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Fans cheering cast a shadow next to the jersey number of former Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas on the Denver sideline Dec. 12 during the Broncos’ game against the Detroit Lions.

Grieving this unimaginable loss

I am devastated and completely heartbroken by the sudden, tragic passing of Demaryius Thomas. He was beloved by the entire Broncos organization, his teammates and coaches, and Broncos fans everywhere.

During nine seasons in Denver, Demaryius established himself as a dominant, record-setting wide receiver who was an instrumental part of two championship runs and a victory in Super Bowl 50. His legacy as a Bronco extended beyond the playing field as a caring, generous member of the Broncos community. He loved giving back — especially spending time with children — and impacting countless lives through the Broncos Boys and Girls Club, hospital visits, his annual football camp, and many other genuine interactions. His humility, warmth, kindness, and infectious smile will always be remembered by those who knew and loved him.

My hearts and greatest sympathies go out to the Thomas family and all who are grieving this unimaginable loss.

Demaryius Thomas, RIP.

Paul Bacon

Hallandale Beach, Fla.

Overall safety of the vaccines

I am a physician and attended the Board of Health meeting recently as they took up the question of whether to support vaccinations as an important part of our response to COVID. There was no suggestion of a vaccine mandate as some had feared. It was unfortunately full of disrespect and inability to listen to views not aligned with preconceived notions on the part of some of our citizenry.

There was robust discussion among the commissioners and presentations of facts and data by public health and our county coroner. I was allowed to speak and I do support vaccines.

I was booed as I presented a study from the New England Journal of Medicine involving collegiate athletes who were positive for COVID and had cardiac MRI showing a previously unrecognized high incidence of myocarditis (heart inflammation) as a consequence of their COVID infection. The incidence being much much higher than that of those being vaccinated for COVID.

This group also voiced their lack of appreciation for my, or others, comments supporting the overall safety of vaccines compared to the risk of developing and spreading COVID. It’s not just that young people get COVID and resolve the infection more easily. It is who they spread it to as they are ill that often has serious consequences.

Sadly we now know that “long COVID” is a real phenomenon. Upwards of 1/3 of those infected don’t get over the fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell and body aches (now developing into long term issues like fibromyalgia). They are alive post COVID but many are severely disabled.

I listened politely to the woman who declared that “Gates has patented the COVID in 2013.” Also to the anger that vitamins, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have not been soundly supported by the Board of Health when I know that there is no good peer-reviewed data to support that. We have given 500 million doses of the vaccine in this country. Yes there is the VAERS reporting system for side effects but just because a side effect, or even death, is reported does not mean that the reported side effect is because of the vaccine.

Otherwise the comical statement that people who eat pickles die, would mean pickles kill you. We would all laugh if someone tried to make that connection.

Martha D’Ambrosio, MD

Colorado Springs

Biden could improve his rating

Joe Biden needs to raise his dismal poll ratings. Thus, he is trying to elicit his media cronies to play extra nice with him and to extol his policies and governing attitude.

His administration claims that he is being treated unfairly by the media and far worse than Donald Trump ever was!

I find that to be very exaggerated, to say the least. No president, as I can recall, in my nine decades on the orb, was as reviled a, maligned and labeled unfit for the presidency on a daily basis by the media than was Trump.

In a nutshell, here is a recipe for how Biden could improve his ratings almost overnight without relying on the media to bail him out:

1) put an end to the crisis at our southern border, where tens of thousands of illegals from multiple countries enter our country daily, to the tune of two million just in Biden’s 12 months in office!

2) complete the Border Wall

3) re-instate the Keystone XL pipeline so we can become energy independent one again

4) revitalize and refinance our military, whose budget Biden decimated

5) bring our abandoned U.S. citizens home from Afghanistan

6) be the moderate Biden promised to be while campaigning

7) get really tough on crime and the criminals who are destroying our cities and people’s lives

8) show real strength and shrewdness when dealing with our adversaries

9) do something to alleviate the out-of-control inflation which affects most seriously our lower income citizens

10) stop issuing mandates related to COVID

11) stop relentlessly pursuing bills that will spend trillions on pet social projects

12) stop trying to emulate FDR — we are not in a Depression, nor a World War.

If Biden did the above he would soon be in the good graces of the American people.

Louis Shade

Colorado Springs


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