Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has come under attack as anti-gay after

recording a video

encouraging Christian students to take their Bibles to school.

A good role model

It is not so easy to identify role models for young people to emulate these days. Many who are in the limelight have a lot of money, and having lots of money seems to bring personal failures with it. I think Drew Brees is a good role model for our youths in America. For him to encourage students to bring their Bibles to school on a certain day is good.

Criticism of his action seems to be mainly used as an excuse to denigrate Focus on the Family. I have been a supporter of Focus since the late 1970s. Never have I associated any aspect of their ministry with hate. They have helped me and my family by encouraging faith in Christ, strengthening relationships with family, serving others, providing insights in raising our children and a host of other benefits. Focus has helped me love those with whom I disagree, even on sensitive issues such as abortion and sexual identity.

I am truly sorry that some with different lifestyles have experienced persecution and hardship. I strongly believe that if those suffering, for any reason, reached out to Focus, they would undoubtedly be met with love and compassion. Believing the Bible does not mean does not mean one hates those who do not. Quite the contrary; the Bible teaches us to love everyone, even those who oppose us, and to pray for them. We do not like the actions that God has said are sinful, but we love sinners, for we are sinners, too.

God bless Focus on the Family, Drew Brees and our beloved America.

Billy Hill

Colorado Springs

Disrespect for police authority

The De’Von Bailey shooting is a tragedy that should not have happened. The boy was shot in the back. Evidently, he was turned away and not moving as instructed a policeman. His back should not have been toward the police officer.

For some reason in the USA, there has evolved a public culture that believes that obeying police orders voluntary. We permit attitudes in our culture that require police officers to engage in high-speed vehicle chases or in foot races with apprehended people. And there are no serious legal consequences for this behavior? Police officers are not be required to be Olympic sprinters or NASCAR champion drivers.

Our courts permit people, who are stopped by police, to just walk away, usually sauntering with the middle finger in the air (either actually or figuratively) without serious retribution.

Fleeing from police, whether in slow motion or at high speed, should have serious, automatic legal consequences in addition to the infraction that was the cause of the arrest.

Police work is dangerous enough without courts, the public, and parents permitting blatant disrespect for police authority. It’s time to stand up for our police and other public first responders and to quit making every incident a race issue.

Disrespect of authority is not a race issue. It is pretty equally distributed across our culture regardless of skin color. The remedy is an adult culture that stands up, stands together, and says “enough!” And then does something about it.

Arthur B. Cyphers

Colorado Springs

Viewpoint was on point

I don’t always agree with the Gazette Editorial Board, but today’s viewpoint (De ‘Von Bailey tragedy unveils true racial bias, Sept. 12) was on point and needed to be said. Thank you.

George Whitesell

Colorado Springs

No regard for cause and effect

Clearly, the city of Colorado Springs does not care about the algae toxicity in Prospect Lake, beyond putting up a few warning signs.

Research shows that this algae is caused by runoff from fertilizer and herbicides, which are routinely sprayed all over Memorial Park.

In fact, the park is scheduled to be sprayed this week.

Wow, talk about no regard for cause and effect.

Nicole Rosa

Colorado Springs

Weather is not a partisan issue

The president is against the integrity of science and data.

He made a false weather report, which is a federal crime (see USC 18:§2074). NOAA and the NWS are for the greater good of the people, to keep them safe. Lying about a weather report could cause unnecessary panic and evacuations, and a scientific agency like NOAA should not lie because the president made an error.

The president is not admitting he is wrong in the face of truth and facts. He has a pathetically fragile ego.

Wilbur Ross needs to step down if he did threaten firing members of NOAA and that should be remedied.

The weather is not a damn partisan issue.

Mallory Brownfield

Colorado Springs

Difference between two ideologies

We endlessly struggle with the differences between socialism and capitalism. The difference is very fundamental. Socialism “turns” on the government; capitalism “turns” on the individual.

Glenn E. Duke Shrader

Colorado Springs

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