Falcon high school

The Falcon High School football team warms up for a game in 2019.

Falcon high school

District should clean house

I have read the article on Falcon High School, appearing in Thursday’s edition of The Gazette with extreme distress. I don’t know which ones I’m more distressed with, the parents or the coaches.

To see the phrase there are some good coaches here, I think, distresses me the most. If any coach even suspected this garbage was going on and he did not report it to school officials, then he/she is not a good coach. The school officials that wanted to play this down are guilty of aiding and abetting.

I understand the parents trying to protect their children from threats and intimidation but what are you teaching your children? What rapists already know? No one is going to interfere with your prurient behavior so do what you wish?

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I think it’s time that District 49 clean house and straighten out your moral behavior codes and teach your students what is right and what is wrong. Kids, it’s OK to stand up and yell from the rafters that your behavior is not acceptable. If you don’t, who will?

Tina Routhier

Colorado Springs

How much pain has it caused?

Reaction to Point/Counterpoint article September 19, “Should Colorado Enact a Fetal Heartbeat Bill”:

Nicole Hunt, in the Point portion of the article, cites the killing of babies and the fact they are people at conception — very straightforward. In the Counterpoint, Candace Woods relates her conversion from being a pastor’s kid who was raised in evangelical churches, anti-abortion and totally supporting saving babies, until a friend told her countries who have outlawed abortions don’t reduce how many (abortions) occur.

She added after looking into it and finding it true, she changed. Candace provided no data, numbers, countries or supporting sentence. Once again, a liberal argument with no backing. I looked it up — only us progressive, Western and liberal countries allow it unfettered.

But you know what, even if true, it does not change those simple, inconvenient truths. Those are still babies being slaughtered. She goes on for a paragraph about the human pain it causes to raise unwanted babies. My guess is not half the pain the aborted baby feels, although I guess the baby’s suffering is over much quicker, sadly much more gruesomely — want me to state the types of “ethical” genocide? She then supports her arguments by touting her love, divinity degree and candidacy for ordination in a Christian denomination. I really don’t know of one that supports this wholesale slaughter of babies for 50 years. How much pain has it caused the U.S. going back to 1973.

Candace, I always ask people like you when does the “life” part begin — no one has ever answered it — except people who believe it begins at conception.

Do you have an arbitrary time? Candace said abortion might be the only ethical choice? Since 1973, over 60 million and counting in this country. I don’t believe God condones that ethical choice. He did not condone the horrendous slaughter of 6 million innocents during WWII, or other genocides in history, by a regime who also thought they were acting ethically.

Steven Bosseler

Colorado Springs

Support state’s oil and gas industry

Rising fuel prices are putting the pinch on everyday Americans, particularly in Colorado. According to AAA, we pay the ninth-highest gasoline prices in the nation, and there’s no end in sight. Despite this, Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper appear poised to support massive federal legislation that would further imperil domestic producers by raising taxes and imposing burdensome new regulations on the oil and gas industry.

This would have the effect of causing America to import more oil from foreign nations with lower environmental standards, only exacerbating global emissions. Colorado is a key energy-producing state with some of the most robust standards on the planet, yet its elected officials don’t seem to be phased by the job losses and negative economic impacts that would inevitably come from imposing these policies.

That is why I joined a group of Colorado Springs residents this month to engage in a honk-and-wave outside Sen. Bennet’s local office in support of our state’s oil and gas industry. According to a recent study by the American Petroleum Institute, Colorado supports nearly 340,000 jobs thanks to the state’s energy industry, so these seemingly distant federal policies could hit close to home. Contact your elected Congress members today to let them know that an all-of-the-above energy policy is the only policy that will keep Colorado’s economy strong.

Richard Martin

Colorado Springs

Renovation of the City Auditorium

As president and CEO of Visit Colorado Springs, I enthusiastically support the plans for the historic City Auditorium to be renovated by the Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective (CSCCC.) I understand the goals of the project as outlined by the city include: securing a financially stable entity that will effectively manage, operate, and maintain full use of City Auditorium; the means to address the short and long-term capital needs; and an auditorium that supports and fosters the artistic, cultural, and recreational activities in Colorado Springs. Fortunately, the bid by CSCCC checked the highest number of boxes.

My support is based on imagining what this great building can once again become. When it opened in 1923, it was a showplace for the community to gather for entertainment and celebrate accomplishments. City Auditorium is now at a low point and frankly has become a liability rather than an asset for the city.

With the new residential and hotel development taking place downtown, we need a building that can once again be a place of civic pride. I applaud the city, county, and state leaders who are supporting the reimagining of City Auditorium for the young and not-so-young citizens of Olympic City USA.

Doug Price

Colorado Springs


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