The TCA Titans defeated the Sand Creek Scorpions in girls’ basketball recently.

Female athletics threatened

There’s an old saying, that your right to swing your arm stops short of my face. In the same way, the rights of people who have chosen to change their sex should stop short of female athletics.

To be specific, if boys choose to be girls, that’s their call in a free society, but with the undeniable differences between male and female physiques it’s simply not fair for them to compete against girls who are born as girls.

Have we gone so far down the road of political correctness that we can’t agree on such a fundamental fact?

For those who haven’t been following the issue, transgendered males (those identifying as females) are competing (and winning) in various women’s sports at school and professional levels.

Yet an executive order in January by President Joe Biden supports the participation of biologically male athletes in women’s sports.

Why was this order not preceded by one of those “community conversations” we often hear are so important for understanding societal issues?

One group that’s been surprisingly silent are women’s sports leaders. Surely, they can’t be happy about this development, after fighting so many years for equality. Yet… crickets.

And where are the courageous journalists? Cowering in a corner, fearful of being called transophobes? Is that even a word?

If there were to be such a “community conversation,” wouldn’t Colorado Springs be the ideal place to have it? After all, this is the self-proclaimed Olympic City. And wouldn’t it make sense to resolve this before the next Olympic Games? Before somebody with a five-o’clock shadow wins the women’s 100-yard dash?

Kenyon Jordan


Fees coming out of the woodwork

I am writing a letter to the editor because of Mayor John Suthers. He conned the voters of the city of Colorado Springs into approving a stormwater “fee.” I was against it then and am still against it today. Had the mayor and the City Council called it a tax and explained the reason for it with a sunset provision, I would have voted for it. Now the Utilities wants to raise it with only the City Council to be the check and balance but, that is for another letter to the editor.

Now Gov. Jared Polis wants to put a “fee” on gasoline to raise funds for transportation.

1. I don’t trust Polis to use the money for the intended purpose.

2. It shouldn’t be a fee. He should be honest and call it what it is, a tax.

Gov. Polis needs to make the case to the people for the tax and let them decide. I know that Gov. Polis didn’t get the idea from Mayor Suthers but, now how can the mayor object to the gas “fee” when he was for a stormwater fee. Mayor Suthers can’t have it both ways.

Hang on folks, the fees will be coming out of the woodwork to bypass TABOR. A fee by any other name...

Philip Donner

Colorado Springs

Switching political parties

The Gazette’s Feb. 10 editorial suggests that Sen. John Hickenlooper switch to the Republican Party, like Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell did. I disagree for two reasons.

First, the Democratic Party is a bigger tent than the Republican Party these days. There are left-wing Democrats, but there are also moderate Democrats such as President Joe Biden, for example.

Second, Nighthorse Campbell joined the Republican Party in the pre-Trump era. These days, Republicans who do not pledge strong loyalty to Donald Trump lose in their primary elections to Trump loyalists. If Sen. Hickenlooper switches parties, that would be his fate, and understandably he would like the opportunity to serve more than one term in the U.S. Senate.

Jeff Smith

Colorado Springs

Leaving out some facts

Rep. Doug Lamborn seems to have all the answers when it comes to opposition. I have first-hand experience: He opposed the VA’s health system during a Town Hall with veterans. He opposed impeaching our president while he was still president and clearly incited insurrection. Now he opposes a well-researched and thought-out plan to reopen our schools.

In an email, he said: “it is clear that they (the current administration) are siding with the teacher’s unions at the expense of our children.

The harmful effects of keeping our schools closed: growing social isolation, rising rates of depression, increasing learning disparity, and reduced literacy rates are too severe to ignore.” Oh, life is so simple for him — especially since he is not a teacher who might be over 50.

There is no argument that closing schools has the consequences for students, as Lamborn noted. He conveniently left out the short-term, long-term and, possible, fatal consequences for a teacher getting COVID-19. Yesterday, I met a man in his 20s whose young wife is still recovering from COVID she caught in October. She is a “long-hauler” who is suffering from COVID well after the illness.

Lamborn criticizes how the current administration “claims to follow the science” at the expense of others. Really? It’s that simple? Life is complicated and wise decision-making is hard. If Lamborn is to represent me, I would expect him to be a critical thinker and not to conveniently leave out facts to support an argument.

Dr. Peter Knepell

Colorado Springs


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