Not ready for an event of this scale

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria:

To the best of my knowledge, the NHL or CDOT do not own the AFA. The NHL were merely renters of your facility. Don’t blame CDOT or the fans who you say didn’t leave early enough. The real problems were on the academy grounds. It should not take over an hour and half from either entrance to get to your parking lot.

Tragically, someone lost their life possibly because of incompetence. Your parking/traffic control contractor whom you recently replaced proved completely inept.

The NHL rented the stadium from you. My parking pass was purchased through your athletic department, not the NHL.

LETTERS: Enforcement of tabacco sales laws; problems at AFA game

Here is what I know — typically in the past there have been three lanes in/out to events at both entrances; that was not the case on Saturday evening.

After buying a pass, and arriving 2 1/2 hours early we were parked in the trees across Stadium Boulevard even though thousands of spaces remained in the main lot. No parking employee checked our pass or took money, nor could explain why we were in this area.

After the game, I made two visits to the police officer parked in the intersection on duty. He refused to get out of his vehicle, as multiple people pleaded for him to simply move cones that would have allowed hundreds of cars to exit southbound (the way we all came in).

Instead he ignored our requests to be routed southbound. My husband and I finally took matters into our hands, making a U-turn allowing us to return home in less than 20 minutes. This complete lack of common sense was evident throughout the entire event.

The problems inside the stadium were disappointing at best. Lack of staffing caused massive issues.

For 35 years, we have attended events (many sellouts) and never have had a worse experience on your grounds. I believe “Honor and Integrity” is your motto, so Gen. Silveria, “own it” and stop blaming everyone else for what happened.

Fans deserve an apology expressing that the AFA was not ready for an event of this scale.

Kathleen Maffeo

Colorado Springs

They are getting rich by dividing us

Sadly, I just read another hate letter in the letters to the editor. My first reaction was that I wished I could reply and make some counterpoints, but a discussion I was involved in the other day gave me pause and something struck me.

For the past 11 years, both political sides have been spouting about all of the damage (usually the president at the time) is doing to our republic and the name-calling is unbelievable. I have friends from Maine to San Diego and from Seattle to Miami and none of them have told me that they know former President Barack Obama or President Donald Trump personally, so I wonder how they know that they are a jerk, crook, … ad nauseum, and no one have told me how they were personally affected by either — other than being personally offended.

I do not watch the TV news, but the stories I hear from those that do are astounding. Think about this for a minute or two, rabble rousing brings viewers, which sells advertisements — they are getting rich by dividing us.

Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them wrong, nor does that make you correct. We need to stop hating and name-calling and start saying something like “I may not agree with you, if I listen to your view, will you listen to mine and maybe we can agree on some things” and try to come to a consensus. There are some bad people in government and as long as they keep us at each other’s throats they can pretty much get away with whatever they like and us common people get to pay for it. I am not going to call names on social media, but if I respond to a comment I will try to be kind.

Tom Keilers

Colorado Springs

Accessing what is happening

I am prayerful that our country will do the right thing in November. I am fearful we won’t.

Donald Trump’s pardons are offensive to respectful law-abiding citizens and belie millions and millions of American parents who taught their children values, ethics and notable accountability.

I can’t imagine how Trump was raised, but it is extremely evident he wasn’t taught well, considering his corrupt business practices, pardons, name calling, lack of civility, and cheating personality relating to women, golf, business, and who knows what else.

His behavior is reprehensible beyond description for a child or adolescent, let alone a grownup and one who is president to boot.

The only thing I can think of worse than Trump’s demonstrable values are so-called Republicans who have not the knowledge to understand nor the courage to act, Mitt Romney apparently excepted.

If you bought a ticket on Trump’s Fear Train and gave him money for a red hat, I challenge you to honestly and intelligently assess what is happening and stop his destruction of democracy.

Vote to reinstill the values, freedoms, order of law, and diversity that made this country great.

Blair Denison


Column was biased information

In Froma Harrop’s column she wrote, “The next president must reverse much of the damage President Donald Trump has wrought.” President Trump has more achievements and accomplishments than any president in the last 70 years.

Her column just confirms what many of the conservative talk show hosts have been saying for years — that the so-called mainstream media are in reality, partisan hacks for the Democrat Party.

Do we no longer have a free press in America that provides timely, accurate and unbiased information?

Sam Taylor

Colorado Springs

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