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The Native American mascot at Cheyenne Mountain High School has created controversy.

A name change does nothing to help

In reading opinions in The Gazette regarding the CMHS mascot, I’ve seen none concerned with the needs of Native American reservations’ residents.

A Tohono O’odham resident told me, “I notice no one has come to our reservation to ask us what our needs are.” They suffer food scarcity; the reservation’s U.S. side in Arizona approximates Connecticut’s size, yet they have only two grocery stores. Both are expensive and require transportation, which many lack. Due to COVID, at times residents have no access to food. Many lack running water. Basic sanitation is difficult. The reservation’s closed government buildings mean no commercial kitchens for school lunches. They cook outside over wood stoves despite 118 degree desert heat.

A Salish and Kootenia tribe member on Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation feels that people are “exploiting a vulnerable population,” fueling anger at the misuse of their name but doing nothing to provide help. She compared name changers to condescending white people she remembers doing reservation “projects” but who had “no emotional ties to the Native children [and] did not care.”

While we need to uphold the dignity of all people, we must acknowledge that a name change does nothing to help reservations’ impoverished populations.

Native Americans’ reservations have material needs. Don’t be the condescending white person rallying for a name change but failing to know the people living on their land. The worst outcome would be that, in dropping the name, we forget the people.

Becky Warmack

Colorado Springs

How political correctness works

While Cheyenne Mountain High School mascot supporters justify the “Indian” mascot with stories of good intentions, why is it they never mention that the white citizens of Old Colorado City and its nearby ranches took part in a slaughter of women, children and the elderly at Sand Creek and then quickly ran the whole tribe out of the state? When Lloyd Shaw (by all accounts an educated and good man) was superintendent, indigenous people could not even practice their religions and their children were sent to boarding schools. Where was Shaw on that?

This love affair that many now have with “Indians” interestingly doesn’t apply to other races that Americans slaughtered. The Texas Rangers took part in the killing of “Mexicans” to speed up the stealing of their land and the South, after seceding to keep slavery, remained brutal toward Blacks until the 1970s. But, at least those regions didn’t turn their victims into school mascots. That’s how “woke” political correctness works as they ignore the obvious and reimagine U.S. history.

Why is it that the ”Indian mascot” supporters never address even one of the many points of harm that our school board proposed resolution concerns itself with as our nation struggles to become what we say we are? The board’s resolution addresses these researched realities and tribal pleas from their councils that all of you have obviously not even bothered to read. Until you do speak to that resolution, nothing you say really matters.

Jonathan Reilly

Colorado Springs

Disgusted with the trash along I-25

Is anyone else disgusted/discouraged with the trash along I-25, especially south of the Lake Avenue exit. Having a son and grand kids in Pueblo, I have driven that stretch of highway many times and have been saddened by how it looks. About a month ago, I was behind a garbage truck heading south on I-25 and was appalled at the debris flying out of the back of the truck.

When I went to Pueblo last week, I paid more attention to what was beside the road. I saw very little litter — drink cups, fast food bags, etc., it was construction debris and garbage. I saw a 5-gallon paint bucket, bag of carpet pad scraps, a hydraulic hose and lots of plastic drop cloths and building wrap, not anything that would be thrown out of a car window.

I think the trash trucks go to a landfill somewhere south of town and lose a lot of trash, on the way back, I saw very little of that type of stuff beside the road. Hey disposal companies! How about cleaning up the highway and covering your trucks to keep the trash in until you get to the landfill? Mayor John Suthers, if the (seemingly) offenders don’t volunteer to take responsible, what would be needed to prove who is doing this and hold them responsible?

Tom Keilers

Colorado Springs

Choosing between two societies

Policy positions endorsed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the threat by Democratic leaders in Congress to pack the Supreme Court, and unrestrained violence in the streets reflect the battle over worldviews in our society and its importance in Tuesday’s election. Do Americans want a society where government has more control and individuals have less freedom? Where universal truth is replaced by whatever each person believes? Where whoever is in power dictates what a person can even say?

Or, do Americans want a society grounded upon objective, universal truths? Where government’s role is limited, people can live out their conscience and their faith beyond their home and church, and those not in power are free to express unpopular views without being “canceled,” censored, and even punished financially?

To those in control of the Democratic Party, almost any behavior won’t be discouraged or condemned if it moves society toward their goals. Harassing conservatives in restaurants? Encouraged. Denying Christians the free exercise of religion? Endorsed. Forcing conservative students to accept the far-left’s ideology or give up their dream of becoming a journalist or social worker? Sanctioned.

Biden, Harris, and most Democratic candidates endorse policies that reflect this mindset. Government will control your health care. All differences between males and females — even pronouns — will be eradicated under the Orwellian-named “Equality Act.” Abortion up to the moment of birth without reasonable restrictions will become the law of the land. Entrepreneurship will be quashed by overbearing government regulation.

Next Tuesday, Americans will decide which society they want.

Let’s hope they choose wisely.

Doug Barth

Colorado Springs


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