Weekly Proportion of Variants of Concern by Specimen Collection Week (copy)

Graph of weekly proportion of variants of concern, listed on the state's COVID-19 dashboard.

Dashboards are an excellent practice

What is good for the D-11 and D-20 geese is good for the D-49 gander. Today, D-49 published a detailed analysis to defend its decisions to not mandate masks and declined to help the county health board with contact tracing. I could not help but notice that D-49 used screenshots of the D-11 and D-20 dashboards to support D-49 views. Of course, because D-49 does not have a data dashboard available to the public on the web (it just sends snapshots occasionally), it is hard for D-20 or D-11 to compare their policies to D-49’s policies. This is clearly out of balance.

I wish D-49 would follow the transparency example set by D-11 and D-20 with their data — liberated for the public to keep score.

As a foreign service officer (2007-2015), I worked diplomatic task forces related to disease outbreaks on three continents (Hong Kong — Asia Pacific, Haiti — Western Hemisphere, and Cyprus — Europe). Data dashboards are an excellent practice. D-49 should adopt it, too.

Vic Marsh

Colorado Springs

Another thing that divides us

I could not believe the letter submitted by JB Ferguson (COVID more deadly than terrorists). The claim that unvaccinated people or people not wearing a mask in public “are no better, and may be worse than a terrorist”, is simply idiotic, and would be laughable, if not so sad and irresponsible. It’s just another thing that divides us more than we are already divided in this country.

I am unvaccinated and will not wear a mask again.

Not because it “infringes upon my personal rights”, as Ferguson presumes, but because I have had COVID and now have natural immunity, which, as shown by scientific studies, provides much greater immunity than the supposed immunity provided by the vaccine. And there are probably many more people with similar natural immunity, or other health-related reasons, who will not, or should not, get vaccinated. In fact, with so many fully vaccinated people contracting the virus, being hospitalized and some dying, the vaccine doesn’t seem to provide much protection.

Recently, for instance, a fully vaccinated member or our extended family died in the hospital after contracting COVID.

Jim Anderson

Colorado Springs

Wasteful water attractions

The lack of water in our reservoirs has caused restrictions on farmers and ranchers to reduce fields being planted, to ration the water.

Blue Mesa Reservoir had its water level dropped over 2 feet to try to send more water to the parched Colorado River waterway.

Why has no one looked at restricting Las Vegas’ wasteful use of water in a desert climate?

Bellagio sprays millions of gallons of water into a dry atmosphere where quite a bit of the water evaporates before it comes back down! Canals of water to imitate Venus; with too much exposed surface area evaporating water, at probably an alarming rate.

The Bellagio and other water attractions should be asked (told) to conserve water by turning off the waterworks, for a year (or longer if needed)!

There is no reason for those wasteful water attractions to continue when food growers and ranchers do not have enough water to grow crops.

Mark Stahl

Colorado Springs

All is not lost yet

What happened? We used to be one nation under God; God did not leave us, as a country we left God. What has our country come to?

We are not there yet but getting closer and closer, no longer a constitutional republic but consistently referred to as a democracy (incorrectly), which we are not. All is not lost yet! Search the topic “Biblical Citizenship” to discover what can be done to correct things we should have been doing and things that we allowed to be done. Also, why those two terms can be used together. Want to engage in more conversation? Not hard to find with the unique spelling of my last name.

George W Shaiffer

Colorado Springs

The answer is yes

In Francisco Sotomayor’s letter regarding the Biden administration’s calculations of the number of Americans possibly left behind in Afghanistan, he rhetorically asks, “Is the government that stupid or do they hope we are that stupid.”

The answer to your question, Mr. Sotomayor is — yes.

John Bass

Colorado Springs

It worked in 2020

Speaking as a proud Libertarian, I am astonished at how the gullible and naive the Republicans are effectively bringing knives to a gunfight.

Still believing that rational thought, common sense, and issue-based policy still matters, they think they can prevail over the Democrats’ eager willingness to rationalize thwarting free and fair elections with community involvement and voting. Clearly that didn’t work in California, why do you still believe it will work nationwide?

The Democrats and their big-tech CEOs succeeded in designing/coding ways to infiltrate the voting machine software, the courts are more concerned about jeopardizing their guise of impartiality than insisting on the truth, and the once great Fourth Estate died decades ago.

Because Republicans no longer can win with just a majority of legitimate Electoral College votes, they’ll have to prevent the Democrats negating legitimate votes with illegal aliens and biased and corrupt “election officials” willing to turn a blind eye and put their thumb on the scale.

The Republicans are essentially betting/believing that the population will see the light at a faster rate than the deceitocrats can mobilize their unlimited supply of illegals/perpetual victims. Would you put it past them to give citizenship/voting rights to all the illegals?

They are more than happy to rely on their perpetual victim rioters, MSM, and social media CEOs to trivialize and dismiss dissenters as merely “conspiracy theorists”, chant the narrative, and refute their culpability / complicity as “just politics.”

Meanwhile, the Republicans appear content to whine and snivel on talk radio preaching to the choir and send emails to their friends about the outrage de jour instead of laser focusing on rectifying the voter fraud to prevent a replay! It worked in 2020, why wouldn’t they do it again in 2022 & 2024?

Be careful what you wish for, vote for, tolerate, condone rationalize, excuse, etc, . . . you might just get it and wish you hadn’t!

Gordon Carleton

Pueblo West


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