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Parking meter rates increased on Jan. 1 for downtown Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City.

Get ready to grumble every January

Parking Director Scott Lee admirably explained his rationale for the newly implemented downtown parking fee increase. He was transparent but only to a point.

Buried in the middle of Lee’s column was the revelation that a recent study (performed just before this fee increase) revealed $10 million in deferred maintenance.

With only $1 million additional annual revenue expected from the increase, it’s safe to assume that Lee has further fee increases planned. Indeed it’s claimed elsewhere that Lee has said that rates will rise 25 cents annually for at least a few years.

Downtown parking users should be prepared to grumble every January for awhile.

Bill Turner

Colorado Springs

Our city and dangerous travel

It is a shame the people rejoicing in the city’s greatness did not include the threat to a person’s life every time they travel.

The dangers are so true due to speeders, pedestrians walking against traffic, crossing streets where there are no crosswalks, drivers exceeding the posted speed limit, drivers changing lanes just because they want to. From personal experience recently, drivers have tried to change lanes twice in an intersection. There’s disregard for persons who might have a handicap. And please pay close attention to motorcyclists and people riding bicycles.

And all of the above brings the same responsibility. Slow down, pay attention to all traffic within your view, left, right, in front, behind.

Yes, this is a very dangerous city to travel in. Sure wish it weren’t so.

Jeanie Bray

Colorado Springs

Amazing book on World War II

Carol Baldwin Cook praised the series on World War II and commented on the need for The Gazette to assemble a book of the stories. I was a young teen in the early 1940s, and I avidly followed WWII by reading the dispatches of noted war correspondent Ernie Pyle. I have his book of dispatches and have read it twice and started a third reading.

He wrote about the little guy, the draftees and regulars alike. He was in the North African, Sicilian, Italian and European campaigns. He then was sent back to the states for a rest. After his rest, he was sent to the Pacific where he was shot by a Japanese sniper on Okinawa.

I believe his book “Earnie’s War” should be mandatory reading for high school juniors and seniors. The heroism of these young men was awesome. They stayed for the duration and the only way home was a body bag or to recover from wounds and then get sent back.

John Ross

Colorado Springs

Trump has delivered

Regarding the attempts by the House leaders to impose a more limiting war powers act on the Trump administration, the fight against terrorism cannot be conducted by committee. Either someone will leak notice of planned actions or someone will disagree with the planned actions and take steps to derail the action.

I find it reprehensible that the three popular late night TV hosts treat Donald Trump and his administration with such contempt. Sure we have freedom of the press and that is a good thing, but the networks and their late-night TV hosts are so consistently one-sided and even downright mean that there is not even a pretense of fairness.

About half of the American electorate voted for Trump so the networks are insulting half their audience but don’t seem to care.

I’m not a big Trump fan and sometimes he can be a major pain in the lower extremity, but he has presided over three years of a great economy, major job growth, renegotiation of the Canadian and Mexican trade agreement, negotiation with China to fix major flaws in our relationship and finally has had the courage to challenge the Iranians and their clients in their attacks on the U.S. and our allies.

This should have been done during the Carter administration when the Iranians held 65 American hostages for 444 days. And every American president since Carter should have taken similar action. So, many people don’t like Trump, including me, but he has delivered.

James Bewley


Another disgraceful lie

In his statement to the public Wednesday, the president once again added to his litany of disgraceful lies. He said that the Obama adiministration paid Iran $1.5B to sign the nuclear agreement, and thus that the U.S. had paid for the missiles that struck Iraq on Jan. 7. The fact is that after signing on to the agreement, (which prevented Iran from having a nuclear weapon) the U.S. unfroze assets that belonged to Iran. We did not give them our money, we gave them back their money.

Trump pulled out of that agreement for no reason. Why? It seems that Trump is obsessed with anything that President Obama accomplished, and has/is trying to undo all of it. He has repeatedly attacked and tried to kill the Affordable Care Act, with no plan to improve or replace it, as he campaigned on. And, no, Mexico is not going to pay for the wall.

When are we going to wake up and realize that we have a pathological liar as our president?

Randy Stehle

Colorado Springs

Heightened sense of fear

I have no objections to the assassination of a ruthless killer, but at what strategic cost? By all accounts, the Iranian people are more united and supportive of their awful regime, the Iraqi people now want all U.S. troops out of Iraq, thereby increasing the threat of violence against American soldiers in the Middle East, Iran is now much closer to obtaining strategic-grade nuclear weapons and our long-time allies have once again been left out of decisions regarding peace in the Middle East.

I join all Americans in wishing President Donald Trump success in his heightened campaign against Iran, but I’m not convinced that he’s going about it in the right way.

I do not feel safer today, and my fear for the safety of American troops is heightened.

Clarence A. Williams

Colorado Springs


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