A new day of infamy

Jan. 6, 2021, must be considered a new day of infamy.

A sitting president who decisively lost the November election expressly encouraged protesters to come to Washington and — in an hourlong rant — exhorted them to march to the Capitol, where they stormed the building and congressional chambers, shutting down a constitutionally prescribed process and forcing legislators to evacuate for their safety.

This after trashing the vice president for “not having the courage” to violate his constitutional oath.

Law and order president? Hardly! Sworn to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”? He has shredded that oath—not for the first time—but this is the most egregious.

Electoral College Photo Gallery (copy)

Supporters of President Donald Trump gather Wednesday outside the Capitol in Washington.

Every state certified its election outcomes. Attempts to overturn those results have been rejected in several dozen lawsuits, including two unanimous Supreme Court decisions. No one has brought evidence of fraud or material malfeasance in this election.

The principal responsibility for this travesty lays with President Donald Trump.

But there are enablers who share in the responsibility for this — including those members of the House of Representatives and the Senate who persist in challenging the integrity of this election. Among them is the representative of Colorado’s 5th District, Doug Lamborn.

In the end, as a veteran of 30 years military service, I retain my faith that America’s democracy will survive this challenge. But we should not dismiss the seriousness of what happened, culminating in this day of infamy, nor should we forget those who bear the responsibility for this. We need to hold them accountable, in politics and in law.

Schuyler Foerster

Colorado Springs

Reality and finality of this loss

If you did not anticipate the possibility of the storming and attempted siege of the United States Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters, you have not been paying attention to the escalation of incendiary rhetoric coming from the mouth of the president since he lost the election. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has alluded to Trump’s disturbing change of behavior since the election loss, suggesting that Trump has evolved into someone different from the person he’s known intimately and supported over the past 20 years.

Given how inculcated Trump’s whole psyche has been with winning and “closing the deal,” the fact of his election defeat has quite simply undone him. He cannot accept the reality and finality of this loss, and he has sadly become increasingly delusional and dangerous.

What we witnessed with the storming and desecration of our nation’s Capitol building on Wednesday is the inevitable outcome of Trump’s inciting and deliberate rhetoric during his rally just a short time before this deplorable, lawless insurrection unfolded. Not to mention the thoughtlessness of thousands of maskless protesters putting front-line law enforcement officers at risk of contracting COVID-19. Yet another potential superspreader event.

This is the last straw perpetrated by our supposed law-and-order commander in chief. The installation of the new administration cannot come swiftly enough.

Robin Izer

Colorado Springs

Questions that need answers

American have some tough questions that need to be answered after a day in which we witness a storming of the Capitol by a large number of Trump’s thugs. A day in which our country was totally shamed!

1). Did President Donald Trump pay for individuals to lead the storming of our congressional buildings?

2). Why is Trump so obsessed with losing the Georgia election that he tries to bribe the Georgia’s secretary of state to find votes?

3). Is Trump’s failure to recognize his loss in Georgia because Stacey Abrams destroyed him and the Republican senators who lost as well?

4). Were the police, FBI, Secret Service, metro police, and Capitol police told to ‘stand down’?

Why did Pence need to call in the National Guard?

5). Why weren’t there ‘police briefings’ after the incident was over — people should know how many were killed and injured.

6). How can anyone witness this domestic terror and not think that this is exactly how a dictator behaves?

7). How can these Republicans believe that a election was stolen when in over 50 court cases found no evidence of fraud?

Just because Trump claims there was cheating, doesn’t make it so.

8). How many people believe that the reason Trump is acting so irrational is because he knows that he might be going to jail when he leaves the White House.

Thomas J. Horton

Colorado Springs

Suggestions for solving issues

A new day in government is coming and they are proposing to “solve” some issues. I suggest the following:

Rather than a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens in this country, why not offer a fast track to citizenship for those who can prove they are employed here. Benefit the country, benefit yourself.

Rather than forgive student debt where the amount was knowingly and willingly incurred, why not forgive medical debt that was unplanned and the unknown when the debt started. Make the school responsible for collection, not the government.

Rather than give another country money to spend (read steal) as they want, why not have a special American envoy to oversee how the money is actually spent. No envoy, no money.

Rather than accept unknown ballots in any election, why not print ballots on special paper, such as watermarked paper. Not watermarked, not counted.

I know this will not happen with this government (or any other), but just sayin’.

Roger Weed

Colorado Springs


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