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Springs is a burgeoning Amsterdam

Colorado Springs has become a cesspool of new massage parlors, sex shops and recreational marijuana shops. Another sex shop with blazing red lights has opened next to what used to be a children’s toy store. The Springs is looking more like Amsterdam’s red-light district.

More sex offenders are moving to the Springs drawn by the aforementioned. Sex trafficking has also increased, sexual assaults on women and children will only rise as these violent sex offenders and gangs have also been drawn to our once tranquil city. The Southeast side’s frequent nightly gun fire harkens more to the city of Chicago.

We need to take Colorado back from the destructive far left Democratic agenda, instead of handouts and big government, Coloradans need less government and increased step-up programs.

Financial resources should be geared towards the elderly and disabled, able bodied persons must be encouraged to get off welfare and onto independent self-reliance and pride.

Thank you to all our men and women in blue that do their best to protect the citizens of our state, but they cannot do it alone. Conservatives, Republicans and Independents need to stand up and take our state back.

Victoria Torres-Beard

Colorado Springs

A criminal element at McDonald’s

The Gazette article (Friday, Nov. 22) “Lawsuit alleges McDonald’s puts its employees in physical danger” illustrates some sad truths. Chicago has become such a crime-infested city that it’s a wonder that McDonald’s would do business there at all.

Problem No. 1 was that removing lobby barriers allows criminals to jump over the ordering counters and attack employees. Problem No. 2 was drive-through windows large enough to allow criminals to assault employees through the window opening. Problem No. 3 was non-lockable bathroom doors, which allows employees cleaning the bathrooms to be assaulted.

I might fault McDonald’s for not issuing weapons to employees to use against these goons, but that’s the only fault I see on their part.

Does anyone see the problem here being a criminal class that essentially runs cities like Chicago? Shouldn’t these criminals be in jail? People in the United States were shocked that an American family in a caravan in Mexico could be shot up and burned and many family members killed.

One might ask: what happened to a civil society and where were the police? How is a McDonald’s in Chicago any different?

Steve Helmreich

Black Forest

DA did an incredible job on trial

District Attorney Dan May did an incredible job with the Patrick Frazee murder trial. It must have been extremely complex to find and present enough sufficient facts needed to overcome the lack of a body, and to justify the maximum sentence. And his work with the media, especially in the post-sentencing phase, was especially notable. His handling of questions, knowing when to answer and when it was necessary to gently decline. It was a great move to introduce those four staff members, not with platitudes, but their performance within their areas of expertise. And how he explained his decision about Krystal Lee: “I did a deal with the devil” — deftly explained the dichotomy he faced. I think Teller and El Paso officials should “forgive” the term limits he faces, and keep him on!

Joe Schaefer

Colorado Springs


hat homeless have done to the city

About “homeless people” in Colorado Springs: My opinion on this issue is: maybe 5% are really homeless, all the rest are lazy trailer trash, sitting on a corner and begging for money. What they doing with the money? alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and many have dogs the whole days on the location (in my opinion a reason from the Human Society to give them some penalties for cruelty against these animals.

Please send a reporter to the following location to see what this trailer trash has done with our city: Corner of Hancock Expressway and Astrozon, across the street from King Soopers. This location looks like a garbage dump.

Jens-Uwe Dethlefsen

Colorado Springs

The law of imminent reciprocity

Well, it happened again. Some deranged fifteen year-old walked into his school and killed and or injured some of his fellow students. Within hours, Mitch McConnell was blamed for the shooting because he would not support some lame law that would have done nothing to prevent this atrocity. While California, New York, New Jersey and a variety of states have onerous gun laws that often violate the constitution, only the law of imminent reciprocity would have probably helped to prevent such carnage. What is the law of imminent reciprocity, you may ask?

Let’s look at what happened? The perp came in with a handgun, not an AR-15, and randomly shot as many people as possible. The two minutes it took the police to arrive, made a lifetime worth of difference for the poor students who died. Just what if ... voluntary trained teachers or trained security personnel had been on site to confront the murderer? The only law that stands the chance of mitigating such damage is what I call the law of imminent reciprocity. In other words, future killers need to realize that he/she will be met with equal or better lethal force. This murderer probably knew well of the weaknesses of the school’s security system. The weakness was promulgated by liberals who foolishly believe that guns (alone) kill people. In reality, people kill people, using a gun as a tool.

I say this with the utmost of respect for the injured and the dead. Would their relatives had rather their loved-ones had a good gun law or someone at the school good with a gun that day?

Larry Ross

Colorado Springs


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