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A gray wolf born in Colorado and collared for tracking by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

Consequences of wolf reintroduction

Front Range voters deserve to know the consequences of their vote on the Gray Wolf Reintroduction Initiative, (Proposition 114, Nov. 3, 2020). As reported by The Fence Post, (an agriculture publication), two dogs were killed by wolves last week. One was a highly trained stock dog and the other a neighbor pet in North Park area.

Proposition 114, (yes-50.91%, no-49.09%), is well on the way to gradually unleashing 200 plus wolves on citizens, livestock and pets west of the Continental Divide. Initial reintroduction will begin by the end of 2023. If 2-8 migrant wolves can cause the killing of 8-12 livestock and pets in one year, what damage will be done by 200 wolves? One of the dogs killed was 10 feet from the owner’s home.

Are these wolves killing for consumption or sport? Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is now preparing the final plans for introducing and managing wolves. Give the ranchers and Western Slope citizens the right of lethal property defense.

Rachel Meyer

Colorado Springs

How TOPS money will be spent

Linda Rinehart’s recent letter to the editor about “these natural jewels” highlights the need to support Issue 1 the TOPS 20-year extension in April. We respectfully correct how the funds will be spent if passed. Sixty percent of funds net of administration and maintenance would be devoted to open space. The rest will be spent on trails and parks. Of the open space money three-quarters is committed to buying land. The rest of the open space dollars will mainly be spent to maintain the open space we currently have. It’s bit complicated, but such specificity guarantees the money will be spent as voters desire.

Susan Davies


Thoughts on rough times

We are facing some rough times. There are cartels setting up shop in Colorado according to the media, there is a failed state on our southern border with cartels owning great swaths of the country and we are awash in domestic problems with homeless people and drug use. Russia is trying to revive history and push into Europe, and China is sneaking in financially.

Our border needs to be secured, without a border we are not a country. The cartels need to be labeled the terrorists organizations they are, which will open up some avenues for our government to address the issue. We need to keep supporting Ukraine, it is cheaper to stop Russia there than actually get into a war when Russia wants more. Like feeding a bear on the porch hoping they won’t decide to come into the kitchen, not a good bet! Banning TikTok from government devices is a no-brainer, Why allow an adversary an open door to your stuff?

There is no easy solution to the homeless without forcing the mentally ill into treatment and stop giving stuff to the others which just enables them. Affordable housing is a joke without availability to earn, maybe a Works Project?

Michael S. Welsh

Colorado Springs

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Gun control laws

In reference to the letter in the Gazette on March 17:

You made a statement that has been asked over and over and over again: “Why does one need a gun when we have police departments charged with our safety?” A letter in the March 19 paper answered that question. “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” By the way, “Defund the police” activists increases those minutes.

Another of your statements: “Civilians do not need assault weapons.” I agree with you. However, do you know what an assault weapon is? Too many people who make that statement have no earthly clue what that means, especially those who are working diligently to pass gun control laws in Denver and Washington.

First, let’s look at what an assault weapon is not. It is not a semi-automatic weapon. The trigger of a semi-automatic weapon must be pulled every time to release a bullet. Just like a bow must be pulled every time to release an arrow. The weapons most civilians own are the semi-automatic type of weapons. And most are owned by law-abiding citizens for target shooting, competition shooting, and self-protection. Of all the personally owned weapons out there, it is a minute number that are actually used for other than legal purposes and those are usually stolen from the legal owners.

Now, what is an assault weapon? An assault weapon is one that is primarily used in a war zone ... and sometimes in a police situation. It is a weapon that is capable of releasing multiple bullets with one pull of a trigger. Very few civilians own one of these weapons.

I would like to make one more thing very clear. A “gun-free zone” is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Why? There is no resistance for a criminal! They pay no attention to your gun control laws! Schools and churches without armed security are sitting ducks. I avoid businesses like restaurants with a “No Weapons” sign on the door for obvious reasons. Think about it.

Billie Nigro

Colorado Springs

Your news or, my news

Speaking as a proud Libertarian, a recent letter commended the folk delivering the readers’ paper for their good service. If only it were that easy to receive a real newspaper! I tried, but apparently Pueblo West is too far away for the delivery folk. I still think their sales managers would be stunned and amazed at the response if they were to take a couple of bundles out to the Safeway or Walmart in Pueblo West on a Sunday morning.

Since Pueblo lost its newspaper to the MSM “journalists” shortly after the “election” and tried replacing it with merely a publication, I have longed for the good ole days when we had the news and objective journalists instead of just your news or my news, depending on your street address. Shame on me and all of us for having taken the freedom of the press for granted. There is still nothing like leisurely reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning.=

The only word of caution I can provide the deceitocrats with is; Be careful what you wish for, tolerate, condone, rationalize, etc. ... you may just get it (and more than you bargained for), and wish you hadn’t!

Gordon Carleton

Pueblo West