COVID vaccines should be free

We’ve heard a lot of good news about coronavirus vaccines lately. From Moderna vaccine to the Pfizer vaccine to the Oxford vaccine, science is working, and help is on the way.

Since the start of the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, the U.S. government has funneled more than $10 billion in taxpayer dollars to pharmaceutical companies for a vaccine. The Moderna vaccine was 100% taxpayer funded; Moderna spent zero of its dollars on it. Of the $2.5 billion it received, $1 billion initially funded the research and development and $1.5 billion was granted to secure doses in advance, with no guarantee that vaccines will be affordable.

Typically, taxpayers pay for about 80% of drug research. Almost every new drug begins with NIH-funded labs. The three main funding sources for pharmaceutical research are: National Institute for Health (NIH), University labs (often funded by taxpayers), and nonprofit organizations like the Gates Foundation.

No corporation owns the vaccines, yet. We need governments and multilateral organizations working together to direct as many companies and institutions as possible to produce and distribute the vaccines.

Every one of the vaccines are the people’s vaccine, funded with tax dollars. The coronavirus vaccines should be free for Americans, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our responsibility for the future is to create a world-class health care system that is affordable and gives Americans access to the care that they need.

Jan Phillips


Help stop the spread of COVID-19

Every year we have exciting opportunities to learn and apply knowledge. What have we learned about COVID-19 during 2020? It is caused by a virus that is spread by close contact with other humans, it can cause a range of symptoms — from no symptoms to mild discomfort, to hospitalization to serious chronic symptoms, to death. It is causing great harm to our economies and way of life.

We have developed vaccines that will soon be administered to slow the disease’s worldwide spread, restore economies, and let us return to a normal life. Most importantly this virus does not discriminate — it will infect any human that it can. This means that no matter what your beliefs — political, religious,... you can get infected and possibly spread the disease to others.

Therefore you as an individual have an important role to play during this pandemic. You can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution to stopping the spread of this disease.

As the ultimate gift to others do all in your behavior to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Dave Munns

Colorado Springs

Put policy before personality

In today’s letters to the editor, re: Republicans voting for Biden, I agree. But here’s the thing — a thinking and informed electorate should seriously consider putting policy before personality. Trump has many character flaws, not the least of which is his lack of decorum in all arenas. However, how many of those conservatives who flipped for Biden stopped to think about policy? In the haste to show their contempt for Trump the man, did they realize they just voted for unlimited access to abortion regardless of gestational age, increases in taxation, open borders, giving in to China and Iran, disavowing political support for Israel, and once again being used by all western European countries as an open pocket book for the world.

Trump might be his worst enemy in terms of personality, but what he accomplished for our nation in the last 3 1/2 years as our president is proof positive that his policies were spot on.

Judy Hufford


Could have found a better choice

The dust has settled, and the counting is almost over and it seems we have elected Joe Biden as our next president. President-elect Biden is, it seems to me, a very unlikely choice for leader of the free world.

Experts in the field of politics have often said that Biden has always been on the wrong side of every major diplomatic move during his 47 years in office in Washington. He plagiarised his way through several papers and speeches using other people’s thoughts and words as his own. He has lied his way through several failed attempts at running for president, only succeeding when the choices seemed to be too socialistic for the democratic general population.

He is known to have lied about his standing in law school, and he lied about being selected as the number one political science student in his college class and he even lied about receiving a full scholarship when it was only a partial one. He was accused of sexually assaulting a lady who was on his staff when he was a senator. A number of women accused him of becoming too familiar with them against their wishes.

Surely our great nation, the strongest and most prosperous country in the history of the world could have found a better choice as the most powerful leader in the world. It is very evident that the vote on Nov. 3 was a vote against Donald Trump rather than a vote for Joe Biden, a weak person who often seemingly has problems speaking coherently. To top it off, Biden was seen on television when he was Obama’s vice president bragging that he threatened the president of Ukraine that he would not give them $2 billion in Congress-approved economic funds unless Ukraine fired their chief prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, a company employing his son Hunter. He was then seen bragging that the chief prosecutor was fired, Ukraine got their $2 billion and Biden’s son kept his job with Burisma. Quid pro quo, I think so.

I am going to continue wearing my Trump hat and fly the Trump flag and wait for 2024 to get here.

Jack B. Wyrick

Colorado Springs


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