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Air Force defensive lineman Mosese Fifita, left, pressures Fresno State quarterback Jorge Reyna, right, during their game Saturday evening at the academy.

Football scheduling not fan friendly

This must be the week for bashing the Air Force Academy. Not wanting to be “piling on” after reading the critical comments about football coach Troy Calhoun; here is a bug under my saddle.

The football scheduling is not a friend of its fans and season ticket holders. (On Monday, Air Force announced 8:15 start for Oct. 26 game.)

Last year, AFA played a game on Thanksgiving Day. This year, there is an important game played two days after Thanksgiving. Having games played on that holiday weekend are bad enough, but how they got there is worse.

What kickoff time do you prefer for Air Force football home games?

Air Force’s next home game, Oct. 26 against Utah State, has drawn the 8:15 p.m. kickoff start.

You voted:

We love the AFA. Our daughter-in-law graduated from there and is now a colonel on active duty. A grandson attended AFA. We have sponsored cadets for many years, and for six years I was bishop for all the LDS cadets. We still stay in touch with hundreds from that era.

Mountain West commissioner says late-night kickoffs, tipoffs will be part of new television agreement

Why am I mumbling? Two years ago, my best friend and I purchased season tickets. Guess what? The schedule was not yet published by the deadline for purchasing the season tickets. Oh, we know the teams being played on some dates. What we don’t know is what time day the game is played.

LETTERS: Broncos need help, answers; emergency personnel were lifesavers

Interesting that TV controls what time the games are played. We have already had one 5:30 p.m. game this season, and guess what? Another game at 5:30 p.m. was played this Saturday evening in the cold. Two days after Thanksgiving is another game. Surprisingly, my best friend and I are both going out of town for Thanksgiving family gatherings.

We pay a healthy price for season tickets on the 49 yard line in the L Section. The AFA needs to treat supporters of its programs with more respect and courtesy. Night games in the winter in Colorado are no fun.

Duane C. Slocum

Colorado Springs

We need domestic violence education

Shaking my head. A young mother recently appeared before an area judge seeking sole custody of her infant child.

The baby’s father has — allegedly — committed acts of domestic violence. The mother left for own her safety and that of her infant.

Note: There is a temporary restraining order in force, which means another judge found sufficient reason to prohibit contact between the father and both the mother and baby.

The father brandished a weapon even to the point of aiming at the mother’s face from point-blank range. The father — as witnessed by the mother and child — used a handgun to beat the family dog.

Now here’s the part I am most disturbed by: In ruling on the mother’s request for sole custody, the judge stated that violence seemed to be only directed at animals (a significant predictor of violence against humans). As a result, sole custody was denied and unsupervised visitation ordered by the court.

The judge effectively voided the temporary restraining order in effect to protect the mother and child.

The judge ignored documented predictors of future violence, i.e. violence against animals.

The judge demonstrated ignorance of the signs and causes of domestic violence. It is when one party uses isolation, stalking, animal cruelty, verbal abuse and threats, physical violence, harm to children, emotional and psychological intimidation, sexual assault or economic authority to manipulate and control an intimate partner by creating an environment of fear.

To rid our community of domestic violence, we all must educate ourselves.

Cay Jurgensen

Colorado Springs

Driving for climate action

Eric Timlin is so concerned about the climate crisis that he “drove for over an hour” from his home in Denver (and another hour back, I assume) to attend the Planet in Peril forum. Since he didn’t brag about his electric car, I guess he burned two hours of fossil fuel getting here.

He wants regular people to go out of their way to do more when it comes to climate action. Guess Eric isn’t one of them. I suggest the next time Eric wants to come to a climate in peril forum, he rides his bicycle. We have lots of unused bike lanes here.

Robert Bee

Colorado Springs

Humans do make a difference

We dare to not believe that people, fossil fuels and industry do not have an affect on our climate and lives. All we have to do is look to Beijing, where the sun is just a small yellow dot in a nasty brown sky and how quickly they could turn it around when they shut plants and reduced driving for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

If you went to Los Angeles in the 1960s and ’70s, as you drove over the mountains, you saw and tasted the brown smog that draped over that city. I hope that the federal government is not able to overturn California’s emission standards, as they have got it right and were able to reverse the quality of their air.

We do make a difference!

Cathy Sellers

Colorado Springs

Faster than you can say ‘2020’

We, the people, through our taxes, pay the salaries of all of the “temp workers” in our government — from city, to county, to state, to national government. And yet our current national government (the legislative branch, in this case) is conducting an impeachment of the executive branch (in secret) by way of taking sworn testimony from a whistleblower (in secret) and taking sworn testimony from former ambassadors (in secret), to use as evidence against the executive branch in their impeachment attempt.

I have a news flash for our government “temp workers” (at all levels): If you continue to attempt to obfuscate, undermine, deny, compartmentalize, disrupt and deceive, you will likely find that the governed (that would be us, “We the People”) will grow weary of your childish behavior, faster than you can say “2020.”

We pay your salaries. Whatever you do, you must do in the light of day … so, do it!

And, by the way (for future reference): The chief executive can remove any of his subordinates from their positions at any time, at his/her discretion, for whatever reason.

John Erskine

Colorado Springs

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