More than 170,000 fentanyl pills were recently seized in a drug task force sting in Aurora.

A pandemic of drug deaths

As the fentanyl crisis worsens, and Americans continue to die in increasing numbers on a daily basis, two points come to mind:

1) Why is the southern border not immediately closed? And, no, it’s not despite Joe and Kamala and Democrats claiming it is

2) Why are the Biden administration and congressional Democrats not holding China and Mexico accountable by declaring Chinese production and transport of fentanyl, especially fentanyl-laced candy, an act of war against the USA? Where is that Democrat Mexican Ambassador Salazar?

3) Why are we not making efforts to militarize an all-out drug war to destroy the Mexican, Central and South American drug cartels once and for all? Find their hideouts and bomb them just as we have done to Muslim terrorist leaders.

OK, granted, that is three points. So, let me add one more thought.

4) Until those dying of fentanyl decide to simply stop using illicit drugs and their purchases of such on the street and from school-based suppliers, this pandemic of drug death simply will never stop. The users are the prime reason for their deaths. Take illicit drugs from illicit sources and expect to die. And, no, there are no extenuating circumstances: I am a simple man and it’s actually pretty simple Aristotelian logic.

Bert Bergland

Colorado Springs

Recreational sale of pot

If my memory serves me correctly, your Editorial Board took a stand against the sale of “recreational MJ” approval at the next election within the city. I support that stance.

Today I received a text message from the phone number 719-789-0711, which supported the sale on the broad base of lost tax revenues. I replied in a not so polite context that the “lost revenue” needs to be weighted in the context of a record count and rate of shootings, the reported record rate of DUI arrests, the rate of DUI accident deaths, and the final rate of “legal dispensary sales reduction” within Colorado Springs.

It would be very interesting to see a survey and data on the direct effects of MJ upon these records. Several of the recent headlines have noted the fall of marijuana sales tax and It would be also interesting to find out how the sales have not fallen down but how much has actually gone to the cheaper source on the black market. Somewhere the rate of legal grow harvests are being redirected to the “allies” outside the legal, i.e., taxable sales reporting system.

Jim Brown

Colorado Springs

Our standards have declined

We really appreciate your excellent ‘viewpoint’ in the Gazette on Monday. The woke movement lowers our standards. I never would have imagined how rapidly our standards have declined, and the level of depravity targeting our youths. I volunteer with 4 anti-human trafficking organizations — our youths are blatantly being groomed openly.

Thank you for stepping out on this one. Hope you get overwhelming support and encouragement.

Fred and Wendy Smith

Colorado Springs

Noise violation technology

Longmont police will begin experimenting with specialized cameras to monitor traffic for noise violations, a technology used in other cities in the United States and Europe.

The cameras work similar to speed and red light cameras, strategically placed to monitor traffic noise and provide video and audio evidence of infractions.

The cameras capture the license plate of an alleged offender and then a civil fine or warning can be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The cameras can monitor for violations 24/7 and are not dependent on an officer to respond and enforce the sound code.

Colorado Springs doesn’t have a noise enforcement department although they used to.

With the shortage of police officers no officers should be spared for difficult-to-enforce noise ordinance, but this would be a perfect solution. I’m guessing that just like relight cameras the fines could pay for the noise cameras.

I hear complaints from all over the Colorado Springs about the noise from motorcycles and modified Euro-racers, not to mention the offenders who have a defective exhaust system. Ironically, owners pay to have extra loud exhausts installed on their vehicles, some opting for upgrades when they buy their motorbikes new even.

I just want to peacefully enjoy my home and neighborhood.

Tim Haley

Colorado Springs

Preventing king-making

It was refreshing to read libertarian Jon Caldera’s commentary on the queen’s passing in Sunday’s Gazette. Citing George Washington and Patrick Henry as examples of our Founders’ rejection of titles of nobility found in the British monarchy, he cautions against Americans allowing a king to threaten our individual sovereignty, saying “TO BE AMERICAN IS TO HAVE NO KING.”

Regardless of political persuasion, we can prevent king-making from happening in this country by doing two things in November:

1) Most importantly — Vote; and 2) Use your God-given intellect to discern fact from fiction — do not vote for election-denier candidates, other conspiracy theorists, or for issues aimed at restricting citizen’s right to vote.

Only in this way can we preserve our sovereignty and prevent the further dismantling of American democracy.

Dick Anderwald

Colorado Springs


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