Nursing Homes (copy)

Laurel Manor Care Center was the site of a major COVID-19 outbreak in April.

Ask the hard questions

Why is the fact that a school and a fast-food joint each had a couple of people get COVID-19 news? Until there is an effective vaccine or therapeutics, the virus is going to continue to spread.

We have slowed it down, but like the Black Death, without an effective vaccine it will inexorably spread until herd immunity is reached.

What matters is the impact on people. How many are dying? Are we protecting our most vulnerable people? It’s news when nursing homes like Laurel Manor do not take adequate preventive measures and thereby cause preventable deaths. It’s news when someone contracts the plague from a black squirrel because it’s rare and people need to be aware that they could get it, so they should leave squirrels alone. It would be news if a child died of COVID, but it’s not news that a child got it. It’s news that a school is shut down because of COVID, so people know what’s going on in their schools. Is it really news that one cohort at one school was required to self-isolate because one kid had the virus?

The Gazette has done some exceptional investigative reports in the past. Maybe you (The Gazette) should do an investigation into the value of shutting schools and businesses down to slow the spread.

Why not ask the hard questions? What is “slow enough?” The article says DPHE has declared that an outbreak is two — count ‘em: one, two — cases in two weeks is the threshold.

What science is that based on? Why not address the elephant in the room: What is Gov. Jared Polis’ and DPHE’s overall objective, anyway? It appears to simply be to slow the spread.

Do they have metrics that define how well they are doing in accomplishing that or any subobjectives?

“Slow the spread” seems to be the perfect bureaucratic objective: any reduction in the rate of spread is a success.

Mike Arnett

Colorado Springs

Veterans would have reacted

I do not believe that President Donald Trump disparaged our fallen military in France in 2018 as claimed by the Atlantic. This is simply because retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, who was then serving as the chief of staff, was present. So were several other active duty U.S. generals.

I don’t believe that Gen. Kelly, or any other of the generals present, would have put up with any of this if they heard this personally or even heard a rumor of this. This is not how senior combat veterans behave or should behave.

There would have been resignations or disclosures on the spot.

Walter Marr

Colorado Springs

It’s time to get over it

In response to John Moore, Carbondale: To state our president is un-Christian is unfair as only God knows the condition of a person’s heart. We did not elect a pastor in chief, we elected a commander in chief. The left wants to remove God and the flag from schools, and Joe Biden is a Catholic but is for abortion and if a baby survives the abortion to just let to die.

Is that Christian?

Trump says “God bless America” when Barack Obama states “we are not a Christian nation”. Trump is a businessman, not a politician, so he doesn’t always speak to please everyone like most politicians do.

When Moore said to consider the number of Americans who have died of the COVID-19 in America, he didn’t consider how much bigger America is than other countries.

I am a Christian Catholic and will vote for someone who loves America and fights the left to better our lives. We have gone through 3.5 years of turmoil because the left lost the election — it’s time to get over it and stop ruining our country.

Jane Gasko

Colorado Springs

These two poor choices

In consideration of the, approximately two months before the election runoff for the president of these United States, I find myself highly disappointed in the people, and institutions, of this country, in apparently allowing only two choices to predominate.

In checking with the National Election Commission, there are over 1,400 candidates that are in the running for this august position, but the media outlets are doing nothing to inform the people of these other choices, and what policies or other objectives they have to bring to the table, for our consideration.

Instead, the media is focusing on these two poor choices, to the exclusion of other possibly highly viable persons.

It is past time for the American people, to quit looking at party loyalties, and seriously contemplate, out of these 1,400 choices, exactly who will provide the leadership needed in this country, to overcome the difficulties that have been placed in our paths.

Floyd Stillings

Colorado Springs


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