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Students from Ute Pass Elementary School sit with a view of Pikes Peak during a field trip at Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

Colorful Colorado

I was on a Florida beach recently when a gentleman approached me without an invitation. You know the type, someone who just wants to talk to anybody who will listen to more about them than you. I was even eating my lunch! It was actually his lead-in since he told me to watch out for my sandwich since the seagulls would take it. “Saw ‘em take a whole cheeseburger once (not sure how he knew it was a cheeseburger unless he was really close)!

He proceeded to ask me where I was from before jumping into his story of being there via Buffalo, N.Y. “Got a friend in Cripple Creek, beautiful there, has lots of acres at 10,000 feet. I even thought about gettin’ me some too at those good prices. Pike’s Peak is gorgeous. Been to Old Colorado City, lots of homeless there.” That last part made me take notice since we are used to people telling us how wonderful it is here. I certainly didn’t expect our area to warrant such an observation, one that is of concern for both the residents and visitors.

So now our state has yet another reputation applied to it, this one from a person in Florida who previously lived in a very big city. We are already dealing with a new interpretation of “Rocky Mountain High.” Let’s not see “Colorful Colorado” go the same direction.

Christopher A. Jones

Colorado Springs

Keeping pace with growth

Four years ago, the City Auditor’s Office reported that the city’s police and fire impact fees imposed on annexations are inadequate.

Mayor John Suthers recently urged City Council on June 27 to up the ante significantly — but not sufficiently.

City Chief Financial Officer Charae McDaniel believes that over the next 10 years, the city will need to build eight new fire stations and three police stations, including support facilities, hire another 200 police officers and 80 firefighters, all at a total cost of roughly $45 million.

Now, the city proposes to collect impact fees for public safety on all developments, not just annexations.

Unfortunately, the city administration’s proposal is to charge fees at 70% of what was recommended by consultant Tischler Bise for the police and fire needs caused by that development.

Only two city councilors immediately questioned why the fees should capture only 70% of the costs.

Not mentioned was how the city would fill the 30% gap, given all other needs such as roads, trails, parks, etc.

I would ask the rest of the councilors to push for 100%.

We have lagged way behind in keeping pace with growth, and it’s high time that developers pay the price!

We will struggle to keep up even if that is bumped up to 100%. 70% is just insulting.

Nicole Rosa

Colorado Springs

Message was profound, heartfelt

Thank you, Dr. John O’Keefe (Guest Opinion, July 8), for sharing about your years of education and practice as a physician that give you the credentials and experience to speak as a medical expert on the issue of abortion. Your message was profound and heartfelt.

You give a very clear and compelling explanation of what abortion involves and you emphasize that, no matter what the circumstance, abortion involves two patients i.e. the mother and the unborn child.

It is truly mind boggling and heart breaking that for many professionals in the medical community the science about when life begins has become so muddled and their reasoning has become so distorted. Thank you for taking the time to shine a light on the indisputable truth that “abortion kills twice — the body of a baby and the conscience of a mother.”

Patti Reisinger

Colorado Springs

Secession letter rebuttal

I think the letter from Vincent Capozzella, “Perhaps the answer is secession” on July 8, was horrendous.

He states that the red states should “Make America White Again” after secession.

The true American is not who would be seceding since the majority of American population are against white supremacy; they are for pro-choice concerning abortion; they are for stricter gun control; they are supportive of gay rights; they are for climate change; and mostly they don’t like Donald Trump. Therefore, the red states would have to secede. They would then not be Americans. Capozzella got it backwards and wrong.

Jac Roberson

Colorado Springs

This present messy division

I totally agree with Vincent Capozella.(“Perhaps the answer is secession”, July 8) I will make this short and sweet... Yes, our country has been divided way before the civil war broke out, BUT it has not seen the division like we are presently experiencing! hmmmm... let’s think about this... when did this present messy division come into place?? Perhaps when the MAGA became MAWA?

Hildy Marzan

Colorado Springs

Biden bumbling along

“Bumble B” Biden! In my humble opinion, this is how I view President Joe Biden these days. Bumbling along with an entourage of “B” keepers sweeping up the messes he leaves behind wherever he goes.

It’s gotta to be downright embarrassing for the Dems to admit they put this “bumbler” in office. Even though Biden has the title of “President”, it seems as though the “B” keepers are the ones running our government these days.

It’s time we stopped pretending President Biden is fit for office. And then, we need to promise to ourselves to vote more responsibly in the future.

Carol Johnson

Colorado Springs


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