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Getting rid of plastic bags

Paper bags are made from recycled paper, just as this newspaper, and they are biodegradable once you are through with them.

I don’t understand why stores want to get rid of paper bags, which do no harm.

They can be used in many of the same ways you use plastic bags, such as trash can liners. They make great floor & table protectors for small paint projects. They make great coloring and art projects for kids.

As far as canvas grocery bags, that’s fine, if you choose to sack your groceries. That is already happening. My niece took her own canvas bags to the store, and the employees would not sack for her. She had to sack her groceries.

Carol Mueller

Colorado Springs

This is virtue signaling

Kudos to The Gazette on their Viewpoint editorial, “Feel-Good Bag Ban.” This Legislature and governor continue to pass laws that make them feel good, but they refuse to consider the effect on the average Colorado citizen. When I wrote in earlier, then it was eggs and natural gas, now it is plastic bags. What will come next from those who worship at the altar of California, banning combustible gas engines and pork/bacon because pigs aren’t treated fairly? This is virtue signaling from our Legislature and governor. It will continue as long as they want to pass “look at what a great person I am” laws and ignore dealing with real Colorado problems such as crime, drug abuse and homelessness.

David Geuting

Colorado Springs

How to save the planet

Just read the article about the “left” saving our planet by eliminating/charging for paper/plastic bags. I say, let’s really show those “Karens” how to save the planet. Effective immediately no disposable diapers — just wash/dry your four dozen cloth diapers. Think of the reduction in landfills that would accomplish! No single serve plastic juice/water bottles. Use your glasses in the cupboard while at home and bring your handy thermos when traveling!

Oh wait, that’s what the baby boomers did ... when they were actually causing far less waste than today’s crowd!

God help us all...

Jackie Berry

Colorado Springs

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Encourage decorum and civility

On Dec, 8, I attended the Academy D-20 school board meeting. I had prepared comments with the intention of expressing gratitude for the contributions of Tom Gregory, retiring superintendent, to the district. His balance, professionalism and wisdom will be missed leadership and hope that the search for a competent replacement goes well.

The most difficult part of the meeting though was not the partisanship and misrepresentation of different perspectives. Rather, it was the behavior of some attendees. There were partisan comments on both sides of the polarization that I think were misplaced for a school board meeting. However, when people were reciting hateful, racist and demeaning comments from Facebook posts and emails sent to Mr. LaValley, and social media posts about minorities with a conservative perspective, the behavior was difficult to observe.

While those comments were read, the people sitting in front of me were giggling, snickering, nodding and snapping fingers in approval. I cannot help but find this behavior as not reflective of the kind of character that would be becoming of our students. Bitterness, cynicism, and contempt are commonly associated with negative beliefs about others and reinforced by tribalism.

The tragedy at Club Q will continue to hurt the hearts of our community as we move forward. However, guilt by association, blaming innocent people with a different perspective for the actions of an unwell individual are unjustifiable. The suffering of the innocent ought not to be used to push an ideological agenda and particularly not with such vitriol as was demonstrated.

I hope that we can find a way to encourage more decorum and civility in meetings. As always, I care deeply regarding the well-being of our students and their pursuit of academic excellence.

Regardless of any partisan affiliation, I think that we model the kind of civil society we hope for our children’s future when we recognize our common humanity and work together to build a strong community.

Thank you again for your dedication to the service of our community.

Edward Waldrep

Colorado Springs

Educational system is failing

The column by Karen Dolan is a clear example of the failure of our educational system to teach our children how government works and how that relates to our economy.

All the big spending programs that President Joe Biden has implemented and the subsequent debt that he has incurred are the major factors causing the current inflation. Dolan cheers Biden for his dictatorial actions when Congress won’t support his overspending.

It seems like Dolan thinks problems would be solved with unlimited spending by Congress. She should take a look at Germany just before World War II. I repeat, our educational system is failing!

Betty Coombs

Colorado Springs


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