Scott Mcinnis

Gen. Douglas MacArthur said two words describing the history of war: “Too late.” Too late to comprehend the enemy’s purpose, too late to prepare, too late unifying forces, too late to stand with one’s friends.

China has made its purpose clear — complete worldwide economic and military dominance. Their focus is disciplined determination. Through their command of the world’s second-largest economic machine, they have achieved near-total control of global strategic resources ranging from rare earth minerals to prescription medications.

Meanwhile, history is now witnessing the world’s largest military buildup in terms of numbers of weapons, increased capacity for destruction, weapon system technology, geographic footprint (to include the Western Pacific, the Atlantic, Asia, the Antarctic, and even space), multifaceted weapon delivery (hypersonic and space weapon systems), and maybe most importantly, military leadership and civilian population focused on the sole mission of complete victory. Buttressing their unprecedented weaponization is the lack of distraction caused by side issues that cripple our military or the infighting within our population.

China’s alliance with Russia is the latest smoke alarm we ignore, while our allies doubt we can deliver the necessary might to stand up to these global challenges. Our allies’ dependence on the U.S. muscle is shaken to the core (e.g., Afghanistan, NATO). As this occurs, the huge asset of time and the safety of our oceans has been removed from our toolbox. Tragically, it seems China stands alone in remembering and taking advantage of McArthur’s admonition.

Our history through 9/11 shows we were allowed time to mobilize and muster the troops, equipment, and the military-industrial engines after a crippling blow. The oceans were like a bulletproof vest for our continent. It’s “too late” to rely on the oceans now; they can be crossed in minutes with hypersonic weapons or immediately dispatched from space.

You will either be ready, or you will be destroyed. Washington, D.C., remains the one-strike target over our stubborn resistance to decentralize. For goodness sake, the Bureau of Land Management headquarters from D.C. to Colorado only lasted a year.

We speak of “tough sanctions” while China builds massive military intent. These sanctions will serve as a mere inconvenience to the powers and people of China and Russia while we are disillusioned that they will mean something.

China and Russia understand big guns, bigger guns and the biggest gun. They know weakness when they see it. Our focus is on woke and apologizing for being the nation we are, and we are fully engaged in self-defeat. We still rest on our laurels (earned by generations of brave Americans), the “most powerful military force the world has ever known,” but those good ole days are gone.

We are sitting still, napping, dreaming, or having diplomatic teas while China and Russia are in full gear for the day our destiny lands in their hands. They will destroy what we have built over the history of our country and replace it with what they have built over the history of their country.

It is easy to envision China ordering the U.S. to stand down, and we will, as China moves to take Taiwan. We are now seeing Russia preparing to do the same in Ukraine. And where is the “most powerful military force the world has ever known”? Standing down while using the placebo of sanctions to assure the world we remain the superpower. After the fall of Taiwan and Ukraine, the world will have two superpowers, and we will not be one or two.

When I had the privilege of serving in the U.S. Congress, I never begged any of my colleagues — it was not my nature. Today, however, I am on my knees, begging our leaders and our population to understand what is incoming on our radar and to quickly shift our priorities to comprehend China and Russia’s purpose, unify our forces, and stand with our friends. In other words, let us act decisively, uniformly, and timely before MacArthur is right and it’s “Too late.”

Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Colorado from 1993 to 2005.

Mesa County Commissioner Scott McInnis was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Colorado from 1993 to 2005.



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