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Disruptive students ruining learning

I would love to see the Gazette investigate Colorado school discipline policies just like they did the mental health problems. To me they are connected. NBC Nightly News just did a story on how disruptive violent students even in elementary school are mainstreamed in classrooms. The policy of “clearing the classroom” of all the other students while the violent student stays and damages equipment or hits the teacher is here in Colorado Springs in the largest school districts. I know this because my grandson was negatively affected by these “clearings” in his 1st grade classroom.

If this policy is required from the D.C. Department of Education, it is clear that they do not understand what is happening in the classroom. Teachers, principals, and parents need to fight back.

Disruptive students are destroying the learning environment and getting away with it. That is a terrible message to send the other well behaved students. The teachers cannot discipline or touch the unruly student.

The new book by the father of a Parkland shooter victim “Why Meadow Died” documents the history of the shooter who was mainstreamed even though the schools knew he threatened to kill people and killed animals starting in the 2nd grade. He was moved along by the schools in Florida because of liberal education policies. Please investigate these policies in our schools here. We have already seen problems that arise when schools do not take action. New educators are shying away from teaching because of this.

Mary Hutchison

Colorado Springs

No correlation between size, excellence

“School District Crown changes”, that was the title of the front page, above the fold, feature article in the Gazette Oct. 4, subtitled “D-20 now largest, overtaking D-11 with more than 26,000 students, according to unofficial count.” Referring to Academy D-20’s Superintendent, Tom Gregory, the author wrote, “Academy D-20 will take its top-dog position seriously, Gregory said.” Crown? Top Dog?

Is The Gazette making the case that having the largest enrollment somehow not only means excellence, but being the best? If that is the case, New York City, LA United, city of Chicago (SD 299) and the Puerto Rico Department of Education would be the top four school districts in the U.S. Obvious nonsense. Throw out the size measure of achievement and substitute, well, real measures of achievement — testing, including the SAT. Are students performing at grade level? (A low enough bar.) Are they prepared for either college or the workplace? Just as with government, there is no necessary correlation between size and excellence. Much of the time, there is an inverse relationship.

Will Luden

Colorado Springs

Complaint about sports coverage

While rightfully covering the unranked local team at the United States Air Force Academy, it would be nice to have some coverage of the better teams at the national level. These are the teams from schools where many people actually graduated and your readers are interested in following.

This past Sunday, the Gazette dedicated less than a quarter page to provide a one sentence (usually rambling) synopsis on each of 14 games, regarding 16 ranked teams.

Many of these games have national interest story lines and impact conference titles and the playoffs for the national championship. College football is one of the most followed sports today, beating out many of the professional sports teams in terms of interest and attendance, but you would never know it by looking at The Gazette Sports page.

Patrick Kiernan

Colorado Springs

Seen this movie before

While speaking to a group of Coloradans last week Gov. Jared Polis made a surprising admission about his own failure of leadership when he stated, “With support from voters, Prop CC will finally allow the state to begin fixing things. If you’re frustrated about traffic and your commute and potholes, vote yes on CC. If you’re tired of kids getting shortchanged in schools, vote yes on CC. If you’re tired of the cost of community college and college getting farther and farther out of reach, vote yes on CC.”

It’s a stunning confession when taking into consideration that last election Coloradans handed Polis and Democrats complete control of everything! The governor’s office, the legislature and all statewide elected offices went to Democrats yet they didn’t “begin to fix things(?)” and now they need us to give them more money so they can.

Today’s version of Democrat just want mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money! Each of the two dozen original candidates in the Democrat presidential primary promised to repeal tax cuts and raise taxes (on corporations and the rich, …or so they claim.) From the federal level right down to local there is no longer such a thing as a Democrat who is in favor of lowering the tax burden on their constituents. Colorado’s Democrats are no exception.

We California escapees have seen this movie before. Does anyone right-minded person sincerely believe that a repeal of TABOR will mean costs of college will go down in Colorado? Of course not, but as we saw when voters in California approved its Proposition 6 and now are bellyaching over $5 per gallon gasoline, those who insist upon voting for none other than Democrats will actually vote to raise taxes on themselves, to keep less of their own hard-earned income, if the Polis’ of the world simply say, ‘We politicians need more of your money.’

Derrick Wilburn

Colorado Springs

Leadership makes Springs great

While reading the Gazette’s recap of past Colorado Springs’ mayors, it became evident that Steve Bach was one of the best mayors the city ever had; either appointed or popularly elected.

The list of positive accomplishments under Bach were very impressive, mainly due to the fact that he was being blocked at every turn by an entrenched bureaucracy. Surprising to learn that the city was a nesting place for some very incompetent and/or corrupt personnel. It is great to see the turn-around that Bach initiated has not “turned around”. Great follow-on leadership has been keeping Colorado Springs ... “Best in Show”

Burt Alexander

Colorado Springs

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