Happy New Year! (copy)

Fireworks ignite from the top of Pikes Peak during the AdAmAn’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks show in 2021.

Hopes for the new year

I hope the New Year brings back a citizens-controlled city, fingers crossed. Sure would be nice to see a much smaller city Utilities, a City Council that only follows what the citizens want and a mayor that’s conservative. Also a utilities bill that I won’t have to take a second mortgage out to pay. Streets that I can drive on without the worries of damage to my vehicle. Enough water so I can water when I want and as long as I want. Two lane streets again in downtown without bike lanes. Driving down a street and not seeing flashing lights going off from the stupid red light cameras. Nobody using phones in their cars while trying to drive. Calling 911 and having a cop arrive on a traffic accident in less than 10 minutes. Reducing the size of homeless camps by putting these people back to work and not providing a life for people who can’t speak English. I’m sure this list could be a lot longer.

Bring back Colorado Springs to the citizens and not the city. Fingers crossed.

Doug Evans

Colorado Springs

Thankful for honest people

I wish to pass along my gratitude for the many honest young people we have in our community. I encountered two of them early this evening when I found I had misplaced by billfold.

I called the number for the Sisu Café in the old Lincoln School where I had eaten lunch on Wednesday and reached Jenna. She took my name and number and promptly called me back saying it was in their lost and found.

Although the Sisu was closed, Jabin, from the nearby Building 3 Coffee, unlocked the Sisu, retrieved my billfold, and had it waiting for me when I arrived about 30 minutes later.

The time, hassle and stress these young people saved me is hard to put into words. Their help was a fitting end note to my family Christmas. I am truly grateful to them and to the many young people like them who make our city what it is.

Brian Marsh

Colorado Springs

Complacency is self-destruction

I recently came across an article, “Politics Now Equates to Survival.” Like many of us, the author, Kat Stansell, looked with disdain upon politics. She admits that she is now paying penance for taking for granted the liberties and freedoms we have enjoyed and she adds that complacency is an art of self-destruction.

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I see it (complacency) everywhere — people pretending that nothing has changed while everything has changed — our lives are regulated and monitored by a government that cloaks itself in deceit and suppression of truth (read: Twitter). Deceit about fraudulent elections, deceit about the “war” in Ukraine and all the “necessary” funding to support Ukraine that is in reality a slush fund for our politicians.

To really understand how things work you have to get involved, you have to sit in front of our county commissioners and elected officials and see the disdain on their faces when you question the election results or COVID lockdown policies that destroyed thousands of small businesses.

El Paso County, like Maricopa, has Dominion machines counting our ballots and Runbeck software printing them. And last spring, our elected officials justified a sole source renewal to Runbeck. As President Ronald Reagan very presciently noted, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed to them to do the same.” We have precious little time to turn the tide of tyranny to one of freedom.

Tanya Regan

Colorado Springs

The midterm lies

During the recent midterm elections, we heard from numerous candidates and the leadership from one political party that government spending and the president’s policies and not corporate price gauging and international supply chain problems were the cause of inflation, including the high price of gasoline.

But now, without decreases in federal spending and without changes in this administration’s policies, inflation (including housing prices and gas) has steadily come down for the past five months as was recently highlighted by a Gazette headline in the business section: “A key gauge of U.S. prices rose just 0.1% in November.”

These same politicians also said that releasing petroleum from the strategic reserves wouldn’t have significant effect on prices, but (again, without changes in policy and according to them without help from the reserves) I bought gas yesterday at Safeway for $2.45 a gallon (actually, $1.95 with my Safeway discount). So, the evidence is clear that these politicians simply lied to get elected.

Not only will we never hear an apology for their lies, but we also won’t hear them applaud the steadily improving inflation numbers, the improvements in the supply chain, the price of gas, increasing jobs numbers including in U.S. manufacturing, record low unemployment or a GDP averaging growth over 3.5%.

I get it — all politicians lie. But I still feel we are owed an apology when conditions now clearly show just how big the lies were that we were being told.

Rock Goldberg

Colorado Springs


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