UnionPrinters Home trees

Is this for real?

It was interesting to read Ashley Swendsen’s Tuesday letter regarding the trees at the Union Printers Home.

I knew some trees were being cut down because on a recent visit to the historic site I took the above photo. But I had no idea that the new owners were intent on demolishing two historic buildings behind the main Printers Home. Nor did I realize that restoration would involve cutting down 750 out of 800 trees! Is this for real?

I’d love to hear more details from the new owners about the longterm plans for this historic and unique Colorado landmark and its beautiful trees.

Kathy Robbins

Colorado Springs

We’re about tapped out

Approaching Los Angeles is an entirely different experience today than it was 50 years ago. Then the freeways were as not just for transportation but also helpful guidelines to help navigate one’s way through the smog. LA, and many other cities, was shrouded in a brown cloud so thick it was impossible to see any great distance, and the health problems it caused were overwhelming.

But we saw the problem, analyzed it and implemented effective corrective measures. Now we find ourselves in a similar situation, but we seem intent on making it worse rather than better. I am referring to water and the potential cataclysm we are allowing to gather strength. The West is drying up. Lake Powell is revealing the canyons and grasslands it once replaced, and Lake Meade is showing us where the bodies are buried. Meanwhile we continue to build new carwashes and golf courses and leave the water running while we brush our teeth.

If you go to Phoenix, it seems as though every mall has a fountain of some sort and the golf courses are lush and green. Go to a restaurant here in Colorado Springs and chances are the wait person will bring you a glass of water whether you want it or not. We also keep building and expanding with seemingly no thought of where the water will come from to support this growth. We grow things that should not be planted here and water them, hoping to make our landscape look like something it’s not. Hopefully, it is not too late to solve this problem, but we need to start now. We need to restrict our usage in all areas and find ways to use the resources available to us. Hopefully, we won’t have to turn on the spigots in our homes and have nothing come out to convince us there is a problem. I’m afraid by then it will be too late.

Tom Shipp

Colorado Springs

Where is the accountability?

I would beg to differ with Don Castle’s opinion in Sunday’s Viewpoint column, where he claims “When laws are broken, legal consequences follow.

They would follow for you and me and they should follow for Donald Trump.” Yes, they would follow for any of us but not for Democratic politicians. In 2016, it was proven that Hillary Clinton kept a private server at home in her bathroom that contained top secret information and foreign adversaries gained access to it. She wasn’t even a president, yet she had those documents. No raid, no punishment, no arrest.

She also bleached the entire server along with taking hammers to staff’s cellphones when those items were requested for an investigation. Where is the justice from her actions? Next came the RussiaGate scandal where she paid people to create a fake dossier trying to accuse Trump with ties to Russia. No accountability there either and there should have been consequences for her, James Comey and others in the FBI and many more in other government departments.

Let’s move on to Hunter Biden and “the laptop,” which has been proven to be real. The FBI helped to keep that investigation under wraps (even though they had the laptop in 2019) until after the 2020 election, when it could very well provide information tying our president to schemes involving money from Ukraine and China.

Once again, where is the accountability for the Democrats? The Jan. 6th investigation along with the recent raid on Mar-a-Lago are more futile witch hunts to attempt to keep Trump from running for president, when our DOJ and FBI should be focusing on the Democrats’ wrongdoings. So yes Mr. Castle, “legal consequences should follow.”

Carol Piano

Colorado Springs

Don’t judge the less fortunate

With regards to Matt Coleman’s letter “seeds of our own demise”, we find it ironic that he equates the forgiveness of college debt to our country’s slide into socialism. In agreement with the writer who wrote an opinion in opposition to Coleman’s position, we would like to ask Coleman who paid for your education? A federally funded four-year education at the U. S. Naval Academy.

Don’t judge those who were less fortunate.

Frances and LeRoy Hall

Colorado Springs

Ending fossil fuels

To all of you who are in favor of ending the extraction and burning of fossil fuels:

I’m sure that you live off the grid, since scalable wind and solar is only possible thanks to natural gas.

And I’m sure that you only wear clothes made of cotton, wool, hemp or bamboo, since the stretch in your yoga pants and the nylon in your outerwear are made from petrochemicals. And I’m sure that you don’t care about feeding the world since tractors run on gasoline and fertilizers are made from natural gas.

Surely, you eat solely from your organic, hand-farmed vegetable garden. Too bad the rest of the world can’t live the life that you do.

Susie Law

Colorado Springs


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