future.

Now, here we are again. Cases, hospitalizations rising. Almost all because of those who refused to get the vaccine. In the paper today, we read that while many teens would like to get the shots, their parents won’t let them. Thousands more people are less likely to get the virus now because they feel it is not necessary for them, or worse yet, they listen to people like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham on Fox News, who tell them they shouldn’t let anyone tell them what to do. People are dying, many more probably will, and thousands will get COVID-19 and will have long-term results from it.

I cannot for the life of me understand this lack of care for your fellow human. Without the vaccines, we will be in this situation endlessly. You might be a lucky person and never get sick; however, you will probably be exposed to many others who are and who are passing COVID to numerous others.

There are many vulnerable people in this world with underlying conditions and who are trying hard to stay safe.

Are you saying you don’t care? And the parents who won’t let their teens get vaccinated, are you willing to have your child exposed when she or he is out in the world?

Whether you are arguing Second Amendment rights or are politically against anything that might look like a “liberal” idea to you, please try to overlook those sentiments to save lives and help us out of this devastating situation.

Sally Alberts


The current state of affairs

In today’s world of “tell-it-like-it-is” (very) public opinion, I find the letter writers informing us that Fargo’s is a mess, do not seem able to fully understand the current state of affairs in this once-great nation.

Let me remind them that thanks to the COVID-19 hysteria brought on by the liberal press and the federal government, many, if not most, hospiatlity businesses closed down for the duration of the “pandemic” due to the warnings that we are going to die.

Then thanks to the insanely generous unemployment benefits that our federal government decided to pay, many, if not most, low-wage workers received more money in compensation than they earned working in the food industry … so now they do not want to go back to work. As a result most restaurants cannot find enough help to effectively operate.

Personally, when I enter a restaurant and they say, “The wait is an hour,” I simply turn around and leave, to find another, more accommodating place to have a meal.

Welcome to the “new normal.”

John Wear


Overcoming this crisis of hope

In reference to Debbie Kelley’s front-page articles on July 19: Thank you for The Gazette’s coverage of mental health needs and the tragic teen suicide crisis in Colorado.

For the fifth year, our church will be financially supporting Districts 20 and 38’s in-school suicide prevention program, “Sources of Strength,” in northern El Paso County with a 5K run on Sept. 18. We have raised about $30,000 for the 2021 event to support eight schools. For every additional $4,000, we can add another school to the support list.

Programs like ours, with the faith community coming alongside to support proven intervention programs, are an important source of funding beyond government and help provide light to teens in darkness. Together we can overcome this crisis of hope for our community. For info on how to support this year’s event: or 719-624-HOPE

Jeff Collins


A much more urgent problem

Anyone desiring honest, accurate elections would agree that requiring ID to vote makes utter sense. However, what troubles me is the premise that minorities don’t have (or can’t get) government ID. As far as I know, it’s as easy for minorities to obtain government ID as anybody. Maybe I’m naïve; maybe I’m mistaken!

If minorities have trouble obtaining government ID, that’s a major problem and should be addressed vigorously so that they have the same privileges requiring ID as the rest of us. This is a much more urgent problem than deciding what ID one needs to vote.

Kenneth D Granzow

Colorado Springs

There has been no accountability

Todd Nelson states in his letter to the Gazette that 93% of the BLM summer protests were peaceful protests. Let’s assume that is true.

That means that 7% of the BLM protests resulted in over 30 fatalities and $3 billion worth in property damage, including federal buildings.

The only fatality caused by the Jan. 6 “insurrection” was a young unarmed female gunned down by a Capitol Police officer. (Remember the widely published story of a capitol police officer getting killed by a protester… it was incorrect.)

There is no accountability from the Capitol Police for the death of that young woman, an Air Force veteran; likewise there has been no accountability for the more than 30 persons who died in BLM-sponsored riots.

Michael Menza

Colorado Springs


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