The Airplane Restaurant (copy)

The Airplane Restaurant

Different opinion on restaurant

Everyone has a right to his own tastes and is entitled to his own opinions. But I have to disagree with the dining review of the Airplane Restaurant.

I have eaten there several times and I enjoy taking visitors there. It’s a unique dining experience and I have never been dissatisfied with the ambiance, the service, or the food.

The last time I was there was for a family dinner. We were a group of seven adults and four children, ages 3 to 8. As we had out-of-town guests and children, the whole idea was to experience eating in the airplane. The kids and guests loved being in the airplane.

We were not only accommodated, we were seated at adjoining booths so we could enjoy our meal and conversation together.

The service was great. Especially considering we were a large group with a lot of small children. The severs were helpful and attentive. Our food — which was very good, by the way — was served in a reasonable amount of time for our large group’s order. They deserved every cent of their tip.

Although I am sure there was a waiting list for dining in the airplane, we were never rushed or made to feel no longer welcome.

The menu and prices are in line with their competitors. I will certainly eat there again.

If the reviewer had a problem with her food, she should have let the staff know right away instead of when she was leaving. I’m sure the server asked how things were and if she needed anything. If you don’t speak up, you can’t complain that the server didn’t respond.

Marge Baker

Colorado Springs

Wonderful job by utilities workers

I have recently had the pleasure of having five days of absolutely wonderful work and care due to the crew from Colorado Springs Public Utilities who had to spend five full days, maneuvering huge equipment up my lane in order to restore a 47-year-old secondary, underground cable, which could no longer be reached at its in-ground box 600 feet from the main box due to Mother Nature’s natural growth over the years.

They had to think “out of the box” so often. They kept me informed every difficult inch of the way, protecting my tree limbs, my hand-lain bricks, my lawn etc, all with a smile.

There was much laughter as they encountered yet another problem.

I almost hated to see them leave at week’s end. Kudos and grateful thanks from Tina.

Tina Sverdrup

Colorado Springs

Palmer Park not a truck route

I have asked before for help to stop big rig trucks from using Palmer Park Blvd. This is not a truck route. The truckers know this and say it is a short cut, no police, no lights.

All we are asking for is to have our street signs put back that were there before saying this is “not” a truck route. After speaking to and sending many letters to the city government nothing has been done.

I have lived here all most 20 years and this only started after they took the signs down.

Linda DePaula

Colorado Springs

Biased reporting on conservatives

I’m often disgusted by President Trump’s language and egotism. But more disgusting is the news media’s bias against him, other conservatives, and conservative principles. Sadly, the constant onslaught of biased reporting will, over time, likely achieve its intended result of influencing more Americans to adopt a liberal mindset.

A Gazette reader could easily see bias in most nationally-sourced stories, such as last week’s coverage of the impeachment proceedings. At least one headline appeared to be written by the Democratic National Party while facts damaging to the Left’s narrative were either omitted in the stories or spun inaccurately to neutralize them.

As just one example, the stories reframed the facts about Joe Biden having the Ukrainian prosecutor fired — who was investigating a corrupt Ukrainian gas company at which Biden’s son, Hunter, was a director making $600,000 per year even though Hunter knew nothing about the gas industry — by threatening to withhold $1 billion of U.S. aid. Biden even bragged about getting the prosecutor fired due to his threat. An obvious conflict of interest.

Yet, the stories ignored facts in that incident that undercut the liberal narrative and claimed, without any credible, independent basis, that it is a “discredited claim” (Sept. 27) and “there has been no evidence of wrongdoing” by Biden (Sept. 26). The same types of bias existed in the stories on Justice Kavanaugh.

I’m urging fairness, not defending Trump. If the news media wants to be viewed as unbiased journalists, then stop writing stories that simply regurgitate the Left’s talking points.

Douglas Barth

Colorado Springs

Respect for the offi

ce matters

On Sept. 28 I read two Viewpoint opinions in The Gazette editorial page. One was from Mike Littwin, Colorado Springs Independent columnist and the other from The Washington Examiner.

As published, important issues were presented. Total word count, Mike 990 words, Examiner 555 words. The title ‘President Donald Trump’ was used only once, although the term “Trump’ was used 38 times.

Here is my opinion, the style was disrespectful and contentious, directed negatively at the president’s general rule and authority, and lacking homage to the office he is elected to serve.

Respect matters.

Don Winter

Colorado Springs


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