Manitou Springs opens to retail marijuana (copy)

Recreational marijuana sales at Maggie’s Farm in Manitou Springs were the first legal sales of recreational marijuana in El Paso County.

Consider all of the ramifications

Shouldn’t we wait to have a vaccine for COVID-19 before approving or even considering recreational marijuana sales in Colorado Springs?

With the additional city tax (12%) plus additional state excise and sale tax wouldn’t that create an even bigger illegal or underground market?

What will our Olympic symbol (the Olympic Hall of Fame) be used for future marketing ads, if this measure is approved? Please consider all of the ramifications of what you are about to do as I have named only a few before voting.

Tom Gallivan

Colorado Springs

The same road to perdition

The article by the Editorial Page Editor about the unions and the effects on freedoms was very insightful. A lot was learned. The article by the columnist from the Independence Institute emphasized a very serious negligence in and around our state Capitol that seems to be a growing blight on our state. Gov. Jared Polis is avoiding both these issue‘s and is busy baking a cake he said in his editorial and waiting to see how it turns out.

Meanwhile, two City Council members are advocating recreational marijuana to take the city down the same road to perdition that Denver has gone. The results being very clear by looking at the state Capitol and the surrounding area of Lincoln Park and Civic Center.

Douglas Ross Pedrie

Colorado Springs

Keep non-upscale people in their homes

Re: The Gazette Viewpoint, Saturday, July 25. In the Gazette’s celebration of good news about our city, the new Olympic museum is predicted to bring ‘business and housing to southwest downtown’ in ‘an area that has been stagnant for many years’. This growth is contrasted with a list of what’s wrong with America’s cities, including ‘higher homelessness’.

As a resident of southwest downtown for the last 20 years, ‘stagnant’ is not a word I would use to describe my neighborhood. I would call it ‘low-key, friendly, unpretentious, affordable’. And perhaps even ‘low-income’, the unspeakable word in housing construction. To a developer mindset, that is ‘stagnant’.

Increasing upscale development and ‘improvement’ produce gentrification and more homelessness. What mechanisms will the city and developers put into place to keep non-upscale people in their homes? And who will make housing possible for the many who don’t have it?

Mary Sprunger-Froese

Colorado Springs

No pool services for seniors

I have tried to be patient during this virus epidemic but it’s been almost five months now and no pool services for seniors. Has the city and the YMCA forgotten us?

No one needs these services any more than we do, remember all the handicaps that come with aging? Well... we still have them plus trying to keep ourselves and our families virus free.

This is a really big health problem and here we sit while you reopen tattoo shops and bars. Doesn’t this all sound a little strange to anybody but me?

I hope I’m not just a voice crying out in the wilderness.

Della Valk

Colorado Springs

Sarcastic response to letter

Leo Jones’ letter in Sunday’s paper is absolutely right.

The only way those cheating liberal Dems can win in November is if the schools are closed for that is the only possible reason somebody would not vote for Trump. His military record, his respect for women, his maturity, his intelligence, his honesty (he is incapable of lying), his getting Mexico to pay for the wall to keep immigrants out and not use military funds, his handling of the pandemic, his moral character, his calm and insightful comments about race, his modesty, his relations with foreign governments, his ability to pick only qualified people to fill cabinet positions, environmental laws, etc. etc. all speak for themselves.

It has been four years of peace and tranquility and love. You never read anything negative in the Gazette about him which shows what a beautiful (he likes that word) job he is doing. Yes, Jones is absolutely right. The only possible reason somebody would not vote for him is if the schools are closed and we have to use mail in ballots which we all know do not work and only benefits the cheating Democrats.

I think if Jones is so concerned about opening schools, he should be a teacher for as he says, schools in Europe are open and everything is fine so should be no problem here and would ensure Trump gets reelected which this country desperately needs, to keep America great.

Benny Terry

Colorado Springs


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