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Attracting employees back to work

As the economy starts to ramp up, companies are lamenting about the lack of people answering their ads for employees.

Here is a thought.

Why not hire these people as full time employees working 40-plus hour per week with benefits. How can these companies expect people to come back to part-time 20 hours per week with no benefits?

Even at $15/hour, that is only $15,000/year; can you live on that?

Or work as so called ‘1099’ or ‘gig’ workers, with no benefits or employee rights?

I bet your phones would ‘ring off the hook’, if you started treating people as employees; just like in the olden times, 25 years ago.

People do want to work! But, full-time!

Try it.

If you still don’t fill the positions, I guess you will need to reassess the employee expectations to the offered compensation.

Good luck.

Mark Stahl

Colorado Springs

Higher wages paid by businesses

I just finished reading the article in Sunday’s Gazette by Wayne Heilman concerning the higher minimum wages being paid in our area. My wife and I have noted the increase in our local taxes and the prices we pay at the grocery store and local restaurants.

Yet I fail to see any articles concerning the pay raises of local teachers and substitute teachers.

As a retired teacher and long time substitute teacher, my most recent pay was $13 an hour.

I would like to encourage all substitute teachers in El Paso County to hold out this year unless school districts are willing to raise the pay to at least $15 an hour or $120 per day. I certainly think this is in line with the higher wages being paid by businesses.

Donald Worley

Colorado Springs

Work on real problems in our city

Councilman Richard Skorman and the other council members of the Utilities Board are living in an Alice and Wonderland world if they think that closing the Drake Power Plant will prevent forest fires in the area. What it will do is increase the cost of electricity for rate payers.

Instead of taking another victory lap for fighting climate change I would prefer that they work on real problems in our city, such as the terrible condition of roads, vagrants trashing our open spaces, and the soaring crime rate.

Gary Altman

Colorado Springs

More mind bending by the day

Does anyone else feel like they are losing their minds and suddenly have landed in a world that has gone mad and is totally lacking in common sense and reason?

First, we are imprisoned/locked down for more than a year and everything we know comes to a screeching halt. Then, like good little lemmings, we line up to get our shots, wear our masks and try desperately to behave in hopes of having a “normal” world again. But no — it just gets crazier and more mind bending by the day: We have shots, but now we have to have million-dollar lotteries and scholarships to entice our confused citizens into getting the shots that supposedly will save their lives and make our world “normal” again. Then we have to pay people to not work; and now we are going to pay people to work again even if they quit after eight weeks to get paid again for not working again. Will they be paid for not working (unemployment) while working this eight-week gig? And meanwhile more businesses go out of business because people are being paid not to work or to work but only for a little while to see if they “like” working again.

Is anybody else as confused as I am? You get paid to not work/or to work but don’t have to keep working; don’t have to pay rent and can win lotteries and prizes for making a minimal effort not to infect innocent bystanders with lethal diseases. Some of this sounds vaguely like socialism to me, and I am wondering how long this will last before the gravy train runs out of fuel and it is wake-up time for somebody, like the tax-paying, working citizens (if there are any left) to pick up the tab.

Do you get the feeling that the government thinks that we lack a work ethic and any other ethics, are lazy, greedy and stupid, and will vote for anyone who promises us all these goodies? I am afraid that in this case the government is right.

Geraldine Russell

Colorado Springs

Taking gambling to a new level

Shame on you Rise Russell, not for your choice to get vaccinated, but for your “wokeness” and self righteousness leading to the bashing of those who have made medical decisions in their own best interest.

It is quite clear that the American people have been played by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the likes of them. We now know the insane amount of coverup, from suppressing life saving treatment (hydroxychloroquine), suppressing legitimate facts about the lab origins of the virus, and utterly misrepresented case numbers. We know these things and then are asked to trust the science of the vaccine. A vaccine that has not gone through the rigorous evaluations of many other vaccines. I choose not to blindly trust the government and I have the right to do so. Millions of Americans also have the right to religious exemption and have the right to determine for themselves if this MRNA technology falls in line with their beliefs.

Millions of Coloradans have the right under the Colorado Patients Bill of Rights section 1a, “(to) participate in all decisions involving the patient’s care or treatment.” The coercive actions of the Joe Biden administration, Jared Polis administration and many others across the nation is wrong, bribing people with million dollar checks to get a not 100% safe vaccine is wrong.

We have taken gambling to a new level, gambling with your life and safety.

Jason Lupo



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