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Protesters call for police accountability in Colorado Springs.

Experienced professional on panel

After reading the column on Sept. 23 regarding the newly formed Police Advisory Panel and the reference to former Police Chief Luis Velez I would like to speak in support of Chief Velez. I was the city manager during the time Velez was police chief. I am very familiar with the “improper destruction of evidence” incident and investigation. Although Chief Velez had no direct knowledge of the improper destruction of thousands of important pieces of evidence he did not attempt to avoid responsibility or look for someone to blame. He demonstrated an immense amount of character and leadership by assuming ultimate responsibility for the actions of one of his employees.

I was personally pleased to see his appointment to the panel. He is an experienced police professional and will bring a needed perspective to the critical work of the panel. I am confident once others on the panel meet Velez and get to know him they will benefit from his knowledge and understanding of contemporary policing and his ability to listen to others and work toward collaborative solutions to very difficult issues.

Lorne Kramer

Colorado Springs

No football is no hardship

Friday’s Falcon football update reported:

“The scope of the coronavirus pandemic prompted the Air Force Academy to inform all cadets of the available option of turnbacks, which provide an opportunity to separate for at least a semester under a provision designed for those facing hardships.”

Conveniently, it is reported (USAFA won’t say) some 40 football players have hardships so they can squeeze out another year of football eligibility, effectively redshirting for season. So their hardship is they can’t play a full season of football? Ridiculous.

Cadets are supposed to be on a taxpayer funded four year path to commissioned service in the Air Force. That’s what they signed up for. Not being able to play football because the Mountain West Conference couldn’t get its act together (the real issue) is a disappointment and an inconvenience, which life is full of. Sorry. Go to class, study, graduate, and serve your country. If football, not the Air Force, is your long-term goal you are at the wrong school.

Matt A. Coleman

Colorado Springs

Keep gambling towns as they are

I just want to congratulate your Editorial Board for the articles in recent days. I received my 2020 State Ballot Information Booklet (I believe known as the Blue Book) in the mail last week and read almost every Amendment and Proposition in full, including the opinions of pro or con. I am enjoying reading the opinions in the Gazette daily which seem to mirror mine.

What struck me today was Amendment 77 and I thought I would share a short story. My husband and I moved to Colorado Springs in June, 1992. We didn’t know much about the region, but were amazed that they had a “gambling town” just an hour away known as Cripple Creek. So on the Fourth of July, we packed up the mini-van and loaded two children (a two and a half year old toddler and a 9 month old baby) into their car seats and put the “double stroller” into the back of the vehicle. We got to Cripple Creek and saw the rustic and historical town. As we descended into town (yes, you know that hill) we were amazed. At that time, we were able to take the girls in their stroller into the casino (what?) and play a little slot machines with them right there. The entire experience was so enchanting and something I will never forget. If I wanted a Las Vegas experience, I would go to Las Vegas.

Your comment that increasing gambling stakes could lead to losing paychecks, savings accounts, investments and college funds is true. I hope people will want to keep Colorado casino towns just as they are. I know it can’t be what it was for me on July 4, 1992, but it can still be a “charming” day activity or destination that provides the beauty of what Colorado mining towns were in the late 19th Century. Limited stakes keep corruption out of the system, in my opinion.

Trish Beyer

Colorado Springs

Why the double standard?

In the last debate in 2016 Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would except the results of the election if he lost. He did not ask Hillary Clinton the same question. This year the media is doing the same thing to Donald Trump because of the polls. They are assuming that he has already lost the election and they are asking him if he will peacefully leave the White House.

Nobody is asking Joe Biden if he will peacefully accept the results if he loses the election. Nobody is asking him if he thinks there should be riots if Donald Trump wins the election. Why is that? There is no bias in the media is there?

Michael King

Colorado Springs

Driving in a city that roars

First off on behalf of all the NASCAR fans in town let me thank the city for allowing so many vehicles on our streets to exceed the City’s Noise Ordinance/operate with a modified exhaust system. The NASCAR fans say it just like having your bedroom at the bottom of turn four at the Talladega Super Speedway in Alabama. #NASCAR. Amen.

And for all those want to be drivers out there that might be high on octane and low on testosterone, jump on into the action. I had a neighbor that drove his car daily for over 10 months with just a straight pipe, i.e. no muffler, no resonator, no nothing and never got a ticket.

On the other hand, if you are a disgruntled citizen like me that would prefer to wake up to the birds singing as opposed to engine noise and or if you can imagine going to sleep in blissful silence, please call the city’s non-emergency number at 719-444-7000 – wait a few minutes — then pleasantly pass on your disgruntled-ness.

Or maybe leave an online note with the City Council via Googling Colorado Spring City Council. While not scientific — a vehicle with a noise radius of 1/4 mile can share it’s notes with 5,000 fellow citizens after just traveling 5 miles (city’s population density 2,000/square mile?).

Now that’s bang for your tax dollars.

Craig Towler

Colorado Springs


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