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‘Forever’ lockdowns not acceptable

It’s well past time to open Colorado and allow small-business owners to attempt to survive. In articles published in April and May, renowned epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski was correct: keeping schools open (kids develop mild cases and quickly establish herd immunity) would have prevented the social, educational and economic tragedies. Now the government-medical-Big Pharma cabal is making noises about new, mutated versions, similar to the flu virus mutating every year.

Lockdowns have been proven counterproductive, seen by comparing death rates in Florida (minimal restrictions) and California (severe lockdowns). Virologists have described how lockdowns, in the absence of herd immunity, leave enough susceptible people to restart transmission, but a natural COVID-19 epidemic peaks two weeks after the first cases are seen, then declines with financial and medical assistance from the government to prevent deaths to reduce the burden on the health system and damage to the economy. The US could have re-opened last spring.

Coloradans were promised a few weeks shutdowns in March to “flatten the curve,” which prolonged the problem and enabled the virus to mutate. CDC death rates show America is merely experiencing another flu season, and only 6% of COVID deaths show COVID as the only cause. The typical death from COVID lists 2.6 additional health factors. “Forever lockdowns” are not acceptable.

Gregg and Donna Rook

Colorado Springs

A successful collaboration

We had hoped to leave the word “unprecedented” behind in 2020 – yet the beginning of 2021 is shaping up to be just as extraordinary. In the face of challenges old and new, I’m more grateful than ever for the strong partnership between the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and El Paso County Public Health.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, our goal at UCCS has been to keep students on track for graduation, so they might pursue their careers and future dreams. Protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff has been paramount, and EPCPH was instrumental in our ability to successfully complete the fall 2020 semester.

Thanks to strong collaboration between UCCS and EPCPH — including site visits, contact tracing support, recommendations for best practices and almost daily communication with our wellness staff and emergency planners — I’m proud to share that not a single COVID-19 case was transmitted in a classroom at UCCS this fall.

If there is a silver lining to a pandemic, perhaps it’s that we learn just how much we have to be grateful for. This year, I am deeply grateful for collaboration, and the phenomenal support of our county public health partners.

Venkat Reddy

Colorado Springs

Why waste taxpayer money?

For those who are crying out to remove the outgoing president, why would you waste taxpayer money on this idea? The man will be out of office in a week and half at this writing. By the time you get all your ducks in a row, the president elect will have been sworn in and making it all moot. Stop wasting taxpayers money.

It’s bad enough you lot are sending it overseas to countries who would stab us in the back afterwards.

Val Tenhaeff

Colorado Springs

Representatives added fuel to the fire

As many good citizens have finally said “enough” with President Donald Trump as he incited a violent riot upon the peoples’ house, the U.S. Capital, we also need to look at the actions our Colorado representatives took and hold them accountable if they contributed to this violent insurrection.

A main point of Trump’s march and violent (five dead) storming of the Capital was to prevent elected representatives from dutifully confirming the certified Electoral College results and overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Several senators, led by Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and over 100 House representatives refused to accept the certified resuls, even after 59 Trump-led lawsuits showed no evidence of voter fraud. Promoting these false election claims eroded confidence in our voting process. This anger against the “stolen election” added fuel to the riot on the Capital.

Colorado has seven U.S. House Representatives. Two of them, Lauren Boebert, CD3 and our own Doug Lamborn, CD5 kept this false election claim alive by voting against certified Electoral College results literally just hours after witnessing the carnage these rioters created.

Patty Schlesinger

Cañon City

A country without borders

I’m very confused! Regardless of your political views why would you want our border wall removed and allow anyone who wants to into our country illegally.

There are caravans waiting to come in don’t have a country without borders! We want to encourage immigrants into our country but legally, so we not only know who is entering, but to control the number. Also, why would we give health benefits to ANYONE that steps foot on our soil? I can’t get free health care ... can you? Please new administration please keep building the wall and immigration under control!

Paul Garcia

Colorado Springs

Country nearing an abyss

How does a country become a “country.”? Only a very few can make it happen. In our case, America became America because of one individual, George Washington.

He stood before his soldiers who were at the end of their will to fight. He inspired them to continue forward, and under his leadership, he succeeded.

Today, our country is in a desperate need for such an individual. Our “country” is approaching an abyss, and screams out for such a leader as General George Washington, before it is too late.

The abyss is frightening and draws near.

Glenn E. Duke Shrader

Colorado Springs


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