How will we pay for this?

President Joe Biden came to Denver this week to tout his economic agenda. I wish he had stayed in Washington, D.C., because his economic policies are not helping Coloradans.

Inflation is at its highest rate in years, thanks to Biden’s reckless tax and spend policies. Instead of introducing smart policies to rein in inflation and keep the cost of goods down, Biden and his congressional co-conspirators would instead like to spend another $3.5 trillion we do not have and cannot afford to spend. The Fed will just continue printing money to pay for these policies. It’s obvious to anyone with common sense that this will only make inflation go up. Inflation acts as a tax on all Americans; our dollar doesn’t go nearly as far while the price of our goods rise.

How will we pay for this bill? New taxes, which are sure to come. So Americans will get taxed from the inflation this “Build Back Better” plan will surely create, and then get taxed again on the back end to pay for this ridiculous scam.

Please tell us Mr. President: knowing these facts, how will this help Americans? The answer is that it won’t help us, no matter what bill of goods Biden tries to sell you. Coloradans would like to be taxed less, keep more of their money, and see the cost of their goods decline.

This policy does none of those things. No thanks, Joe.

Andres Pico

Colorado Springs

Seats should be competitive

After reading the recent articles on the “so called” independent redistricting commission, I view their new districts — House and Senate — fit the very definition of gerrymandering. Webster’s defines gerrymander as: 1) to divide or arrange (a territorial unit) into election districts in a way that gives one political party an unfair advantage, or 2) to divide or arrange (an area) into political units to give special advantages to one group.

With 20 House districts set up to provide Democrats a 5% advantage based on the historic voting used by the commission and the Republicans 11, and the balance competitive fit the very definition of gerrymandering! There are similar advantage for the Democrats in the Senate districts. All the districts should be set so the seats are competitive and let the best person win.

Eugene Bray

Colorado Springs

Column was informed, creative

The recent column on Sens. John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet by Eric Sondermann was observant, informative, and creative. Eric, you made the late Barb Ackerman proud.

Joy Brown

Colorado Springs

An utter and complete scam

So, I read the article titled “Here’s what is in House Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar infrastructure and social spending package”. I read it not once, not twice, but three times. Then, I read it a fourth time.

I was searching for the spending of trillions on infrastructure, you know, road upgrading, aging dam reinforcement, water storage, upgrading of airports, repair of failing bridges ... all those job-creating activities the Democrats have promised. I found absolutely nothing allocated, not a single dollar, to updating our nation’s existing and severely deteriorating infrastructure. What an utter and complete scam Democrats are foisting on the American taxpayer.

Having just returned from Panama and Costa Rica, I could not help but realize we in the USA have roads that qualify us as a comparable to a third-world country, and the Democrat money-grab this bill represents addresses no true infrastructure disasters we now face.

Bert Bergland

Colorado Springs

Everyone deserves to be heard

With the abortion issue on the front burner once again, I wonder what the unborn would say if they had a voice.

I would like to speak on their behalf, if I may:

“I just found out since I started hearing things that I’m in a place called the womb. It’s nice and cozy and for the most part things are going very well. In here, that is. You see, I hear a lot of loud angry noise on the outside that I don’t understand. I’ll let my mother explain for me. She says what I’m referring to is what is being reported by the news media, that people are contesting a ruling whether or not I should be allowed to be born. Oh, one more thing to consider. I’m a twin. I have a sister. She’s sweet and cuddly and we’re at the stage where I can see her smile. I look forward to the day we are born and can play together. That is, if people can find it in their hearts to give us the same opportunity they enjoy, which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I say ‘us’ because my mother can only afford to keep one of us. She’s talking about having a procedure called abortion. After hearing her discuss it with a nurse I found out that one of us would be killed. What a crazy, unconscionable, inhuman act that would be. And if carried out, my mother and my sister or I would have to live with that for the rest of our lives.

A terrible consequence for a mother and her child. I can feel the agony this is causing her. I do hope when it comes time to take that first breath the only sounds I hear will be three united voices rejoicing in the moment.”

John D. Elms

Colorado Springs


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