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Pikes Peak looms in view atop the Manitou Incline, reached via Barr Trail.

Barr Trail is deteriorating

In June 2019, Britt Haley of our city Parks Department told me via email:

“Rocky Mountain Field Institute estimates annual maintenance to the section of Barr Trail impacted by Incline return traffic to be approximately $40,000.”

The city of Manitou Springs has been doing the $40,000 in repairs per year on the Barr Trail since 2013, but the condition of the trail is worsening. The visible erosion damage on the hillside is worsening also.

Why have the drainage problems not been fixed yet?

They are causing new damage to the trail every year.

Sources have told me for a long time that a professionally prepared study is needed before the drainage modifications can be done.

Is this correct? How much would such a study cost?

It is not believable that our Parks Department has not thoroughly researched this after owning this land for over four years.

It is not believable that our City Council has not researched this after I have been asking this same question for five years. Why does the city still refuse to answer my question?

You are public servants, not a private company.

If a citizen asks a relevant question, you are compelled by law to answer, and to answer honestly.

The annual repairs being done by Manitou Springs are inadequate. The trail is deteriorating. The City might not be negligent in its stewardship. The Barr Trail is a National Recreation Trail. Its well being is the business of every American citizen.

What is the estimated cost of known necessary repairs to the section of the Barr Trail that the city owns?

Carl Strow

Colorado Springs

Not a charge to be found

Equal protection has sadly devolved into a quaint old-fashioned concept that has been put to sleep by a corrupt Department of Justice, FBI, and Democratic Party. To wit, see last week’s unconstitutional and unnecessary assault on true American hero Rudy Giuliani as seven FBI agents show up at his door with warrants at 6 a.m. Same thing with Roger Stone. Other conservatives charged were Michael Flynn and his entrapment, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, not to mention two impeachments and two years of wasted “Russia hoax” efforts trying to trap Donald Trump.

Yet Joe Biden did a classic quid pro quo on national TV and nothing was said. Hunter Biden took $350,000 from Russia and had an obvious influence-peddling job at Burisma paying $80,000 a month. Hillary Clinton had 33,000 illegal emails. Eric Swalwell was cavorting with a Chinese spy.

And don’t forget James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan and others. Not a charge to be found. No media outrage. And by the way, where is John Durham?

I used to respect politicians serving a noble cause to lead this country. With few exceptions they now represent self-serving, greedy, partisan hacks whose goal is to get rich, stay in office as long as they can and laugh at the American people who keep voting them in.

Stephen McMinn

Colorado Springs

Another tool in the Marxist toolbox

Re: Colorado charges ahead; Front page; May 3: I have no desire for an electric vehicle. Why? Because the government thinks I need it. Am I against electric vehicles? No, but I believe the markets should dictate when and if anyone buys one. The problems with EVs are plain within the text of the article. “We only move forward from here at the scale required with continued policy support for charging infrastructure investment.” How about people support? There were 1 million EVs on the road in 2018 and it is expected to reach 18 million by 2025 according to Out of 326 million people, only .055% will own an EV in 2025? This is proof that the government is going to have to be coercive and destroy freedoms to get enough gas vehicles off the roads to not even make a dent in their emissions fantasy.

Instead of car companies catering to the drivers who want their cars, government is requiring these companies to “sell more zero-emission vehicles each year” and wasting our tax money to “sweeten the pot” to get more EVs on the road. Again, this should be driven by supply and demand, not “because the government is forcing you to.”

If you’re telling me I have to buy an EV to save the planet, that is not a choice. And as for saving people money, how is that possible when lawmakers are considering “a bill laden with fee, fares, and other income to pay for charging stations, electric government fleets, transit, and incentives to get cars off the road”? What? “Incentives to get cars off the road”? If that is the expected result, why not just force the car companies to stop manufacturing period? President Joe Biden’s tax and tax some more plan includes a “network of 500,000 charging stations,” money to “retrofit car factories” (this should be a company investment, not a government investment), and “extend generous tax incentives to EV buyers.” So, we’re wasting taxpayer money to create the EVs, charge the EVs, and buy the EVs. A Ponzi scheme if there ever was one!

The article goes on to tell us vehicle buyers exactly what the government is trying to do, “get cars off the road or reduce the miles they travel,” “reduce our dependence on driving” (removing our independence period), and “reduce vehicle miles traveled by 20%.” We’re also warned by that bastion of knowledge, the United Nations, “of severe and irreversible consequences without reducing global greenhouse emissions,” and, of course, they need higher taxes to attempt to do that.

After all the smoke up the backside about changing a climate that couldn’t be changed by humans for all the money from the creation of money until the sun burns out, we get to the crux of their problems to persuade us to buy EVs, “lack of range confidence and higher price points.” The Tesla Model 3 has a “starting price of $35,000.” A Honda Accord “starts at $24,770” (Phil Long). Why should I pay $10,000 more for a vehicle that has no real effect on the global climate?

The only climate crisis that exists is the one made up in the minds of those who want the power and your money. Socialism is only another financial crisis away and EVs are just another tool in the Marxist toolbox. What happens when they turn off the electricity because the wind doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow? Go ahead, that EV looks good sitting in your driveway doing nothing.

Joe Ford

Colorado Springs


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