COVID more deadly than terrorists

There is rising outrage over vaccine and mask mandates. Some say that vaccines and masks “infringe upon my personal rights”. They are outraged by mask/vaccine mandates that reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. They won’t embrace the rationale that these mandates are intended to protect the public health and reduce the risk of infection, hospitalization and even death from COVID-19.

Using the same flawed thinking, why not: speed in a school zone, not vaccinate your child against polio or measles, or disable your smoke detectors. While all are choices, the possible outcomes could be illegal and possibly deadly.

When someone goes out in public without a mask or a vaccination, they are in essence putting themselves and others at risk. They put their spouse, their children, their grandparents, their neighbor, the stranger in the check-out line at risk of infection.

TSA screenings of airline passengers are accepted as protection from terrorists. Not masking or getting vaccinated is similar to a terrorist bombing. The outcome (injuries/infection or death) is the same.

Law enforcement is here to protect us from criminal activity, healthcare experts to protect us from ourselves. The COVID threat is much more deadly than any terrorist threat, and easier to contain and win. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated is not a political issue. By not complying these “patriots” are no better, and may be worse, than a terrorist.

JB Ferguson


Support for federal agencies in D.C.

The move of The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) headquarters to Grand Junction was a mistake made by Donald Trump.

What The Gazette certainly must realize is that high level decisions are made in Washington, not in Grand Junction.

It is not that BLM employees fear life outside the Beltway, it is that all support structures for the Federal agencies are found in the D.C. area — from the President and Secretary on down.

As a scientist and researcher, I worked with many employees of the BLM, USFS, NSF, NIH, etc. I often was in contact with these agencies concerning grant funding, land use policies, and a myriad of other regulations. The answers I needed were found in DC in face-to-face conversations.

While in D.C. I also visited the HQ of many other non-federal organizations. Again, decisions are made in Washington.

The editorial noted, correctly, that almost all BLM land is located west of the Mississippi River. What it failed to recognize is that the BLM has a vast network of regional and state employees who make good decisions daily.

As for the Space Command, the Gazette should be criticizing the former president who gave the Command to Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks as a thank you for spreading the song and dance about the Big Lie. Perhaps the Colorado delegation can bring the command to Colorado.

Michael Nelson

Colorado Springs

Demonstrate what we want kids to be

I was so disappointed to read Cal Thomas’s column in The Gazette on Friday. I thought he was actually going to talk about the title, “You have to be taught how to love or hate,” but he really didn’t.

Children’s first teachers are their parents. They learn from what they are told at home about how to treat other people. But more than that, they watch how their parents talk about and treat other people.

The way children behave in the schools where I volunteer have shown me that they are not learning respect and responsibility where they should. Some of the negative words they use in conversation with one another I don’t think came from other kids.

Until we start demonstrating the behavior when want kids to emulate, it does no good to talk about “culture wars”. And speaking of America, aren’t we one nation under God?

Jane Broeckelman

Colorado Springs

A very private decision

Regarding the Sunday “Should Colorado enact a fetal heartbeat bill?” Point/Counterpoint article Nicole C. Hunt. The “fetal heartbeat” bills are so far out of touch with what it takes to reduce the abortion rate. To do so, one need only implement comprehensive sex education and make birth control easy and affordable to obtain.

Why is the man’s responsibility not even mentioned? A man could literally impregnate hundreds of women per year, yet a woman could only give birth one time in the same year’s period. Hunt doesn’t tell us what the additional 54,750 “babies saved” in her state in a year will mean for the 54,750 women who would otherwise seek an abortion.

Why do those who claim to be “pro-life” not protest at the fertility clinics when the power goes out and thousands of fertilized eggs (or “babies” as they refer to them) are killed? The answer is simple.

The so-called “pro-lifers” are consumed with the desire to control the contents of every woman’s uterus (even though they have zero knowledge of about 99% of the women they want to control.) Not implanted? No worries!

Why should you and I have any input into what Hunt decides to do with her pregnancy and why should she have any input into what millions of other women determine is best for their pregnancies?

We shouldn’t. It is no one’s business other than the woman who is pregnant and whomever she wishes to share the very private decision with.

Liz Wilcox

Colorado Springs

What have we become?

I am sad and disturbed by the fact that a fence had to built around our national capital to protect the capital from our fellow neighbors. What has our country come to?

Carl Bozung

Colorado Springs


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