Capitol Breach (copy)

Members of the National Guard stand inside anti-scaling fencing that surrounds the Capitol complex Sunday in Washington.

Capitol area is a special symbol

Washington, D.C. is a special place for me. It has current and historic value. The one day last week that brought death and shame to the D.C. area is a time of shame for all of us.

1. My parents met there in World War II and were married by Peter Marshall while on duty in the city.

2. They took our family there in the mid 1950s.

3. I visited D.C. while on duty in the Army during the late ’60s

4. In the ’80s I took a weekend trip to D.C. to learn how I could use all the famous places to supplement my fifth grade studies of American History in District 11.

5. We took our kids out to D.C. in 1990 for them to experience our government.

6. We visited D.C. in 2018 to visit the mall area and walk around the White House.

7. A year ago a friend and I decided to do a road trip there. We scheduled a week of things to do: Mount Vernon, the White House tour and also got passes to visit the Senate and House of Representatives with a guide. We visited the Space Museums on the mall and out near Dulles.

8. Visitors to the capital will have to pay for extra security. Hopefully the general public can still visit Washington, D.C. and enjoy, respect and learn from our nation’s capital. It is a special symbol.

John Moe

Colorado Springs

Insurrection not a conservative valueJustice delayed, justice denied.

The ugliest of truths has finally been undeniably revealed; Donald Trump is much more than a mere figurehead for the corrosive white racist movement that has grown malignantly and methodically in this beloved land. Many patriotic Americans are appalled by the utterly despicable acts of treason and sedition which were perpetrated upon our nation’s capital and elected representatives. What transpired is due, at least in part, to continued political spin maliciously disguised as conservative values. Insurrection is not a conservative value. A reckoning is demanded by the aggrieved citizens of America. This task must be conducted with utmost integrity, scrutiny and extreme precision. The injuries, victims, deaths and crimes for which Trump and his abettors are responsible will take years to tally.

All persons engaged in seditious actions, felonious mayhem and murder committed recently in full view of the world must be brought to justice without exception! No pardons. No avoidance of consequences through privileged associations. We must suffer no excuses.

Our civic duty now is to bring this malevolent threat to our democracy into clear focus and commit to the exposure of hate-filled intentions cloaked as “conservative values” or xenophobic policy. The integrity of our democratic ideals demands no less of an accounting.

Craig Dean

Colorado Springs

Well-armed mob looked serious

This is not an “Oops” moment folks. Our president knew exactly what he was doing and so did that mob at the Capitol.

Just to be sure this doesn’t happen again, the president and his closest enablers should be tried like any other criminal who commits a criminal act.

If they had succeeded in tracking down the other congressmen and women there could have been a lot more dead people. The mob looked dead serious to me and they were very well-armed.

Della Valk

Colorado Springs

Reflecting diversity of thought

With the Sunday, Jan. 10 edition, you have upheld the highest standard in journalism. I have always appreciated balanced editorial pages and excellent hometown reporting, but that paper demonstrates how local control of media is vital to civil discourse and to maintaining a sense of community.

In one edition you have offered much-needed perspective in the midst of economic, social and political turmoil: e.g., Jon Caldara’s analysis of the pitfalls of a well-intentioned constitutional amendment; the multi-page coverage of the impact of I-70 expansion by investigative neophyte journalists; Lynn Bartels on the rise of unaffiliated voters; and the Point/Counterpoint discussion of an often-proposed Article V Convention of States. Finally, the letters to the editor selected for your Viewpoint section underline the commitment of the Gazette to reflect the diversity of thought in our community. Thank you!

Jeanne Marsh

Colorado Springs

County woefully unprepared

Chaotic COVID vaccine rollout in El Paso County: If you’re an over 70 year old person as I am, good luck with getting a COVID vaccine shot.

The El Paso County website lists some private providers for vaccine that vary widely in response. UC Health is contacting their patients, but won’t provide information on sign-up, rates, or time frame for contact. Optum is clueless, telling me a week ago to call back, then on calling back in a week told me to call back in two more weeks. Do they have a list? Are they taking sign-ups? Do they have a plan? The answer to all those questions was “No”. If you’re not a Kaiser patient, you are blocked from contact.

And if you’re not an existing patient of one of these private providers? El Paso County does not seem to care. Other counties, Gunnison and Larimer for two, have provisions to sign up for vaccine, but apparently in El Paso County unless you’re affiliated with one of these private providers you are out of luck. Why are there no county administered sites? The county had time to prepare for a vaccine roll out but is woefully unprepared leaving our elderly residents at risk.

John Reinert

Colorado Springs


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