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The new express lanes on the I-25 South Gap project opened at 8 a.m. on Dec. 10. The express lanes span 14 miles on northbound I-25 and 15 miles on southbound I-25.

Equitable way to fund highways

When the Boulder Turnpike was built, there was a ‘toll’ paid by every vehicle until the highway was paid for; and now there is no fee.

My question is: why can’t every vehicle on the new ‘Gap’ pay a toll until the road is paid for and extra funds are set aside for maintenance and repairs. Then remove the toll and let all the vehicles use all the lanes! Why reward just those who have extra funds to pay to use the ‘Lexus lanes’ as many commuters refer to them, while others who can’t afford the fee have to wait in traffic while those who can afford it, zip by?

This seems like the most fair and equitable way to fund highway expansion in the years to come.

Mark Stahl

Colorado Springs

Ridiculously dangerous hypocrisy

Thank you for sharing Mike Rosen’s opinion piece dealing with conservative cartoonist Michael Ramirez’s cartoon of St. Peter explaining to the unvaccinated man why he had died. Rosen goes on to praise himself and the Gazette editorial staff for their public stances in support of vaccines. He adds that this is one of few things in these divisive days that the majority of Americans can agree upon.

Then he states, “Many prominent Democrats and liberals publicly opposed the vaccines when Donald Trump was president simply because an election was coming up and they didn’t want him to get the credit for it. They hypocritically overcame that reluctance as soon as Joe Biden was elected.”

Please ask Rosen to identify some of those better-known persons for us, particularly if they are elected officials. Being a long-time liberal and Democrat, I was unaware of the existence of this attitude. I promise to get in touch with each of them to call them out for their ridiculously selfish and dangerous hypocrisy.

Mike Murphy

Colorado Springs

A simple act of gratitude

A couple of weeks ago, there was an article in the paper about Mikey Weinstein. He was against the laying of wreaths at veterans graves.

There was a quote, ”These veterans have given their all for this country, and they can’t fight back now. We’re going to continue fighting for them.”

I don’t believe that Weinstein’s group is fighting for the veterans. He does not know what those veterans would have wanted.

I think he is just trying to find something to fight about. If he has indeed received thousands of communications from people who don’t like this wreath idea, then he should send these onto the proper people in charge so that they can make sure that a wreath is not placed at those grave sites.

My husband and I, both veterans, will be buried at our national cemetery here and since we have no family here we would be honored to have wreaths placed at our grave sites. Overall I feel that very few people visit their loved ones once the burial is over.

Veterans who have been buried for decades most likely do not have visitors and have been mostly forgotten, and the placing of these wreaths is nothing but a simple act of gratitude for their sacrifice regardless of their religion.

Pam Devereux

Colorado Springs

Letting your voice be heard

Kudos to the 12-step program you (Louis Shade) proposed regarding how President Joe Biden could improve his rating. I agree with each one you listed.

As an 82-year-old senior citizen, I can testify that it is intimidating to write a letter to the editor but you must let your voice be heard. When it is done in a respectful manner, we can all learn from each other.

I am a Trump supporter, and I truly miss his leadership and hope he returns for a second term.

Dixie Muinch

Colorado Springs

Where’s the fiscal responsibility?

Ref. Opinion by Cal Thomas, Dec. 22. Well let me get this straight, what Thomas is saying is that the Donald Trump administration wasted more than $100 million of taxpayer money on materials to build a wall. A wall that Trump said would not cost us taxpayers anything because “Mexico will pay for it.”

Now the Texas Gov. Greg Abbot ordered that construction is going to resume and make the Texas taxpayers pay more than $25 million for it. What happened to the fiscal responsibility that the Republicans are screaming so much about? The problems at the border did not start when President Joe Biden’s administration took over, or for that matter even Trump’s.

Remember the huge caravans that Trump said was his reason that we needed the wall to begin with.

Stan Relaford

Colorado Springs

Taxpayers will pay for the losses

Ignorance is bliss. As rightly feared, a wolf pack has killed livestock in Colorado as they are being reintroduced into the wild. I wonder if those who voted for this stupid proposition realized that taxpayers would be paying for the losses suffered by ranchers and farmers?

It seems to me that only those who voted for it should be the ones having to pay for it, such as the “voters in urban, Democratic-leaning counties where wolves would not be reintroduced.” Seems only fitting.

Joseph Ford

Colorado Springs


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