Amend TABOR to include ‘fees’

Just received my annual registration for my 2004 Subaru Outback and just reading the receipt my blood again begins to boil. The only “tax” listed is $3 for specific ownership tax, the next 12 items are all “fees”. Age of vehicle fee $7, bridge safety surcharge fee $23, clerk hire fee $4, county road and bridge fee $1.50, emergency medical services fee $2, emissions-statewide air account fee, $0.5 and many more, for a grand total of $70.17.

These are in addition to all of the gas taxes we all pay each time we fill up. I don’t mind being charged for normal needs-based surcharges such as those required to maintain our infrastructure but lets call it what they are.. Taxes! Since I/we are already paying all of these “fees” to the state, it’s another reason why I am appalled at the thought of eventually having to also pay more and more for the myriad of oncoming toll lanes throughout the state.

Maybe we need to amend TABOR to include “fees” so we can get the spending of our legislatures under control. Be wary of the many future fees surely coming our way with the people now running our state!

Curtis Kosley

Colorado Springs

Greed kept group from the game

We read your article where the Air Force Academy and NHL claimed they were not at fault for the car/parking situation on base for the NHL Stadium Series game. We never made it into the stadium for the game. We live in Monument, and left for the game at 4 p.m. At 6 p.m. we were still on North Gate, not even to Voyager, and GPS still noted 51 minutes — but we only crawled 10 feet per minute.

We missed the flyover, the half-time show, and then decided to turn around — there was only 10 minutes remaining, parking was too far, and we knew that getting back out would be just as bad — thankfully since they had to shut the North Gate exit!

We’ve attended many sold-out games at the AFA over they years, and this has never happened. The fault was not ours as they claimed — it was whomever was collecting the money for parking; AF or NHL? Collecting at the gate is not something we’ve ever have to deal with when going to stadium games — because it’s too slow and causes backups! (We are very familiar with Broncos, CU, CSU and AFA) — there are always options such as getting a pass ahead of time or riding a bus from various pickup points ... but no money is ever collected at the stadium lots. It was greed that cost us seeing the game. We wasted $1,500 for our group of 10. I hope the NHL or the AFA enjoys our money. Disgusted.

Teresa Grundman


Changing the clocks

Why try to change reality? Let’s keep Mountain Standard Time year round.

Daylight Savings Time may be fun in the summer, but wouldn’t be fun at all in the winter.

I love this old Native American saying: “Only a white man would cut a foot off one end of a blanket, sew it on the other end and think it’s longer.”

Joan Byers

Colorado Springs

Networks failed to televise speech

I have never felt so strong about anything as I do about what happened when the President of the United States visited Colorado Springs. First of all I want to say I am an independent voter. I do not affiliate with either party. I vote for whomever will do the most good for our country and state. After weeks of forced watching the impeachment hearings on all three major networks, not one local network would televise Trump’s speech here in Colorado Springs. Most networks were more interested with the unruly protesters outside.

While flipping through local channels they were reporting on the debate that happened the night before in Las Vegas. I now believe the major networks only want you to see and hear what they want you to hear. I guess the president has it correct — “Fake News.”

Terrence Fleming


Bernie Sanders is confused

Recently, Sen. Bernie Sanders was quoted in a TV interview stating, ‘we are a democracy, one person, one vote.’ The senator seem to forget about the Electoral College, which is a wild card in any presidential election process.

Since its inception in 1787, it has not delivered the will of the people six times. The senator is confused. Perhaps that will occur assuming if he is elected president as well?

Willie Breazell

Colorado Springs

Interesting omission from editorial

I thought the editorial article in Thursday’s Gazette was very good.

The editors expounding Sen. Cory Gardner’s accomplishments; specifically Gardner, Lamborn and Trump’s. These accomplishments ran the gambit from relocating the BLM to Grand Junction, to placing the U.S. Space Command here in Colorado Springs, to securing millions of dollars of military construction projects in and around our bases here in Colorado, etc. But I noticed left out of that was Michael Bennet... interesting.

Leo Jones

Colorado Springs


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