Bighorn sheep

Michael Muth of Colorado Springs took this photograph of a bighorn sheep jumping over a barbed wire fence in the Garden of the Gods.

Give the animals a break

In a recent Gazette there was a nice picture of a bighorn sheep jumping over a barbed wire fence, said to be in the Garden of the

Gods. I have personally seen a dead deer straddled over a barbed wire fence no longer serving any purpose. What a horrible way to die. A picture of that wouldn’t be so great, would it?

Was this barbed fence necessary? I doubt it. Let’s give the animals a break, there are lots of bighorn sheep in that area.

Daniel Poole

Colorado Springs

Anger doesn’t work

Republicans are stunned at the drubbing they have taken during the midterms. I wasn’t. A party that nominates, elects and then “defends” a man of no character placing party before country is a party of no character. Americans saw that and voted no more.

Republicans need to get off the anger entertainment media of the 24/7 political opinion show hosts on right wing media and do some serious soul searching. Anger doesn’t work. This all started with the hijacking of the party by the tea party years ago.

Karon McCormick

Colorado Springs

Fear over the facts

Emotion generated by the hysterical left ruled this election. The Dobbs decision, which simply allows states to decide abortion policy, was a catalyst for some of the hysteria. Notice how the legacy media rarely mentioned that crucial fact. And not to worry fellow Coloradans, abortion is allowed in our state on viable babies up until birth.

And of course, we see more hysteria, “Democracy is at stake!”

I somewhat agree: Two indicators of a failing country are: rising corruption, which is becoming more evident, especially in elections, as evidenced by “mistakenly” mailing out 30,000 registrations to non-citizens, and our two-tiered judicial system.

Not to worry as our state is now deep blue like California. So, what if the facts show we do not have a southern border, crime is ever increasing, the value of our dollar is in free fall, and academia and the media are in bed with the Democrats.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. — Benjamín Franklin

I wonder who the two wolves are?

Bill Crow


Should elections be eliminated?

Some say that “mail in ballots” should be eliminated.

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I ask: Should elections be eliminated? Does your vote really count?

A case can be made that modern-day elections are rigged, fake and fraught with fraud. The “Free Press” outwardly colludes with “Big Tech” and the Democrat Party. In many instances,

The Republican Party is nothing more than part of a “Uni-Party” coexisting with the Democrats in the “Deep State.” Has Democracy run its course? We human beings are quite apt at adapting to our environment ... and having the environment adapt to us. It’s hot – humans invent air conditioning. It’s cold – we go from a campfire to the modern-day furnace. Have we human beings “advanced” so much that “free” elections are no longer free?

Charles M. Prignano

Colorado Springs

The writing on the wall

What I’ve gotten out of this year’s election results are these:

Most Coloradans enjoy getting high, long for higher taxes nicknamed “fees,” enjoy our high crime rates, and couldn’t care less about having cheap utility prices allowing the destruction of our gas and oil industry. Nationally, our citizens tend to enjoy the right to kill babies, to love the environment more than their fellow man, and eagerly look forward to the continued erosion of our Constitutional and God-given rights. Anyone who may doubt God’s judgment on this country should now be able to see the writing on the wall.

Goodbye, America. It was so wonderful knowing you. P.S. God wins.

Joseph Ford

Colorado Springs

This is unbelievable

Regarding the legalization of psychedelic mushrooms … seriously? Making legal something that often throws mentally ill people into psychoses? This will certainly add to the burden of the already burgeoning mental health facilities, (or lack there of). Oh, and let’s be sure to add to the homeless population, as this decision will no doubt be a strong contributor.

This is a good idea? Where is the reward to the risk? How does this help the greater people of Colorado?

What is happening to our wonderful state? Doesn’t anyone have any common sense anymore? I am worried, disgusted and dismayed. This is simply unbelievable.

But in a state that thinks it’s OK to kill unborn babies, I guess devaluing the lives of people over the age of 21, too, may not be a stretch.

Annie Valades

Cripple Creek

Christmas consumerism frenzy

A heartfelt thank you to 92.9 Peak FM radio for not buckling to commercialism and instead taking one holiday at a time. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that deserves to not be lost in the Christmas consumerism frenzy.

Marge Baker

Colorado Springs


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