A lesson plan for teachers

Teachers are under enormous strain, having to field opposing strikes from all political directions in their effort to help our students understand these troubling times. Ben Carson’s recent article, “Taking on the heirs to Saul Alinsky,” offers a perfect opportunity to explore the structure of essay: 1.tract the facts; 2. state your opinion; 3. prove your points.

Dr. Carson’s article is a perfect model for students to follow. A lesson plan for teachers who want to promote the talents of thinking students is to follow this formula. Invite them to research/define/affirm/deny/challenge concepts raised in Dr. Carson’s essay (CRT, Leftist establishments; Anti-American indoctrination in our schools; theories of Alinsky; cancel culture; Dr. Carson’s bias. etc.) We must promote and encourage, independent thinking. Teachers are the guides on the side, not the sage on the stage.

Patty DesRochers

Colorado Springs

Charge those living in high-risk areasRe: “Planning and mitigation needed”: Mary Talbott made a very good point at the end of her letter, about requiring the funding to be used only for wildfire mitigation. For me to vote yes it will need to include a new county/city ordinance that requires anyone living in a high-risk area to clear their property to standards set by the fire department, include additional funding for the fire department to add the resources they need (equipment, personnel, etc.) to fight wildfires, a new charge on the property tax for those living in the high-risk area to continue the funding for the new resources that get added, and to establish a plan to control the building in high-risk areas.

The cost to live in a wildfire high-risk area should not be carried equally by everyone in Colorado Springs/El Paso County.

The bulk of the cost should be carried by those individuals who made the decision to live in the high-risk areas.

Rick McCarter

Colorado Springs

More restrictions daily

When will the public open it’s eyes? We pay a lot of taxes, have very bad streets and more restrictions daily to our lives. We can no longer walk up the Incline when we want. We have to call for reservations. Watch out on this. I’d bet a charge will be coming to walk up the Incline shortly. We can’t water our lawns when we want, are told how sewage water was clean now and may be placed into our drinking water?

How is this city going to build more housing without water? We were told the water from Pueblo would place us out of restrictions — wrong. But the houses keep going up, like our taxes. Why?

Doug D. Evans

Colorado Springs

Digging deeper into our wallets

I hope all of the Colorado Springs and El Paso County voters saw the article in the Business section of Thursday’s Gazette; “Springs sales tax income hits record.” I hope they remember it well when we are once again asked this November to vote on both a city and county TABOR override. Every time you turn around our elected officials are digging deeper into our wallets for a “special” high priority project.

Our elected officials need to prioritize the city and county needs with the money they have. For some reason, you never hear what the city or county plans to do with the record sales tax increase they have been getting, you only hear they need more. It’s time to say enough is enough. Vote no in November!

Rob Ladewig

Colorado Springs

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Giving everyone a ‘free lunch’

We’re living in a disconnected age. That’s because people see no objective truth, because they’ve forgotten objective truth, so they become defensive. Objective truth and subjective truth are a continuum. It’s when people mistake subjective truth for objective truth, that reality disconnects. And so it’s happened to the Democrats.

How did this happen?

Go back to Franklin Roosevelt. He inherited a post-WWI world that had built empires in financial bubbles. They burst and brought the economy to a stop. People had to live, their conditions were no fault of their own. Everyone has a right to basics, (that had been provided by the private sector that lost its footing), ensured the government.

These basics should be enumerated and predicated on common sense. Eat unhealthy and expect healthcare for the ailment at exorbitant costs above eating healthy in the first place? This is just an example of today’s thinking. It’ll break this country to give everyone a “free lunch” and not give them good information and habits in the first place.

Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are making a problem worse by throwing money into this sink hole; whereas FDR gave people dignity by making the recipients earn it: Social Security deductions, jobs programs... and of course of World War II, etc. Breaking people is driving the Democrats today, they want power so bad, that they’ll do anything to get it. The debacle in Afghanistan is a perfect example of their disconnect from reality. Start by holding them accountable.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Reasons why Rome fell

According to History.com, following are the top 8 reasons why Rome fell. Check off the ones that apply today to the United States.

1. Invasions by Barbarian tribes

2. Economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor

3. The rise of the Eastern Empire

4. Over expansion and military spending

5. Government corruption and political instability

6. The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes

7. Christianity and the loss of tradition values

8. Weakening of the Roman Legions

Robin Dailey

Colorado Springs


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