Gov. Jared Polis (copy)

Gov. Jared Polis reiterated his desire recently for local authorities, not the state, to institute masking and other public responses.

Governor’s stance on masks

I totally disagree with the governor’s stance on mask wearing.

First of all, I believe it is the job of public health officials to tell us whether to wear them. It’s certainly better than leaving it to politicians and less confusing than letting various jurisdictions choose their rules.

Secondly, it’s not the same as refusing to wear a coat and if you get COVID, it’s your own fault. If you are unvaccinated and get COVID, you are putting undue and unnecessary pressure on stressed health care workers.

Thirdly, I think he completely flipped his lid when he said that he respected someone’s choice to be unvaccinated.

We live in a (mostly) civilized society, and getting everyone vaccinated is better for everyone. I can’t respect someone’s saying it’s their choice to be unvaccinated when they are more likely to get and spread the virus and contribute to the emergence of new and perhaps more dangerous variants.

Susan Permut


Reliance on ‘green’ energy

To all that advocate total reliance on renewable electricity supplies, Wednesday was a demonstration of what we will experience on a regular basis if you get your wish, except it will not require a strong wind storm to cause it.

Any calm, cloudy day or calm night will do nicely. Remember, people died in Texas last winter because of a 45% reliance on “green” energy.

Thomas Gibb

Colorado Springs

Competition is a great thing

Regarding trash removal in Colorado Springs:

Our hometown trash service was bought by a Canadian owned company. The price increased twice in less than a year.

Then our service diminished, so we switched to a new locally owned company. (Carefree Disposal) We now get reliable, over and above service at a reasonable price. Competition is a great thing!

We don’t need the city to do this.

June Heimsoth

Colorado Springs

How are we doing so far?

I was so happy when Richard Skorman resigned. I moved here 18 years ago from liberal Massachusetts and decided to live in Colorado Springs, not Boulder or Denver because of their liberal policies.

The left and the progressive are trying so hard to change this country by defunding the police, eliminating bail, and allowing illegal immigrants to enter this country, and give them rights and privileges that many citizens have earned.

How are we doing so far? Gas prices have soared, prices for everything have gone up and life, in general is more difficult for people, like myself, living on a fixed income.

I am a senior citizen and fear the future of this country might be in jeopardy, but I will not live long enough to see this. I love the Springs and decided, a long time ago, that this will be the last stop on my journey. I only pray things return to a world I loved.

Larry Guerin

Colorado Springs

Shapiro’s facts, logic and reason

Ben Shapiro is a hero to supporters of our constitutional rights and freedoms. He reminds me of a porcupine crossed with a Tasmanian devil and the brain of William F. Buckley.

For those of us slower of mind and tongue it is a pleasure to watch him eviscerate the specious arguments of the left with facts, logic and reason.

He appears in enemy territory, college campuses, and invites all who oppose him to step up to the microphone first. Those intrepid souls who choose to debate him are lucky to leave the auditorium with only shrapnel wounds.

As a champion of free speech and open discussion of difficult topics, may his voice be heard and his presence felt for many years to come.

William Nolan

Colorado Springs

Record-breaking increase in crime

When you eliminate the consequences for crime, there will be more crime. Who knew? Certainly not the “woke left.”

Leftist policies such as eliminating bail, so that criminals are back on the street just hours after their arrest, is not justice reform — it is justice malpractice. Prosecutors who want to play social worker instead of prosecuting criminals are harming the system, not reforming it.

The defund-denigrate-and-demonize-the-police movement, has resulted in record-breaking violent crime in dozens of cities across America, controlled for decades by Democrats.

Here in Colorado, we are experiencing an unprecedented increase in crime, including murder and rape. Nationwide, there is an epidemic of theft, because the offenders know there is little consequence for smashing, grabbing, and running. The woke left might have good intentions, but their policies are totally wrong headed and are making all of us less safe.

Reform-minded prosecutors should have their feet held to the fire until they realize the harm they have done.

Richard Stacy

Highlands Ranch


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