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El Paso County Commissioner Holly Williams inspects the county’s new graveling machine during a “workshop on wheels” tour last year.

Commissioner responds to issue

In our country today where our vice president won’t even go to the border to see the serious problems, it’s refreshing to have an elected official take a hands-on approach to get firsthand knowledge of a problem. The El Paso County commissioners recently approved a development in the Monument area that would result in making a dead-end street a through street. These “cut-through” streets represent a significant safety threat if not done correctly. Studies show that traffic volume and speeds increase considerably and often result in an increase in serious accidents.

A group of four HOAs around this proposed cut-through street have presented our concerns to the County Planning Commission and the commissioners as this development was going through the approval process. We were told that our concerns needed to be voiced to the Department of Public Works as it would be responsible for traffic calming measures that might be implemented to mitigate safety concerns. The Department of Public Works has agreed to hire an independent traffic consultant to work with residents to develop a safety plan for our street, but progress has been very slow in getting started.

We called our County Commissioner, Holly Williams, requesting a meeting to discuss our concerns and next steps. Not only did she agree to meet but, to her credit, she suggested we have the meeting in our neighborhood so she could see for herself what aspects of this cut-through concerned us. She met with our group in the evening (after hours) and walked the entire street as we pointed out our safety concerns. She agreed there were significant potential safety issues and committed to meeting with the Department of Public Works to understand their plan.

There is still much work to do, but we could not have been more pleased that our commissioner took her personal time to come on site and hear our concerns directly. We need more elected officials like Holly Williams.

Mark Spowart


Say hello to socialized medicine

Gov. Jared Polis signs measures aimed to cut premiums and cap drug prices? No, he signed measures to put insurance companies out of business. Only a Democrat could believe that a business can stay in business by selling its services for a loss (which is the point of the bill — to deprive insurance and drug companies of profits, drive them out of business, and create government utopian health care and its next friend, rationing).

But it’s not just the socialism displayed by Polis and the Democrats that will result in a decline in the quality of health care. It’s the Biden Tax, aka inflation, which will make it almost impossible to decrease premiums and cap drug prices, which will trigger the government stepping in to “fix” the problems created by the Democrats. Cut prices during an inflationary cycle? That won’t happen. Say hello to socialized medicine, Calirado!

Gordon J. Williams

Colorado Springs

Politicians putting party fi


Twenty-one Republican members of Congress, including Colorado’s Lauren Boebert, voted against awarding medals of honor for police who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6. Some of these lawmakers are ardent supporters of our former president. Others have been linked to QAnon. One objected to the “mob or rioters as being called insurrectionists.” Another felt that passage of this bill “could have an effect on the hundreds of suspects who have been charged in connection with the events of January 6th.” Boebert went so far as to blast Nancy Pelosi and Democrats for crafting this bill in an attempt to score cheap political points. These are lawmakers who have railed against Democrats in the past for failing to protect the blue — apparently all have recently suffered memory loss.

Rep. Andrew Clyde, Georgia, seen in video footage barricading himself in his office on Jan. 6, and who later descried the riot as a “normal tourist visit,” voted against this bill. A few days ago, when peacefully confronted by Officer Michael Fanone, who suffered a traumatic brain injury and a heart attack after being repeatedly tased and severely beaten, Clyde turned away and refused to shake Officer Fanone’s hand.

Shame on you, Rep. Clyde and the others who voted against this bill. By your acts of cowardice in protecting you political party over those who put their lives on the line to protect you, you have shown that you are not worthy to shine Office Fanone’s badge, much less shake his hand.

Kathleen Eichinger

Colorado Springs

Oblivious to the obviousThe border has gone insane with increase in methamphetamines and fentanyl crime, illegals pour into our country (read: future Democrat voters), violent crime thrives geometrically in Democrat-run cities, we are again dependent on foreign oil, gas prices have nearly doubled and still climbing, they are trying to force us into electric cars that will limit our freedom to travel, cost of groceries are skyrocketing, a national debt in the trillions that assures our children and grandchildren will suffer financially for a century or more, inflation looming such as we haven’t seen since the mid-1970s, BLM leaders scamming their donors out of millions, thousands of lost American jobs lost thanks to Biden while Biden approves Russia’s pipeline.

And increasing taxes (that will inevitably be passed throught to us average American consumers), public schools and universities brainwashing our youths by teaching false history, racial division unlike anything since the Jim Crow era, cancel culture, antifa overrunning our cities without consequences, Putin bulldozing Biden, big tech invading our privacy and suppressing free speech, China committing worldwide viral genocide without repercussions, the president’s son becoming rich on money from our sworn enemies and no investigation or threat of impeachment.

And, all of this disaster cascading down in only six short months. America was on the road to unprecedented success until Jan. 22 and now we are actively self-destructing.

As an unaffiliated voter, I have to ask: please explain to me yet again: how is this Democrat administration managing to get such high approval ratings? Are Americans truly this oblivious to the obvious? Perhaps I am missing something here.

Bert Bergland

Colorado Springs


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