Colorado State Capitol in Denver

The golden dome of the Colorado Capitol in Denver.

State is now completely blue

Colorado has picked up an additional seat in Congress. So with our state growing, the question is why? I’m sure the various economic development organizations can give all the statistical reasons. But maybe my family’s experience is somewhat representative of what is happening.

We escaped California in 1995. We had grown up there, but what was a fantastic environment, economically and socially, had turned into an oppressive state; gangs moving into our communities, fiscal policies degrading lifestyles, social policies infringing on our rights and stifling regulation of business. And all the while the state was turning bluer and bluer. Looking for a better atmosphere for our children and a job opportunity, we found Colorado. That was 26 years ago. When we arrived we saw the moniker, “Don’t californicate Colorado”. Fortunately we were able to assimilate into the rather western free-range attitude and have enjoyed raising our family here. Until now!

What is happening in Colorado today, we see as becoming more and more like California and other deep blue states. We thought California was terrible when we left. But it has now degenerated in the rule of law, draconian tax policy and suffocating regulation to the point that people are fed up and leaving. Their loss of a congressional seat is evidence. This is happening in the northwest and the east coast as well. The socialistic policies have become so embedded through the one party rule that people are fleeing.

This should be a warning to us. We see this happening in most high population states and cities run over an extended time by single party “progressives”. As has been said, people vote with their feet. They move for better opportunities for their families and/or careers. The influx of population growth, such as here, is a lagging indicator. The policies of the last 1-5 years are what make the state appealing to them. Not today’s ideology.

We should be wary, as our state is now completely blue. Current progressive policies are not why people are moving here. Polarizing ideologies are not the answer. We would be much better off as a purple state requiring agreement or compromise between both parties and bringing more rationality and common sense to our governing.

Ted Cox

Black Forest

Affirmative Action hits home

I never gave Affirmative Action much thought, until it hit close to home. My son earned a BA from CU followed by a BS in Aviation Technology at Metro State University in Denver, with the objective of becoming an Air Traffic Controller. He graduated summa cum laude from Metro State with a 4.0 GPA, followed by a six month internship with top marks at DIA and letters of commendation from professors and controllers. He also received a perfect score on a lengthy comprehensive AT-SAT exam required to enter the FAA Academy.

While the only student from the school to score 100, he was rejected due to responses on a biographical questionnaire that accompanied each test.

He then traveled to three states to re-apply, always scoring in the high 90’s on the AT-SAT but getting tripped up by the questionnaire.

The topics on this short form included gender, race, sports, and clubs. The questionnaire, devised under the Obama/Biden administration, made my son a victim of “white privilege,” canceling his dream of becoming an air traffic controller. Having reached the FAA’s age limit of 31 he can no longer re-apply.

Only two students from the Aviation Technology program made it into the Academy — both minorities. The other accepted applicants nationwide had no relevant technical training whatsoever but scored high on their biographical profiles. Once again qualifications have been trumped by woke diversity. So let’s all take a deep breath with fingers crossed the next time we fly the friendly skies!

Kent Carson

Colorado Springs

Health care program is broken

Because I started the year on unemployment, I got offered a chance to enroll in Connect for Health Colorado. I ran through the numbers. For the low, low price of half my monthly income, I could have the privilege of paying another $500 before my benefits kicked in.

I realize that this is a public/private partnership, but it is a broken one. If I were to take this deal, I would be broke on no time. While I realize this is a country-wide issue, our state runs its own program. I urge Gov. Jared Polis, Rep. Tony Exum and Sen. Pete Lee to take care of this problem.

Ian Hawkins

Colorado Springs

Pioneer League changes

The Pioneer League has decided there won’t be extra innings. If there is a tie at the end of 9 innings, there will be a home run derby to decide the game.

The news release said the reason for the Pioneer League’s new rule is to “save the strain on the pitching staff that is often created by extra-inning games.”

Well, I have a suggestion to save the strain on the pitching staff. Do away with pitchers all together. Use pitching machines. Or even Tee-ball tees. Makes just as much sense as a home run derby to win a tied game to save the strain on pitching staffs.

Other changes the Pioneer League announced:

1. A designated hitter and a designated runner. A starter leaves for the designated player but then returns to the game.

2. Batters will be allowed to appeal checked swings calls. Not just pitchers and catchers.

3. Three umps instead of two.

Said Pioneer League President, Michael Shapiro, “I’m thrilled to see these exciting changes Implemented for this season. The Pioneer League is committed to developing ideas that enhance the strategy of the game, protect the safety of the players, and add to the fun and enjoyment of our fans.”

Oh. Yes. Home run derbies to win tied games surely will enhance the strategy of the game.

And you just gotta love the designated hitter and designated runner idea. Truely more enhanced strategy.

Geez Louise. What’s next? Why not just re-write the game. Baseball purists, unite.

Marge Baker

Colorado Springs


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