Focus on America’s mental health

Let’s face it... many of the citizens of the United States of America have a very serious mental health problem. There are many mentally ill people all-over this nation who thoughtlessly, carelessly, and now legally get away with harming other people. That’s not normal. That’s wrong. But this kind of harmful event against fellow Americans happens daily in America — and with each passing day — the stories grow in size to bigger and more hurtful outcomes.

We are coming-up on the annual ‘Holiday Season’ — and the ‘2021 Holiday Season’ in America was kicked-off last night by an episode of mass killings and injuries in another Wisconsin town in the upper Midwestern part of our nation by a driver killing and harming/injuring dozens of Americans at a ‘Holiday Parade.’

Now besides whacked-out Republican/conservative/gun-loving-worshippers looking forward to shooting and killing liberals/Democrats/blacks in the spirit of Kyle Rittenhouse’s unjust acquittal from Wisconsin and getting-away with murder — there will be other ‘Holiday Parade’/public event car killer wanna-bes hoping to copy tonight’s mass murdering event — but in other parts of our nation — all-over America.

The United States of America needs intense focus on the mental health of its citizens — now more than ever.

Adelaide M. Hansen

Colorado Springs

Bias and dishonesty during trial

There are several obvious conclusions in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. First, although he had the right to be in Kenosha,Wis., where he worked to protect property during the rioting, burning, and looting, a better decision would have been to stay home. Second, from any objective viewpoint the evidence at trial clearly supported the jury’s verdict. Third, no evidence has ever surfaced indicating that Rittenhouse was in fact a white supremacist or that racism had anything to do with his actions.

Another obvious conclusion is that the Left, including Democratic Party leaders, most of the media, and President Joe Biden himself, will say anything whether true or not to advance their goals — including creating a false narrative about Rittenhouse.

Space doesn’t permit reciting the numerous lies told by the media and other members of the Left about this case from its onset. Many Americans no doubt still believe that the men shot by Rittenhouse were black; he was a white supremacist; he went to Kenosha looking to shoot people; and other lies for which there was never the slightest bit of evidence.

The underlying purpose of the Left’s false claims was never to call out a purported act of racism. Instead, as the timing of the “white supremacist” smear about Rittenhouse that Biden tweeted during his campaign makes obvious, the Left’s false narrative was and still is intended to bolster their base and, by alleging racism and white supremacy, influence those Americans sitting on the fence to side with their far-Left agenda and thereby increase their power.

Truth matters. The Left — to whom the end always justifies the means even if it results in life imprisonment for an innocent 18-year old – will not change on its own. Those falsely smeared should file defamation suits to hold the media and influential politicians accountable. Citizens must let the media know they’re disgusted with its bias and dishonesty. Voters need to replace elected officials who spout such falsehoods with public servants of integrity. If truth is allowed to be suppressed by lies from powerful institutions and officials, we will be ruled by raw power, not the rule of law.

Doug Barth

Colorado Springs

The power of the people to march

We all know that Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two men and severely disabled another with his AR-15. If he was a Black man, we all know that the outcome would be very, very different.

For a judge — in front of the world — to openly avow far-right-wing ideology — is a crime against the truth and a crime against all mankind. We must have another March on Washington soon — the power of the people to march against the scourge of far-right ideology that is destroying our country.

Jan Chappell

Colorado Springs

Not in touch with reality

President Joe Biden continues to blame the high price of energy on everything but his decisions. From the beginning, the current administration has waged war on America’s energy independence with policies that have greatly increased the cost of energy. In the last 12 months, America went from energy independence to groveling for allies and non-allies to increase their production of oil. Many of these countries, if not all of them, have less stringent guidelines to reduce impacts to the environment during energy exploration/production.

How does requesting these other countries increase their production help with climate control? The current administration’s policies have only helped other energy-producing countries and hurt Americans, especially states that had robust energy industries like Colorado.

Patrick McCarter

Colorado Springs

Government and practicing medicine

We left Colorado in June, in part because the state’s Covid mandates were tiresome and ineffective. The last several months have proven our conclusion to be true. We moved back to Florida.

Governor Jared Polis is now — finally — allowing monoclonal antibody treatment to be widely available. Had he done so long ago, as was done here, the situation would likely be far different now, for both the hospitals and the patients. I speak from experience. It worked for me. I’m grateful I was in a state that allowed me to have it. Government needs to get out of the practice of medicine, and leave it to doctors and patients. Colorado didn’t do that, and its residents have paid the price.

Donna Brosemer

Daytona Beach, Fla.


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