Bike lane helped in emergency

I know there are naysayers who complain about the Cascade Blvd. bike lane. However last week while on a bike ride on the Midland Trail heading toward Garden of the Gods Park, a wasp flew into my mouth and stung me before I coughed it out. I quickly turned around and headed back looking for any Urgent Care Provider. My car was parked at Goose Gossage Park. I avoided the gravel surface at Greenway Trail and decided on Cascade Blvd.

My tongue and throat were swelling up with so little air intake. I perked up when I saw Penrose Hospital in front of me. I pulled into the Emergency and they put me into ICU and I awoke 26 hours later recovering from acute respiratory failure.

Thank you Cascade Blvd. bike lane and Penrose Hospital ICU, you saved my life!

Joe Schultes

Colorado Springs

Can’t turn the clock back

Why has the new Boulder become Colorado Springs? The last great mayor Steve Bach did away with the red light cameras. The people were happy. Not today, every time we turn around Colorado Springs has its hands out. Not with Steve Bach. Now the liberals are shutting down Martin Drake Power Plant, once said to be one of cleanest burning power plants in our state. But that’s not good enough, they want green.

LETTERS: Appreciating friendly people in our city; Gun control won't fix anything

Yeah right, it’s going to cost us a lot more once it’s up and going. Too bad we the taxpayers can’t turn the clock back and beg Steve Bach to be our mayor again. All the extras are costing us a lot of money I don’t want to give to the city.

Doug Evans

Colorado Springs

Learning about community, other views

I find it interesting to compare items (columnists comments, Your Viewpoint, Gazette’s Viewpoint) in any given day’s Opinion pages. On Monday, Aug. 26, I was saddened by Cal Thomas’ determination to hold to past attitudes and historical ‘facts’ about the realities of extreme racial inequities in our history — and often in our current civil and political interactions.

But I was interested to see Bill Schaffer’s comment (Letters, “General election is now irrelevant”) about the Electoral College situation that is currently under discussion on a national and local level. We are offended that our vote for president might not get any consideration at all. I agree with his concern and his argument. But how long did it take (and it is still purposefully undermined in various places around the nation) for African-American citizens to get any vote on any topic in any state?

The 400-year perspective being taken in the New York Times series is important. And many of these people whose families had labored for centuries before my ancestors even arrived, now have to have their years of free labor, loss of basic human rights and respect, etc. dismissed.

What was the perspective in your textbooks? How much credit for the physical building of this country was credited to single-named people who never received payment. The New York Times is recognizing an important date in history and attempting to credit a host of enslaved people who provided everything from mother’s milk to food, clean laundry, a roof over their heads, etc., to the writers of our famous documents so they had free time to create them. Not that they were given the choice.

Like Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln and their contemporaries, I grew up simply accepting things as they were around me. I see one of my responsibilities as a citizen to examine my own behaviors and attitudes to work toward respectful, fair and just treatment of my fellow citizens. I need to get to know diverse people. To listen, try to understand, and respect their opinions even if I don’t agree with them. This is another important contribution of public schooling. The more we isolate children from others who are different, the more difficult it will be to work together as adults.

I agree with little of this paper’s political leanings, but by subscribing I learn about my community and hear from others whose sharing of their life experiences enriches mine.

P.S. Some of us have increased our appreciation of the NYT because of President Trump’s criticism.

Catherine Carr

Colorado Springs

Socialized health care not the answer

In response to the health care for all letter Aug. 28: I was in a transition period with my health insurance and had an emergency medical condition in which I was admitted for five days to the hospital. Not only did I receive excellent care in a timely fashion, I was never asked about insurance until being discharged. I received a bill for $40K reduced to $25K for being a cash payer. After insurance was finally reinstated charges were drastically reduced.

After negotiations the insurance only paid $4K, a fraction of what was originally charged. My cost was $200.00.

Granted, I do believe the CEOs of most companies are unjustly overpaid. Do you really believe we will receive better care if the government is controlling our services? Are they doing a good job with the control they already have? Perhaps the problem lies with the excessive compensation and overcharges in the medical field itself, especially when they settle for a fraction of the imposed costs without blinking an eye. I for one don’t think that socialism or socialized health care is the answer. The government already has their hooks in too many issues as it is. Less government please!

Rick Thomas

Colorado Springs

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