LETTERS: Everyone's running red lights; gatekeepers a bad idea


Running red lights

I drive in a lot of areas in Colorado Springs, and many times a day I see people running red lights. I was just on Garden of the Gods and had plenty of time to stop without braking hard and the light had changed from amber to red and two cars (in another lane of course) went past me. This happens regularly. They had to have been at least two car lengths behind me. I on numerous occasions have to wait after I get a green light for cars still coming through the intersection that obviously entered after the light was red. You don't even enter an intersection when you get the green light without clearing yourself, even seconds after the light is green.

Our city has done away with red light cameras because they say it doesn't prevent accidents and it would take officers off the street. Many jobs put injured people, etc. on desk duty. When on paid administrative leave, etc. officers could also be used to view red light camera pictures. The city was going to make the amber light longer. That won't help because it is ignored and people don't stop until their red light has been on a while, especially when they are in a string of cars. I obey the lights but am beginning to wonder why. I have yet to observe a ticket being given and have even see police cars go through a red light, no siren, no lights and then stop for one when blocked by traffic. Must not have been very important.

If something isn't done, it is just going to get worse. People like me are going to wonder why am I stopping as the law prescribes, when it isn't enforced or at least to the point people will start obeying the law. The money from fines could go to repair potholes in our streets.

Charlie King

Colorado Springs

All talk, no action

In response to Jere Joiner's letter, July 9. We found the same conditions only much closer. In Kansas. We spent six days on a trip which took us to Hays, Abilene, McPherson, Hutchinson and Dodge City. Not a single pothole did we see or feel. Also there were no weeds 5 or 6 feet tall along any street or road, and the streets and gutters were clean.

Too bad our city leaders can't take this trip and learn how this is accomplished. We hear all the promises, "If I am elected," and that's all we hear. Talk but no action! Shame on all of you.

Joan Neugebauer

Colorado Springs

Appreciative of editorial pages

Much appreciate your editorial mentioning TABOR and its unfortunate passing; it has not fulfilled its predictions. Your stance may start some movement to modify it or, better yet, get rid of it.

Continue to appreciate the balance in reporting and on the editorial pages. It's nice to see another side to the marijuana issue; yes, it's bringing in lots of money, but at what expense?

William I. Brown

Colorado Springs

Muslim leader should denounce IS

Concerning: The Truth About Islam. Jack Flobeck wrote that "It's time for Arshad Yousufi to denounce ISIS etc." I couldn't agree more.

Years ago, my wife and I attended month-long classes at the mosque here in town. The classes were designed to "build understanding of Islam."

We met Yousufi, and very much appreciated his knowledge and facts concerning the Islamic religion, its peoples, and its beliefs.

But . when it came to the question of 'Islamic terrorists', he simply would not give a straight answer.

We had previously learned in the class that "Muslims support their own, regardless of 'those that act errantly.' "

Another shocker was the answer to the question of strict Sharia law. The answer was: Even though it appears harsh to Americans, (cutting off a hand for stealing for example), Arshad's answer was: "Isn't it nice to know you can leave your doors open, not have to hide valuables, that people walk around without fear of crime?"

I found this quite disturbing and while we fully support law-abiding, wonderful Muslim people, I am distressed that Yousufi will not come out clearly to denounce Islamic terrorists.

I think he is a tremendous voice in the city for promoting understanding of Islam . but also needs to deal with the difficult issues of Islamic terrorism as well.

Steve Shapiro

Manitou Springs

Incline gatekeepers bad idea

Cate Terwilliger, in her recent guest opinion, would have us believe that imposing a "sex - and age - resting heart rate classification" test would make the Incline a better experience for those limited individuals that make the cut by reducing the number of rescue calls and the environmental degradation of the trail. And if you didn't make the cut, well sorry, you don't get to do the Incline. But if you train real hard, perhaps someday you, too, can become one of the privileged few.

To paraphrase Ms. Terwillger " . this scheme would acknowledge the Incline's special value to fitness minded local residents and area runners who historically have used the route to train for the Peak Pikes races." Rubbish.

First, you are running directly up against the federal government's 1990 "Americans with Disabilities Act." Recreation areas owned by government agencies are not allowed to discriminate based on physical fitness. And secondly, and perhaps even more important, you don't seem to be aware of, or believe in, one of the great American values - that of personal responsibility. Citizens have the right to personal responsibility here in America as long as their actions do not harm others. Part of this right is the capability to take risks and live with their consequences, good or bad. We are free to make our choices. As did Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind person to climb the nose of El Capitan in 1996 and Mark Inglis, the only double amputee to climb Mount Everest.

All I ask is that even if you believe your intentions are for the best, and I sincerely believe that you do, that you don't impose your values on me. I've paid my Colorado Search and Rescue fee, my health and life insurance is more than adequate and if I want to die on the Incline rather than in a nursing home being spoon-fed apple sauce, well, that's my choice and I accept full personal responsibility.

Russ Bogardus

Colorado Springs

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