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Crews remove a Civil War statue in front of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. The statue had been toppled the night before.

Double standard on destroying statues?

So Gov. Jared Polis is “outraged at the damage” done to a statue commemorating the 1st Colorado Cavalry at the Capitol in Denver.

He will “use every tool at our hold accountable those responsible for the damage.”

The 1st Colorado Cavalry slaughtered 230 Arapaho and Cheyenne peacefully camped at Sand Creek, mostly women and children and the elderly, in 1864. On the base of this statue, the Sand Creek Massacre is called a “battle” in which Union Civil War cavalries participated. Some battle.

So. It’s perfectly acceptable to vandalize and destroy statues of Confederates and others who are politically incorrect, deemed to be white supremacists and racists.

But don’t mess with any monuments to the mass murder of Indigenous people. That’s racism. That’s genocide. But Gov. Polis will be outraged at the damage to the monument and he will bring you to justice.

Hey! Red Lives Matter.

Marge Baker

Colorado Springs

Jesus Christ has no color

The “cancel culture” movement demands that art depicting a “white” Jesus “must come down.” Christians do not worship Jesus Christ in varying shades of color, but as God in the flesh who came to Earth to redeem us. It is common to depict Jesus as a reflection of one’s culture; when I was young, I saw Michelangelo’s “Pietà” at the World’s Fair. Thousands of people from across the world were stunned by what the artist had captured in stone. Years later, when I was a professor at Wheaton College, we often saw pictures of Jesus as an African American in the inner-city schools where we taught. No one thought anything about it because we worship in spirit, not in flesh.

Pastor E.V. Hill once received death threats for preaching about a “white Jesus.” Hill replied, “I don’t know anything about a white Christ — I know about Christ, a Savior named Jesus. I don’t know what color He is. He was born in brown Asia, He fled to black Africa, and He was in heaven before the gospel got to white Europe, so I don’t know what color He is. I do know one thing: if you bow at the altar with color on your mind, and get up with color on your mind, go back again — and keep going back until you no longer look at His color, but at His greatness and His power — His power to save!”

Frank Gahren Sr.

Colorado Springs

Requirements for advisory commissionRegarding the pending formation of a “police advisory commission”, I agree with last week’s letter from a citizen recommending that prospective commission members be required to complete a “Ride Along” with a CSPD officer as a qualification for commission participation.

Further, I recommend that completion of a term of the “Citizen’s Police Academy” be added to the required qualifications for police advisory commission participation.

Absent establishing these minimum qualifications for participation, I submit that the police advisory commission will be of no value to our city and its citizens.

Jack Lundberg

Colorado Springs

Solar and wind won’t work

To those who align yourselves with left-wing activist Joe Salazar, I suggest perhaps you are too lethargic to think beyond your next silicon-generated text message or video game. While a few of you might declare solar power is cleaner, please take the time to consider the following facts:

It does not require a genius to envision the landscape with solar arrays necessary to replace even a small fraction of that lost natural gas energy. Millions of acres would be required to replace the energy demand. Solar arrays are undeniably a hideous blight on the landscape, just as are the multitude of obnoxious wind generators.

Natural gas is cheap. Solar and wind is extremely expensive — not only to build the equipment, but to purchase the land necessary to support those devices. When the sun is not available and the breezes fail to crank those generators, which of you will agree to sacrifice your electricity, heat, air conditioning, lights, appliances, television and computers to be sure others who are declared more worthy than you can use theirs? Are you prepared to tolerate rolling blackouts or brownouts on a regular basis? I expect not. And be certain, as is always true, your elected officials will not sacrifice themselves.

Next, consider the increased demand for solar panels. The production of such items requires, you guessed it, enormous amounts of energy solar panels simply cannot produce. You cannot build solar panels as it requires solar panels to build the solar panels you do not yet have.

Building solar panels requires mined quartzite, copper, aluminum, glass, phosphorus, diamonds. Mining requires a multitude of huge vehicles that operate on petroleum or, you guessed it, natural gas. Carbon electric arc furnaces are needed and this process releases, uh oh, carbon dioxide!

Alas, natural gas is needed to build solar panels. Damn the conundrum! Damn the irony! And, the finished solar cells are encapsulated in…uh oh, Mr. Salazar, here comes that most reviled word in the environmentalist’s lexicon — plastic — from petroleum!

We still haven’t manufactured the enormous array of poison batteries needed to store that solar and wind-generated electricity. And, I’ve yet to mention the environmental heavy metal poisoning occurring when these batteries inevitably degrade. Shall I continue, or can you finally understand the point?

Bert Bergland

Colorado Springs


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