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A scenic vista of Corral Bluffs, outside Colorado Springs.

Amazing discovery in our backyard

I am writing this letter because I want everyone in Colorado to learn about the recent discovery of small fossils in our backyard.

I was viewing a NOVA Science program on PBS on Aug. 5, called “The Rise of the Mammals.” It described the discovery of small fossils at Corral Bluffs. I am fascinated that more than 1,000 fossils, 6,000 plants and legumes were discovered not far from my home.

The fossils are 66 million years old, and they are the first evidence of life after a cataclysm which is said to have destroyed the dinosaurs.

Scientists Tyler Linson and Ian Miller from the Denver Museum and some local Colorado College students are continuing to explore the Corral Bluffs area for more fossils in this trove of the mammals timeline.

This discovery is an event of worldwide significance.

Let us cherish our land and enjoy the wonders of our home in Colorado.

Janice S. Moglen

Colorado Springs

Group improves our trail system

Our shared local and regional trail system within and around Colorado Springs is a blessing, especially during this pandemic. It provides the opportunity for us to get outside, maintain a safe distance, and stay healthy during these difficult times. But many of the trails just don’t magically come together for our use. Although there are many groups of hardworking conservationist building and maintaining our trails, there is one particular group that deserves our thanks. Here is a shoutout to the Rocky Mountain Field Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to actively engaging thousands of community volunteers every year through the completion of trail and restoration projects that help conserve and protect our treasured public landscapes.

Designing, building and maintaining trails is no easy task, yet this humble group of professionals dedicate themselves each day to the hard work of continuing to improve our trail system. So as you go out and enjoy the trails in such places as Garden of the Gods or Ute Valley, just realize that many of the RMFI folks and their volunteers were responsible for you enjoying a well-built trail system. Thank you, RMFI, for your commitment and hard work.

Alan Goins

Colorado Springs

Agree to disagree and move on

The First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Everyone has the right to express their opinion without fear of repercussions. In today’s culture, however, some people feel if you do not have the same opinion they do, you should be degraded, ostracized, and punished; and your property should be destroyed, businesses should be looted and destroyed. None of us agree on everything, so agree to disagree and move on.

I have no problem with a peaceful protest, but no one should feel they can force others to believe as they do. If your feelings get hurt; too damn bad, get over it. This is a free country, and everyone should be free to express themselves in a peaceful and safe manner. That is what makes this country the greatest on earth. Many, many countries do not offer this kind of freedom. This violence is not solving anything. Instead of tearing this country apart, come up with positive ideas you have to make it better, and work on implementing them. Use your freedom of speech!

Theresa Brown

Colorado Springs

Thankful for police response

I want to say a huge thank you to the Sand Creek Police Department and Community Response Team, particularly Officer Rebecca Arndt and CRT Member Sarah Cynthia for their amazing and compassionate service to my son and our community. Recently, the police were called to assist my son. They contacted me, and I was able to assist them. They were compassionate and concerned.

I know that the police are in a tough spot of late, and they need deserved kudos for all that they do on our community’s behalf. Again, a huge thank you to Police Officer Rebecca Arndt and CRT Member Sarah Cynthia. I am very grateful for their compassionate service to our community.

E.W. “Chip” MacEnulty II

Colorado Springs

November election comments

I predict that there is no way that Joe Biden will agree to have debates with President Donald Trump. Biden does not want to debate Trump, and the Democratic Party is afraid to let Biden on the same stage for debates with Trump. Biden is not in charge of his party. The socialist liberals are in charge of him.

Just remember how many established Republican Presidential candidates Trump beat in the 2016 primary to become the Republican candidate.

Trump is far too smart, sharp and forceful as a speaker for Biden. Biden, sometimes, has difficulty completing a thought. Sometimes he doesn’t know which city he is in. I think that Biden might have some cognitive problems. Biden is in his basement while Trump is out facing huge crowds.

Now Barack Obama is coming out to try to rescue him. Trump has a plan and knows what he wants to accomplish in the next four years. Biden doesn’t have a clue or at least he hasn’t let us know of any plan. Trump has accomplished an enormous amount in a little over three years in the face of continuing opposition.

Biden hasn’t accomplished anything in over 40 years. But Biden leads Trump in the polls? That’s because he hasn’t told the public what he’s going to do America if he becomes president. Remember that Hillary Clinton led Trump in the polls and was certain to be crowned president. So much for the legitimacy of polls.

Vern Swim

Colorado Springs


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