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An electoral worker disinfects a booth a the voting center.

Colorado’s elections not golden

Re: the letter about Colorado election laws being the gold standard. I really can’t see how this can be true when:

1) we’ve had mail in ballots for some time now. Who knows how many of those are illegal. 2) when Colorado ‘residency’ can be verified by submitting at least one of 16 different types of verification including non-secure documentation such as a utility bill or bank statement. Secure voter verification is fine but it seems like anything other than a legal document should not be allowed. Just saying!

Tom Hill

Colorado Springs

From the wrong political party

Since when does a health care provider deny a person seeking health care from knowing if she/he has a problem? Recently, we have seen in the news about, Candace Owens wanted a “COVID-19 Test” at a lab in Aspen. The lab refused her, in my belief, because of Owens’ political ideology (Conservative), she’s reluctant to receive the vaccine (My body, my choice) and she favors former President Donald Trump. What if a “first responder — police, firefighters, paramedic or a civilian (a good samaritan)” were first to respond to an accident and saw a lady in a “Burning Car” and the first responder (The Good Samaritan) at the scene noticed that the person in danger was Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the first responder says, “I’m not going to help her, because, I don’t care for her politics or her nasty behavior, but, I will call 911”. So, the person watches Nancy being “burned alive”, just before the police and firefighters arrive admonishes the Good Samaritan for not helping out). Apparently, this is the same ideology of the “Aspen testing lab” we have heard about. Yet, it’s OK for the lab to deny Owens the testing she requested for the COVID-19, but the Good Samaritan is admonished for his inability to help Nancy.

So, I’m asking myself, what if my primary care provider (PCP) sends my blood samples to this “Aspen Lab” for COVID-19 testing and the lab says, “They will not process my blood for testing, because, I’m an unaffiliated voter, who voted for Trump. Do I have legal case against the lab, for not handling my blood to be tested? So, let’s all of us citizens of our great country ask: Does a health care provider have the right to refuse providing care to anyone they deem to be of the wrong political party?

Will Shipley


California of the Rockies

Speaking as a proud Libertarian and California native son, I saw the beginning of the end five years ago when San Francisco enabled and empowered the murder of Kate Steinle on Pier14 with their “sanctuary city” policies and favorite weapon of choice the five times deported illegal.

In order to avoid any association whatsoever with the creatures that infect that locale (and continue to rationalize their complicity to this day), I was reluctantly compelled to abandon my friends, family, and home and move to Colorado only to find the same murderous rationale being similarly tolerated, condoned, rationalized, and excused under the same guise of an altruistic goal with the same hand wringing, “woe is me” wailing, crocodile tear eye daubing, and “real tragedy” lamentations.

Having recently returned after three months there renovating my (previously planned retirement) home for sale and taking a $75,000 hit just to be rid of it and get the hell out of there, Jay Ambrose’s characterization of California’s problems is not as bad as he portrays. It’s worse! It’s gotten a lot worse in the last five years!

While the homeless once only infected downtown, they’ve moved to the suburbs and beyond and settled in thanks to all the programs and services now being provided at the taxpayer’s expense so that Sacramento now looks like a third world nation.

If you enable them, they will come. Based on everything I have seen here in the last five years, unless Colorado executes an immediate 180 degree turn, we’ve got between 5 and maybe 10 years at best before Colorado turns into California of the Rockies with all the same lunacy that the left initiated since Gov. Jerry Brown first arrived on scene in the mid-1970s.

Gov. Jared Polis reminds me of Brown with all the same elitist, wannabe enlightened one, rosy scenario, and perceived moral superiority mantra.

I can only offer the sternest of cautions before you embrace these closet Socialists. Be careful what you wish for, vote for, tolerate, condone, excuse, etc ... you may just get it (like California) and wish you hadn’t!

Gordon Carleton

Pueblo West

Putting diversity first

Your lead opinion piece in Sept. 9 opines “As the Statue of Liberty reminds us, this country’s greatness and true genius lies in its diversity.” I can find no reference to this quote at the Statue. Emma Lazarus did not say this. This is an interpretation made by others of what the statue reminds us of.

It is also something many of us disagree with, putting “diversity” in such a prominent position. While diversity is revered by many, it falls way behind other reasons for the success and greatness of our country, such as freedom, liberty and hard work of individuals.

Erik Lessing


No rush to correct shortages

On Aug. 6, my wife with both COVID-19 shots and 15-years of public school classroom experience submitted $62.40 ($2.40 was the payment processing fee) to the Colorado Department of Education for their “1-Year Substitute Authorization” license application.

On Aug. 13, she paid Identigo in Adams’ County $52 for her fingerprint test. As of Sept. 13, no response from either “outfit.” Doesn’t the news report of the shortage of substitute teachers?

The bigger picture should be that the Colorado removes all financial costs to attract substitute teachers.

Mike Sawyer



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