Woman who gave birth alone in Denver jail cell files lawsuit (copy)

This July 2018 photo from surveillance video by the Denver County Jail shows Diana Sanchez, an inmate about to give birth alone in her Denver jail cell.

Dangerous lack of care

I have been fortunate to have had only a few brief hospital stays in my lifetime, but the main thing I have always taken away from them is the compassion and high level of care provided by the nursing staff.

I was shocked to read about the nurses hired from Denver Health, the city’s public hospital, who let Diana Sanchez, a woman in the medical unit of the Denver city jail, go through five hours of labor unattended and then failed to immediately dry and warm the baby, as well as clearing mucus from his mouth and cutting the umbilical cord.

With a lawsuit underway, the Denver County Sheriff’s Department is changing its policy. Previously, nursing staff decided when to take a woman in labor to the hospital; now, jail deputies are authorized to make that call.

While this is a step in the right direction, I feel that an investigation into the jail’s medical unit and Denver Health is in order, given the appalling and dangerous lack of care given to this pregnant woman and her baby.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

Stop hoping drivers will change

In response to the letter from Raymond Lisle, “How about some common sense” that appeared in the Sept. 4 edition of the Gazette:

If drivers won’t take responsibility for their behavior behind the wheel, why not let modern technology make them accountable?

In addition to red-light cameras, let’s modify/replace the “right turn on red light” law?

This law is not only outdated, impractical and obsolete, it’s also dangerous! Originally instituted as a way to entice the states to conserve, by receiving (bribing them with) federal tax dollars, under the guise of saving fuel, post the Arab oil embargo in the early 1970s, the rule has nothing to do with safety.

Why not synchronize and protect drivers, pedestrians and cyclists attempting to navigate intersections, by incorporating “green right turn arrows” (please see southbound union and west bound Fillmore) with the left turn arrows that protect drivers making left turns (please see east bound Fillmore to north bound Union), like they do in states such as: New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Nebraska, Minnesota, and California, where a right turn on red is prohibited when a red arrow is displayed?

Let’s finally begin designing our traffic laws to fit into the 21st century. Protect us from careless, impatient, distracted, clueless motorists attempting right turns, with green arrows, and stop hoping that drivers are going to change and take responsibility for safe driving.

Tom Antkow

Colorado Springs

The right to own a gun

The letter from Terry Benny (and several others recently) to The Gazette are prime examples of the naivete regarding the Second Amendment and the NRA. His comment with respect to muskets is utter nonsense and an insult to a person’s intelligence.

The Second Amendment and the NRA are not about guns per se; they are about the freedom of a law-abiding United States citizen’s right to own a gun if they choose to own one, plain and simple. Until people like Terry Benny understand this, The Gazette will continue to get letters like his.

William Viott

Colorado Springs

Mass shootings must stop

Another week gone by, and another report of a mass shooting or attempted mass shooting. Lives lost, survivors’ lives shattered forever. Now, in America, it’s not safe to go to school, to a place of worship, to a movie theater, a shopping mall, or other place of public gathering. When is this insanity going to stop in America? It’s like the old West or the gangster years — times whose era has passed and should remain in the past. Enough is too much already! Condolences are appreciated, but they don’t bring victims back to life or comfort the ones left behind. We need positive action now.

There is a simple, undeniable and irrefutable equation: Mentally disturbed and/or idealistically deranged persons + easy access to powerful weapons = tragedy. Both sides of the equation must be addressed. Fixing only one part will not stop the carnage.

On the mental health side, identifying and treating persons with this problem should have utmost priority. Red flag laws will go a long way in keeping guns out of the hands of those with these problems. The stigma of having a mental health problem should be eliminated. If a person or group of persons exhibit anarchist or anti-social tendencies, they should be identified and contained.

Next, the second half of the equation. A straightforward question to the NRA, gun lobby, and die-hard gun enthusiasts: What sane, rational person needs an assault rifle or magazines that hold more than six rounds? Assault rifles are a weapon of warfare and are designed for only one purpose: to fire off about 100 rounds a minute and to kill many people or destroy material in the most efficient manner. Time after time, this is the weapon of choice of mass shooting perpetrators. I am sick and tired of gun supporters referring to the Second Amendment as justification for building private arsenals.

It makes one wonder if the manufacturers and sellers of assault rifles have a conscience. Would a gun seller have the courage to ask the prospective buyer what he intends to do with the AR-15 after he makes the purchase? Would he feel guilty about being an element of a mass shooting?

When a mass shooter is indicted (assuming he/she survives), they pay the penalty as prescribed by law. If the weapon could be traced back to the dealer/seller, perhaps they too should be prosecuted. Ditto for the parents whose offspring use their parent’s weapon in a crime because they failed to properly secure their firearms.

My wife and I are 90% Republican and have always voted Republican because we agree with most of what the party stands for. We’re not 100% because most Republicans take large campaign donations from the NRA and the gun lobby, who are dictating national gun control policy.

This has to stop, now.

Only Congress and the president can change the laws. Only voting citizens can change Congress.

John Zimmerman

Colorado Springs

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