All right here at our boot-tips

Thank you for your cool editorial “Cool hipsters crave Colorado Springs,” with all the reasons why the permanent headquarters of Space Command should be here and not elsewhere.

Permit me to add one more reason: The cool forests, lakes, and mountains right next door.

Life and management are full of tension, especially military life and management. Easily accessible refuge from tension is found in nature, with heads out of screens.

So each of us can be “cool” in the immediately adjacent Pike National Forest, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, as well as numerous city parks; also on the Manitou Incline, the Cog Railroad, and “America’s Mountain” park and highway — all right here at our boot-tips — and most of it well-known to us locals.

But “good” is the enemy of “the best.” To make all of this an even more attractive refuge for the rigors of Space Command, and much better known and attractive to the rest of the world, we could consider upgrading Pikes Peak into a “world-class” National Park — the Pikes Peak National Park.

There is a low-key conversation on this topic now in progress.

James Strub

Colorado Springs

A breath of fresh air

Paula Linhares’ letter to the editor, in Sunday’s Sept. 13 paper, reflected a great deal of wisdom, and a breath of fresh air into the stagnation we are currently experiencing around the issue of race. She hit the nail on the head, and thank you for publishing her comments.

Barbara Harrison

Colorado Springs

Letter should be in every newspaper

Hats off and Kudos to Paula Linhares, your eloquent viewpoint (Gazette Sunday Sept. 13) should be printed in every newspaper in our country. Thank you.

Billy Greer

Colorado Springs

Sincere on-target words

Paula Linhares’s letter in the Sept. 13 ‘Your Viewpoint’ is a treasure. Written from the heart w/messages for many, I thank her for her honest, sincere and on-target words for us all.

God bless Paula. She’s welcome in our home any time.

Ron Marsh

Colorado Springs

Elephant in the room has been eaten

Mike Arnett (in “Ask the hard questions” Your Viewpoint Sept. 11) pounces on the hard questions about COVID-19 that journalists and politicians appear unwilling to ask, never mind answer.

You should expect no less of a USAFA ’73 graduate. He says the elephant in the room is the question: What is the DHPE and Gov. Polis’ overall objective, i.e. the objective guiding our government’s detailed, intrusive, and economically destructive anti-COVID policy?

We have no answer because the elephant in the room has been eaten by the T-Rex in the room. To get at the T-Rex, just make an Occam’s Razor assumption (the simplest assumption that explains all the observed evidence) about Colorado government policy. Assume government policy is guided entirely by political calculation that maximum economic and cultural disruption from COVID is a positive for Democratic Party election prospects.

Then suddenly everything makes perfect sense. This truth will be revealed when the coronavirus “crisis” (and probably all the rioting as well) magically melts away in the days immediately following Nov. 3.

Eric Nickerson

Colorado Springs

Mandating masks, business closures

I appreciate Jon Caldara’s attempt to bring some logical thought to how we are managing COVID-19.

Our governor has claimed success against COVID by mandating masks and business closures.

Logic dictates that you can only claim success if you can compare performance against the results of doing the opposite. We have such a case.

Sweden trusts its citizens to run their businesses, live their lives, and manage their own safety. The graph from “” would indicate that Sweden’s strategy is winning, and that Gov. Jared Polis’ executive order is failing.

Why are we allowing him to fiddle while Rome burns?

Eric Swanson

Colorado Springs

Threatening health, safety of others

A few days ago I witnessed four young women shopping at Costco. One was not wearing a mask and the other three had theirs pulled down under their noses.

They were shopping in the first hour of opening, a time reserved for those 60 and older and/or at high risk. I asked what group they were with and was told they were LDS. When I mentioned that a mask was required for shopping, the unmasked woman just glared at me.

I then checked with Albert, the Costco door greeter, as to why these women were allowed in at this time. He told me that they sneak by him and he can’t leave his post to go after them. Another Costco employee told me that they have had trouble with these women in the past. When told that they must wear their masks properly, one replied, “What are you? A Democrat?”

Describing the character of Latter-day Saints, Newsweek magazine wrote: “In Mormon theology everyone is a minister of a kind, everyone is empowered in some way to do good to others, and to have good done unto them.”

I would like to share these words with these young women. It’s so sad that they feel they have to display their political beliefs by threatening the health and safety of others.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

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