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bright spot in a dark world

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed The Gazette Exposure (images of 2021) that came with the Sunday paper. Kudos to Jerliee Bennett, Chauncey Bush and Christian Murdock who did a wonderful job putting it together.

I have gone through it at least three times and have found something new to smile about each time. With all the dark things that are happening in the world today, it is a bright spot that lets you dwell on the beautiful things that are also in our world.

Fran Wilkinsin

Colorado Springs

What’s wrong with the system?

Recently, local news announced that a convicted armed robber, Rodney Eaves, reached a settlement with El Paso County to pay him $750,000 for abuse while in their custody.

Why was this not headline news? Not enough money?

Remember this ‘person’ robbed a store with a loaded weapon and threatened the life of an employee.

Thankfully, the employee gets to live, but the business lost thousands that were not recovered and the criminal gets rich.

What is the matter with the system? What is the matter with El Paso County law enforcement?

It is time to hold people responsible for their actions.

Michael Staton

Colorado Springs

Several glaring inconsistencies

As this pandemic moves, several glaring inconsistencies rise to the top that are being ignored.

If the U.S. is the most medically advanced country in the world why are we having such high infection and death rates?

Why do doctors not treat patients who come in with COVID symptoms but just tell them to go home and only come back if it gets worse which might require hospitalization and be too late for that person?

Why has the US medical community have such rigid protocols to use Remdisivir when it has not been shown to be effective and actually hurts more than helps patients?

Why has the US medical community banned Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine when countries like India have used them very extensively and have much lower infection and death rates?

Why can’t I get Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine if I wish to use it for early treatment for COVID?

Why can’t U.S. doctors try these other treatments if they feel the standard protocols aren’t working?

Why does the U.S. medical community ignore natural immunity after having COVID? My research says natural immunity is the best protection one can have?

Looking at past viruses, it would be best to permit early treatment with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and let the virus play itself out. Many doctors have treated thousands of patients this way with amazing success. The vaccine only softens serious side effects. How many boosters will be enough? Vaccines are proving to be less effective than promised.

Terrance Stokka

Colorado Springs

Airline behaving callously

Is the Grinch running United Airlines? As the busy travel season approaches, CEO Scott Kirby is holding firm to his marketing ploy to ensure United is the first 100% vaccinated carrier. While employers have the right to mandate vaccines, they are also required to provide reasonable accommodations for religious and medical reasons. Sadly, United’s COVID-19 answer is the unreasonable offer of indefinite unpaid leave.

No family can survive long without income. Yet, United maintains that those forced on unpaid leave cannot seek interim employment in the fields in which they are trained. In other words, no jab, no job.

Almost 2,000 grounded United employees are fighting back in federal court and will likely succeed. Meanwhile, these employees are suffering discrimination and retaliation for their faith. In a country founded on religious liberty, it is unbelievable that an airline can behave so callously against their loyal employees. I stand with them.

Jessica Sanderson

Colorado Springs

Retaliatory and discriminatory policy

As the wife of a United employee, I am appalled at the treatment of my loved one at the hands of CEO Scott Kirby. While Kirby has every right to institute his COVIDvaccine mandate, he is also obligated to allow reasonable accommodations for the faithful and those whose medical providers object.

United’s answer is indefinite, unpaid leave for anyone seeking an accommodation, a far cry from reasonable this holiday season. Our family is struggling to pay our bills because United refuses to allow the loyal people who fearlessly carried the airline through the pandemic to work. In fact, United’s retaliatory and discriminatory policy is likely a losing position as almost 2000 employees are suing the airline in federal court.

Meanwhile, as government mandates are being halted and other airlines accommodate their employees, United’s CEO has doubled-down firing hundreds.

Stacy Pike

Colorado Springs

Telling people where they should live

Re: “The need for racially integrated housing in Colorado” by Bob Loevy. Prof. Loevy wrote, “The problem of racial segregation in housing has been an enduring one in the United States.” Who says it is “an enduring problem?” The U. of California Center Left Wing Studies at Berkeley? Blacks, Hispanics, Mennonites, Jews, Muslims, Hutterites, hippies, Native Americans and even white people can live where they choose. Citizens in the USA can do this because we have the U.S. Constitution that protects us from governmental excesses and overreaches.

I think Dr. Loevy is insulting the intelligence of Blacks, Hispanics and all Americans by trying to tell them where they should live. Has the professor heard of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” It is called “Living the American Dream.”

Sam Taylor

Colorado Springs


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